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24 The night in the meeting room

「Well then…I will ask everyone’s opinion on the Representative Battle participants once again」

A long meeting is being held in the staff room by all of the staffs in Teihen High School.

「According to who the teachers recommended…I’m anticipating a win from Akai-kun. I heard that he’s a pretty problematic student, but…if you only look at him for his combat ability, he should be as strong as a second or third year student of Takasei Academy」

「Ah, in fact……he rejected an invitation to enroll into the famous private school. Why such person enrolled into our school…is really a mystery」

「I also…think that it’s fine to include Akai-kun in the Representative Battle」
「Well then, if everyone has no objection, then is it okay to decide that the first slot will be Akai-kun?」

「Yes, I think it’s fine」
「No objection」
「There’s no other choice」

「Next is the unknown 『Principal Recommendation』…Serizawa-kun, was it? We have no choice but to have him work hard, but…how is he? His evaluation?」

「His Talent is 『【Thermo Operator】S-LEVEL 1』. I have no idea of…how he will fight……Is he strong?」

「Well, his muscles are not good enough yet!」
「…It’s that principal and Meria-sensei’s recommendation. I want to think that there’s something, but…」

The man wearing a clean blue suit and sunglasses, said that while pushing his glasses up.

「Let’s put away the things that we can’t discuss. Two slots are confirmed to be those two. Leaving only one slot……when it comes to a must-win battle, who is the best?」

The blue suited male teacher, make a list of 「1-A Midou Suguru, Kirishima Kaname, Yumino Miharu, Yomohira Miria」…「1-B Katada Kentarou, Tsuchitori Mayumi, Otonashi Sayaka, Toma Shuuhei, Kagawa Rika」 on the whiteboard.

「Let’s pick the most promising student among the high rankers of the two class」
「Promising student, huh…」

While the staff room is being ruled by silence for a while, a teacher spoke.

「Is this female student called Yomohira-san strong? Isn’t she repeating the same class…」
「She is quite an irregular………Because she didn’t go to school mot of the time last year, it was decided that she would be repeating due to the lack of attendance, but…her grades in tests are terrifyingly excellent」
「Hahaha, except PE!!」

「The problem is whether she’s really suitable for the coming Representative Battle. Regarding that, how is it, Chihaya-sensei?」
「Well, Yomohira-san’s Talent is very powerful, but…her stamina is a concern. An individual match should be hard for her. In addition, her Talent is very useful in the team match. I think that the best plan is to make her the attacker in the team match」

「Then…how about Yumino-san?」
「Yumino-san’s ability is clearly for the team match as a long distance role. She is also in the team match」
「Then, how about the others?」
「1-A’s Midou-kun has extraordinary dodging ability, but his weakness is that he doesn’t have any attacking means…There’s a way to compensate it with a weapon, but the opponent will use his/her Talent for sure, so the best he can do is a draw. If things goes bad, he would lose」

「I can say the same for 1-B’s Katada-kun. He is highly evaluated due to his defense and toughness, but for his attacking means, he can only punch and tackle…」
「Then, is it fine to consider that those two are tankers, and Yomohira Miria-san and Yumino Miharu-san are attackers in the team match?」

「Ah, no objections」
「I think that’s valid」

「And then, Talent-wise, Kagawa Rika-san and Toma Shuuhei-kun are buffers. They are also in the team match」
「Then…the last slot for the Representative Battle is either Tsuchitori-san or Kirishima-san…So, when comparing these two girls, how is it?」

「…1-B class teacher, Yukimichi-sensei, what do you think?」

The young teacher wearing a blue suit and sunglasses called Yukimichi, said this while tracing the black rim of the glasses.

「Hmm, Tsuchitori-san is a balance-type fighter. Long range, close range, support…She’s excellent in all of those and she’s capable of joining her allies no matter how the state of the battle is. If I had to say, she’s an all-rounder for the team match. However, I’m not saying that her combat ability as an individual is low…」

「How about 1-A’s Kirishima-san, Chihaya-sensei? If I’m not mistaken, her Talent is Level 1, right? And yet, why is she given an A for the Talent evaluation?」
「Yes, when she enrolled into the school, you could say that she’s a Level 1 that’s very close to Level 0…You could say that she had the most weakest Talent」
「I also heard that. Everyone in the staff room talked about it. Despite being the third daughter of that Kirishima family, it’s really pitiful…」

「You’re right…However, during yesterday’s practical test…she showed a surprising improvement. Now, she’s probably a Level 2, no……she might be close to Level 3」
「Can such thing happen? I’m not doubting you, but…」
「No, I also didn’t believe it. But I have seen it with my eyes」

「However, is she different from Yomohira-san? Unlike Yomohira-san who didn’t take the Talent measurement itself properly in the past, Kirishima-san’s evaluation should be correct. And yet, she showed a sudden grow like this…」
「Let’s believe in Chihaya-sensei’s evaluation. Because there’s no reason for her to lie」
「How is her evaluation on attacking ability? I think that the most important point」

「Her Talent is an attack-specialized type 『【Divider】』. She showed that she can cut off a 2 meter rock and even a steel armor easily in the test. There’s no problem in her stamina. Regarding those points, I’ll give the stamp of approval」

「U~mu. Just by hearing your talk, I think Kirishima-san is suitable to be in the Representative Battle, but…」
「But Tsuchitori-san is a quite excellent student, right?」
「Looks like we can’t make a conclusion right away. Why don’t we discuss about the team match first?」
「You’re right. …Well then, please look at the documents」



◆ Regarding the participants of「Tactical Wars」

Team Match Possible participants 28 people (2 people are excluded as they are selected for the Representative Battle)
Team Match Impossible participants 31 people
Excluded due to Principal Recommendation (Representative Battle) 1 person
Total 60 people



「…Excluding the Representative Battle’s participants, the possible participants for the team match is 26 people? 4 less than the fixed number of participants………」
「Are there that many of non-combatants this year?」
「Yes, the number of combatants this year is unusually lower than last year. I think that the number of students is lower than last year have an influence to it」

「We need to build 4 teams from these, huh. To even be inferior in numbers against a stronger opponent…」
「It’s inevitable」

「Hahaha! Don’t worry, it’ll work somehow! We have muscles with us. If we train them, we don’t have to worry!!」
「Looks like we need to consider a lot of things when building the team…」

「There’s a separated list of the students’ aptitude done by Chihaya-sensei and Yukimichi-sensei. Let’s divide them into their roles such as tanker and attacker」



Team Match Aptitude Separated Possible Participants List (28 people)

<Tanker> 6 people
Katada Kentarou (Representative candidate)
Midou Suguru (Representative candidate)
Yamaoka Jouji
Umihara Yuu
Kawara Chiki

<Close-range Attacker> 5 people
Kirishima Kaname (Representative candidate)
Otonashi Sayaka (Representative candidate)

Ueki Hitoshi

<Mid-range Attacker> 7 people
Tsuchitori Mayumi (Representative candidate)

<Long-range Attacker> 4 people
Yumino Miharu (Representative candidate)
Yomohira Miria (Representative candidate)

<Buffer (Debuffer)> 5 people
Kagawa Rika (Representative candidate)
Toma Shuuhei (Representative candidate)

<Healer> 1 person
Kagura Mai



「Healer? Is there a healer among the first years?」

One of the staffs who looked at the list, raised his voice.

「Yes, a student called Kagura-san……the student who was the victim of the kidnapping」
「Um~…is it okay to send her to fight? Isn’t she a non-combatant? And also, healers are very valuable Talent Users. Won’t there be problems if she showed her face to the public?」

「Taking you at your word…that incident has already became a big news, and her name is already out on the public. It’s too late to talk about it」

「Yes, in addition, the person herself, wanted to participate…」
「Then, there’s no problem. Let’s continue the discussion. We have a lot to decide. First, let’s start from the tankers」

「There are 6 tankers…」
「Then, if we assign them to 4 teams, it’s 2 : 2 : 1 : 1」
「No, please wait for a moment. In the list of tankers, according to the documents, Yamaoka is a 『【One who cooks (Dish Maker)】』, right? Why is he in the tanker list?」
「In addition, Umihara-kun and Kawara-san, 『【One who eats things (General Eater)】』 and 『【One who nullifies poison (Poison Eraser)】』…These are also non-combatant abilities, right?」

「Yes, originally they are, but…they are a little special. They will show a completely different ability just by being together. Hence, I placed them under the tanker list」
「A different ability…? What do you mean?」
「How can I say it…it’s quite hard to express it, but they will turn into an almost invincible wall against long-range attacks」
「Invincible against long-range just by being together? What are you saying…」
「For now, we need a lot of tankers. Let’s bet on the possibility which Chihaya-sensei said」

「Then, the ration of tankers is 3 : 1 : 1 : 1…」
「Then, it’s decided. I’m not quite sure with only a tanker in 3 teams, but we have no choice」

「Then, how about the attackers? The numbers are quite even for all three…」
「First, regarding Yomohira-san, she’s deployed as long-ranged, but in fact, she’s as much as several close-ranged people, right? She can even take the role of a tanker」

「Yes, because she will be the pivot of the team’s attack, she need an excellent guard」
「Then, isn’t Tsuchitori-san the most suitable?」
「Yes, both of them, although differ in the way, they both use soil」 They should be compatible」
「Yeah…then, let’s pair those two up」

「Then…Kirishima-san will be participating in the Representative Battle inevitably」
「There’s no problem with that, right?」
「…Huh? Come to think of it, wasn’t there a student called Otonashi-san?」

「Eh…was there…? You’re right!?」
「A…Ah, that’s right…! But Otonashi-san is an attacker who can derange a large amount of opponents by erasing her presence…so as expected, it should be better to place her in the team match」
「I see, then that’s fine, but…I can’t believe that even the class teacher, Yukimichi-sensei would overlooked her…」
「Well then, regarding the next attacker…」

The discussion continues.

The night in the meeting room advances.




The discussion continues, and a few hours has passed.


In the meeting room…a long silence ruled over it.

「………Is there anyone who has a better idea?」

The teachers think for a while, but…
In the end, no one raised their voice.
From the classroom’s window, the sky getting blue gradually can be seen.

「……No more opinions?」

It’s almost dawn.
A little more until the students go to school…

「Well then, this team compositions…is the final decision. Any objections?」

「No objection」
「Let’s go with it」
「Hahaha!! Nothing to worry…no problem at all!!」

And the lineup for the School War which determines Teihen High School’s fate has been decided.

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