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25 School War participants announcement

The next day after the school selection…

Students gathered in front of the notice board at the hallway, and became noisy.
On the notice board, there’s a paper written with 「『Talent School War』Participating Members」.


〜 『Talent School War』 Participating Members 〜

◆Individual Match (Total of 3 people)
Representative Akai Tsubasa
Representative Kirishima Kaname
Representative Serizawa Atsushi (Principal Recommendation)

◆Team Match (Total of 26 people)
Block A 5 people
Block B 6 people
Block C 9 people
Block D 6 people


「Principal recommendation…? What does that mean?」
「He’s a representative? Come to think of it, that Serizawa…wasn’t at school, right? Absent today, too? What on earth is he doing?」
「I heard that he’s training in the mountains」
「Training in the mountains?…Nowadays, such old style thing…was he such a character?」
「Rather than that…why does the team match only consist of 26 people!? It’s not 30 people!? We’re lacking of 4 people…」

Then, Chihaya-sensei approached at a quick pace.

「Okay, guys! I’ll be explaining after this! So get into the joint room and take a seat!」




Inside the classroom called as joint room, is spacious, and the students of 1-A and 1-B were sitting in there. At the front, 1-A and 1-B class teachers, Chihaya-sensei and Yukimichi-sensei stand in a line.

「Looks like you’re all here. Then, I’ll begin explaining the participating members」
「First, please look at the handout on the table」


〜 『Talent School War』 Participating Members 〜

◆Individual Match (Total of 3 people)
Representative Akai Tsubasa
Representative Kirishima Kaname
Representative Serizawa Atsushi (Principal Recommendation)


「First, I’ll start from the participants of the Representative Battle. As I explained yesterday, the Representative Battle is a 60 minutes one-on-one death match. Powerful offensive ability and stamina are important. With such point of view, we selected these 3 people in the staff meeting. Akai-kun, Kirishima-san, both of you are selected, but is there any problem?」

「Ah, I don’t mind」

Akai-kun answers while resting his chin in his hand.

「Yes, I am okay with it. I will do my best」

And Kirishima-san said that delightfully.

「Regarding these 2 people, it’s good to say that it’s decided」
「And also, as for Serizawa-kun, he’s representing in the form of 「principal recommendation」」

When the students heard the word “principal recommendation”, the classroom becomes noisy.

「Actually, even we, the staffs don’t know about why he was recommended. But I’m sure that he would put up a good fight, so please root for him, okay?」
「Well, guys, please think that it’s decided so. Next is the explanation for the team match which is the main for today. Please look at the second page. All 4 team compositions for Block ABCD of the Tactical Wars should be written there」
「By the way, the reason why there are only 26 people participating is because we only have that much of students who can participate in combat. It’s inevitable. Then, I’ll explain the team strategy starting from Block A」


【Block A】 5 people
Concept:High-powered Attackers+Defense Formation

<Tanker> 1 person

<Mid-range Attacker> 3 people
Tsuchitori Mayumi (Representative candidate)

<Long-range Attacker>1 person
Yomohira Miria (Representative candidate)


「First, from the Team A’s composition concept. The number of members might look little, but Yomohira-san can create a maximum of 10 dolls and manipulate them at the same time. So in fact, it’s a team with 15 people. The rest, 1 tanker and 3 mid-range attackers fight in the formation while protecting Yomohira-san with Tsuchitori-san as the ace」

「If you guys are okay with it, I would like to go with this plan, but how is it? Yomohira-san. Tsuchitori-san」

The small build girl with black long hair…Yomohira-san nodded slowly.
And the student with longish brown hair, called Tsuchitori-san, replied 「Yeah yeah, understood~」.

「Then, next is Team B. Please look at the team composition again」


【Block B】 6 people
Concept:Evasion-type Derangement Tanker+High-powered Buff Attacker

<Tanker> 1 person
Midou Suguru (Representative candidate)

<Close-range Attacker> 2 people

<Mid-range Attacker> 2 people

<Buffer(Debuffer)> 1 person
Kagawa Rika (Representative candidate)


「Team B will be lead by the evasion-type tanker, Midou Suguru-kun, 2 close-range attackers, 2 mid-range attackers, and combining with Kagawa Rika-san’s wide buff. While letting Midou-kun deranging the opponent’s formation assertively, the buffed attackers will attack when there’s an opening」

「This strategy depends the most on Midou-kun, but…are you okay with it?」

Chihaya-sensei asked Midou Suguru-kun, and he said this after brushing his hair up.

「Hah…with pleasure」
「Kagawa-san, are you okay with this team?」

The female student with long hair and extremely long eyelashes, called Kagawa-san nodded.

「Then, next is Team C. This is the team with the most members」


【Block C】 9 people
Concept:Besiege+Long-range Attacker+Deranging Close-range Attacker

<Tanker> 3 people
Yamaoka Jouji
Umihara Yuu
Kawara Chiki

<Close-range Attacker> 1 person
Otonashi Sayaka (Representative candidate)

<Mid-range Attacker> 2 people

<Long-range Attacker> 2 people

<Healer> 1 person
Kagura Mai


「Team C consists of special tankers, Yamaoka Jouji-kun, Umihara Yuu-kun, and Kawara Chiki-san, and also a healer, Kagura-san. And…………the close-range attacker, Otonashi-san will play an important role in this team. The special tankers, the healer, and the long-range attackers will move together to attract the opponent’s attention while the remaining 3 attackers attack from close range」

「Especially Otonashi-san. You should be able to attack assertively after erasing your presence. Is that okay?」

The female student with a bob cut, called Otonashi-san, replied.

「Yamaoka-kun, Umihara-kun, Kawara-san…and Kagura-san, is this team okay?」
「Oh, fine by me」
「No problem」
「Yes, it’s fine」

「Then, lastly, Team D」


【Block D】 6 people
Concept:High Endurance Tanker+High-powered Long-range Attacker

<Tanker> 1 person
Katada Kentarou (Representative candidate)

<Close-range Attacker> 1 person

<Mid-range Attacker>1 person

<Long-range Attacker>1 person
Yumino Miharu (Representative candidate)

<Buffer(Debuffer)> 1 person
Toma Shuuhei (Representative candidate)


「This lineup requires Katada-kun to attract the opponent’s attention, while the rest support Yumino-san’s long range attacks. As for Toma-kun, I would like you to support Yumino-san’s long range attacks, and also block the opponent’s long range attacks. Are the three of you okay with it?」

「Yes, I’ll do what I can. Just leave it to me」
「I have no objections」
「I think I can do that」

Just like that, the team match’s explanation ended.

「Well then…Akai Tsubasa-kun and Kirishima Kaname-san, both of you will be having a special training for the Representative Battle. And the participants of the team match will be having team battle trainings. Students who are not participating in the tournament, please assist their training」

「Then, let’s start preparing!」

By Chihaya-sensei’s order, the students start to move separately.
Then, Chihaya-sensei looked like she recalled something.

「…Ah, I forgotten! Come to think of it, Yukimichi-sensei…」
「Ah, yeah…」

Yukimichi-sensei who’s wearing a blue suit, pushed his black-rimmed glasses up……took a breathe in……and said this loudly in the noisy classroom.

「I forgot to say it, but if we lose in this match, Teihen High School will be closed!!!!! With that in mind, do your best!!!!!」

After a moment of silence in the classroom——


The students’ loud voice echoed in the classroom.

「What, it’s not like you would die if the school is closed! In short…you just need to win!!! With that it mind, do your best!!!」

「We absolutely must not lose this time in the Talent School War!! Do your best~!!!」

Among the bewildered students in the classroom……
Only Kirishima Kaname…looked strangely delighted.

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