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27 『Talent School War』

And……the very day of the School War.
The opening ceremony finishes……and the participants move to the waiting room.

—-Takasei Academy, waiting room.

Inside the waiting room at the Jinguu Coliseum, the wall facing the arena is a transparent wall so that the participants can see the each other from the waiting room.

At the Takasei Academy’s waiting room, Takasei Academy’s participants talk while looking at the opponent school.

「That is…Teihen High School… I wonder why of all people, we…the best elite school, must fight against that trash school…」

「The lowest ranked national high school……Why does such school exist? It’s just a waste of tax! It’s better to shut them down」
「Well, I heard that if they lose in this School War, their school will be abolished」
「Gyaha!!! Now that’s great!! That means I can see their super amusing crying face today!! I need to charge my smartphone so that I can record it!!」

「…Abolish, huh…? What will happen to them after the abolition?」
「Who knows. Isn’t it either assisting the army or become a shut-in? In the first place, they are just low class people who can’t even pay for the tuition fee, right?」

「Like I care. I want to finish this quick and go back to play the new VRMMO~?」
「You’re right. The opponents’ circumstances are irrelevant. We as the selected people…just need to make those low class people realize Takasei Academy’s power」




Meanwhile, in Teihen High School’s waiting room.

「Hey, can you see?」
「Ah…Adjusting complete. I can see it. Wanna try it?」
「……Say, that most front girl who’s looking at us………is huge!」
「Fufu……so you have an eye on her, huh. Ueki-kun. But try looking at the blond shortcut girl at the back row…I feel that she has the most potential」

「You, what are you saying?……There’s no girl bigger than her…………………oh my god!! Incredible! It looks like her uniform is going to burst!!」
「Besides…she’s still growing. An outstanding talent to look forward to……!」

The two people who are looking into the binoculars while having a very stupid conversation are……Ueki Hitoshi and Midou Suguru. They are also the participants from Teihen High School.

「Those two…are the worst…! Disgusting…!…Can I kill them now…?」

The one who muttered that while looking at them in despise, is Yumino Miharu.

「Well, isn’t that fine~? Boys are always like that~」

While Tsuchitori Mayumi has a magnanimous attitude.

「Um…isn’t today a very important day? Is it alright to let them relax like that?」

Otonashi Sayaka muttered in worry.

「Well, feeling nervous is not the only way to prepare the best condition. It’s also important to feel relax like usual」

Katada Kentarou said that while letting loose the presence of a large build. In addition, behind him, Yomohira Miria and Kagawa Rika nodded. Both of them are holding sweets.

「Well, at any rate……the match of our fate will start very soon」

1-B’s class rep, Toma Shuuhei slip in a word while pushing his black glasses up.

「Whether you like it or not, everything will be decided by today’s match…There’s no second time…!」

And he put his strength into his fist.

「Right, today is the critical moment!!!!!! Everyone, let’s do our best!!!!!」

Toma Shuuhei pushed up his fist.


「………Poripori (Sound of eating sweets)」
「……Sakusaku sakusaku (Sound of eating sweets)」

「…………Uwa! That girl is also big!?」

Teihen High School’s waiting room was full of freedom.




『『The Tactical Wars first match, Block A battle will start soon. Participants, please enter the arena』』

The announcement of the start of the match resounded in the coliseum, and the huge display set on the top part of the arena, displayed the outline of the match cards.


Talent School War Spring

 First Event Team Match
「Tactical Wars」

  Participants list

  Teihen High School   Takasei Academy

 Block A 5 people  -  Block A 8 people
Block B 6 people  -  Block B 7 people
Block C 9 people  -  Block C 8 people
Block D 6 people  –   Block D 7 people


Upon seeing that, the audiences become noisy.

「Hey…that F rank Teihen High School. They are already losing in numbers in 33 out of 4 matches」
「No, wait a minute……the total number of participants…won’t reach 30 even if you add them up」
「You’re right…Total 26 people? Don’t tell me…they couldn’t gathered enough people? Is such thing possible?」

「Hey hey……I heard that the Takasei Academy has more than 100 candidates, you know?」
「That was published in the 『Weekly Talent』. Even when comparing to last year, this year has more better first years」

「This…won’t this be too easy? No matter how you look at it, it’s Takasei’s complete victory」
「Well, I know that before even watching it. I came here just to watch Takasei Academy」

「Ah…How long can the F rank Teihen High School hold out against the A rank Takasei Academy?」
「The ticket price has been lowered…so I hope that they can show us the overwhelming power of Takasei」

And the participants entered the arena.

「Hey, isn’t…that girl small?」
「Eh? You’re right…A middle school…no, an elementary school student? She looks like that, you know?」
「Is she a participant? Besides, they only have 5 people in their team while Takasei has 8 people」

「Is Teihen High School serious about this match? I can only see them like making light of the School War」
「A throwaway match…?」
「But still, the number of participants is half-baked…5 people……What are they thinking?」




And…in the arena.

Both high school’s participants took their starting position…and glared at each other.
Among such, a student with brown-dyed pointed hair at the Takasei Academy’s side, said this while laughing loudly.

「Gyahahaha!!! Hey hey hey!!! You gathered such tiny girl to fight? What a way to overcome the lack of people!! Teihen-san, you’re really amusing!!」

He points his finger and laughs at the Teihen High School’s participants with a loud voice that can even be heard 100 meters away.

On the other hand, Tsuchitori Mayumi speaks to Yomohira Miria.

「Oh my~, Yomo-chan, you’re being instigated~? How is it?……Angry?」
「………Nope……not at all」

Yomohira Miria shakes her head—-

「After all…………all of them will be crushed

And muttered that softly.

『『Then, it’s time. Let’s begin the match. Tactical Wars Block A…』』

A short silence enveloped the whole coliseum.

『『Battle, start!!!』』


The first battle of the 『Talent School War』 started.

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