Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 23

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23 Excessive power

While being carried by the gorilla in the air, I stared at the mushroom cloud in blank.
The place which had scenic mountains a while ago, became a picture of Hell in an instant.

「This…what the hell…? W-What…」

What happened…?

「You don’t know? It’s you」

You mean…I did it? No way…

「Let’s move. We’re being seen from above」

Principal said that, and jumped horizontally in the air–

Hearing such sound and I couldn’t see anything due to the speed. In the next moment, the mushroom cloud looked very far.
And the gorilla repeats the mid air jump, and accelerates.

While feeling the speed crushing my body to the extent of fainting, the terrain seen above ground, moves like scrolling at full speed…
–In a blink of an eye, we arrived at a different mountain…probably another country. What is this nonsensical speed?

Principal descended to the ground, lowered me down, and said this.

「…Don’t use that in the town」
「No need for you to tell me…」

I know it myself. I almost said that, but it didn’t come out from my mouth.
I was confused. No, to be honest…I understood it.

That…was the heated stone thrown by me.
That thing caused such explosion.

–Such power is not something a human can possess.
What if I did it in the town without knowing it?
What if my family and friends were beside me…and also Meria-sensei and Kirishima-san?
My spine starts to get cold, and it’s scaring me.
And what if this principal was not with me during the explosion…

「Then, let’s continue」

The gorilla said that. Continue? Continue what?

「…It became like that. Let’s…」

Stop. I thought of saying that. But…

「You just know it. There’s still more to come」
「A fair amount of people can do such thing. From now on…you’ll have to face those people」

What is…this guy saying…

No, I actually know it. Meria-sensei said 「you can be as strong as Otou-san」.
And the principal in front of me right now, is in fact a 「Level 5」 even though it’s not made public. The class of Talent Users which is called as 「Threat of 100 nuclear bombs」.

Same as that? Me? There’s no such stupid thing in this world!

I ignored it like that.
I mean…I didn’t try to take a straight look at it.

If I acknowledge it, my daily life up until now…the peaceful daily life fooling around with my friends…I felt that such 「very normal life」 will be destroyed by it.

Ah, I…didn’t wish to be a hero or matchless that much.
Rather than that, I want the peaceful daily life.

「Are you scared?」

…Don’t joke with me! Who is…!
When I thought of saying that……I realized that my shoulders are shaking and my voice won’t come out. When I look properly, my hands and also my knees are shaking.

「Ah…I’m scared」

I said it honestly.

What am I scared of?
Is it that I destroyed the beautiful mountains into pieces instantly?
Is it the people who will be targeting at me in order to use me?
Is it that I might evaporate everyone around me if I make a mistake?

–Probably, all of it.
I’m scared of all of it.
And also, what if people know about this power…and no one will approach me anymore? What if my family…Kirishima-san…and even that Beansprout bastard, get away from me?

Am I scared of…being lonely?

No…if they can go away from me, that’s better.
What if damage starts to appear in the surroundings when I’m attacked? What if my family is kidnapped, and died?
If that happens, even…I can’t forgive myself.

…The things that come to my mind disappear, and as I think…I start to become scared of everything…

「Then, reach to the point that you can use it」

That’s easy to say. You gorilla.



I replied so.
Surely, that’s the only way.

Accept it.
Look at it straight no matter how scary it is. Move forward no matter what.

「Teach me how to do it, Principal. I’ll try to master it」

I squeeze out my shaking voice, and step forward with the best I can do.

「Oh. Leave it to me」

Somehow, the man who always expressionless, smiled a little.

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