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20 School Selection

「A…school selection? Meria-sensei」

I just told the thing that became clear this morning to 「1-A」’s class teacher, Tsurumi Chihaya-sensei.

「Yes, it is the spring’s 『Talent School War』 that is held annually… Apparently, this year is going to be held in the second week of April… In other words, next week」
「What!? That’s 2 months earlier than last year’s!?」
「Yes…I just knew it this morning」
「Why is such important information given so late……!?」
「You see, the principal……」
「………Ah, I see」

With just saying “the principal”…she somehow manage to understand it, but now’s not the time for it.

「Therefore, I want to think of a plan urgently. May I ask for your help, Chihaya-sensei?」
「Okay! Well then, looks like we need to start preparing to move tomorrow…!」

Chihaya-sensei is cooperative with the 「School War」. She is a reassuring teacher who always help preparing for it together with Morimoto-sensei every year.

But I think I should not tell the other teachers that the school will be closed depending on the results yet.
And also the information of the opponent high school.
If I tell them now, perhaps…no, it will certainly affect the morale greatly.

And also about the memories extracted from the mastermind of the kidnapping. The result of the investigation is scheduled to be revealed today. If it is as I expected…the matter this time is greatly related to it.

Therefore, I plan to tell everyone tomorrow which is after the school selection.




「「「School Selection?」」」

Chihaya-sensei said that in the classroom.

「Yes, that’s why, from today until next week, you won’t have any lessons」

Upon hearing Chihaya-sensei’s words, many students raised the voice of delight in the class.

「Yeah yeah, be quiet! In exchange for that, there will be the school selection and the special training, okay? First, as there are many of you who don’t know about it, I’ll explain the rules of the 『Talent School War』! Can you all look at the handout given to you?」



〜Notification of the 『Talent School War』〜

Talent School War, in short, 「School War」 is an event held with the objective of providing 「combat opportunity」 to the students of Talent High Schools.

Next week, 2 schools will be competing in the events below.

◆First event Tactical Wars (Participants : Total of 30 people)

◇Block A First half 30 minutes + Second half 30 minutes
◇Block B First half 30 minutes + Second half 30 minutes
◇Block C First half 30 minutes + Second half 30 minutes
◇Block D First half 30 minutes + Second half 30 minutes

◆Second event Representative Battle (Participants : 3 people)

◇First Representative Battle
◇Second Representative Battle
◇Third Representative Battle

※The time limit for the Representative Battle is 60 minutes



「First, I’ll explain about the 「Tactical Wars」. Tactical Wars is the so-called team battle. A total of 30 students of each participating schools will fight in this event」

Chihaya-sensei wrote the number 「30 people」 on the blackboard.

「What differs it from a match is that the Tactical Wars is splitted into 4 blocks, and the total of participants of all the blocks must be 30 people. For example, Block A 7 people + Block B 8 people + Block C 7 people + Block D 8 people, or Block A 10 people + Block B 10 people + Block C 5 people + Block D 5 people. It’s quite rare but an extreme composition like A24 + B3 + C2 + D1 is also accepted」

Sensei wrote 「A7 + B8 + C7 + D8」「A10 + B10 + C5 + D5」「A24 + B3 + C2 + D1」on the blackboard.

「Depending on the compatibility and the tactics, the members can be allotted this way. That’s the Tactical Wars. Competing with the opponent school with 4 teams」

Sensei continued to explain the rules.

「The match has a 30 minutes of first half and another 30 minutes of second half with a short interval break in between. The match ends when all of the members were defeated or when the judge decides that the team can’t continue the battle」

And Sensei wrote the word 「Unable to Continue」with an arrow beside it, and continued writing injuries, serious wounds, and lost of will.

「What’s counted as unable to continue is sustaining serious wounds. If the judge decides that you have lost the will to fight, it’s also counted as unable to continue. Well, don’t worry. In the stadium, there are excellent rescue party and resurrection team, so you can get wounded all you want!」

At the back of the class…there’s an uneasy voice saying 「Resurrection team?」 softly.

「Next is the Representative Battle. This is in other words, an individual match. To put it simply, the schools’ strongest students will fight in an one-on-one match. So-called, death match」

Saying that, Chihaya-sensei wrote the word 「death match」 and drawn a small, cute skull next to it.

The school’s strongest students…

Despite being born in the prestigious Kirishima family, I have no luck in such position until now.
But now…

Chihaya-sensei continues the explanation.

「The victory or defeat of the School War depends on how many 「wins」 the school can get in those 7 matches. After winning the team match 3 times, the school will only need 1 win from the Representative Battle. If the school can only get 1 win in the team match, the school will have to win every match in the Representative Battle. In a certain meaning, it’s a very simple rule」

Anyway, we need to 4 wins. A simple rule.

「That’s all for the rules. As I explained, the total number of participants for both events is 33 people. Double participation is not allowed. We need to pick carefully whether the participants are good in individual match or team match」

Individual or team…I wonder which one I am?

「That’s why…we are thinking of doing the school selection to decide the participants after this! First is the stamina measurement! Everyone, change into your gym clothes and go outside!」

When everyone was heading to the changing room, I tried asking Sensei about the thing that I was curious of since morning. That person is not here since the morning.

「Chihaya-sensei. Serizawa-kun…is not here. Is he absent today?」

「Serizawa-kun? Ah, I heard that he on a special training with the principal now. He’s treated specially this time~. Don’t worry, he should be participating in the match」
「Special training?」
「Yes. I don’t know the details, but…I heard that he on a training camp in some mountains
「I-I see…」

Training camp in the mountains? I wonder what training facilities does it has…?

「Rather than that, the stamina measurement is going to start, you know!?」
「Ah, yes. I understand. Thank you very much!」

And I quickly head to the changing room.

<…During the stamina measurement…>

「Hahaha!!! Everyone, already exhausted!? You’re not trained enough! Build more muscles!」

Under the supervision of Morimoto-sensei, the stamina measurement ended.
Everyone sits on the ground while breathing heavily, and then, Chihaya-sensei appeared in her jersey, and said this.

「Okay, that’s all for the stamina measurement! Next is the Talent measurement~! Please show your Talent according to the instruction of the teachers in charge~!」

Today is quite hectic…

<…During the Talent measurement…>

It looks like everyone finished showing their Talents.
I think that I did pretty well.
Chihaya-sensei was the one in charge of me, but she seemed to be surprised when she saw my new way of using my Talent. That is natural. Because I myself, also can’t believe in this change. This is all because of him…

「Okay, guys! Everyone done with the Talent measurement? Then, we will be testing your tactical thinking! Don’t complain!! Because there’s practical and written tests~!」

<…During the tactics suitability practical test…>

「Okay, now, go the classroom for the written test~! No cheatings, okay?」

<…During the tactics suitability written test…>

「Okay, test finished! I’ll collect it now~! Now, you guys just wait in the classroom until we finish aggregating the results and discussed with other teachers~!」

<…During the staff meeting…>

「Okay, guys. Thanks for your hard work. We have decided the ranks after discussing with other teachers on the measurement results. I’ll announce the top 5 of our class 「1-A」. This is purely an evaluation done within the school for the School War, so it’s temporary. Even if you’re low, don’t let it mind you, okay?」


ーー School War School Selection ーー
ー Combat ability measurement Top Fiveー

Rank  Name

1st  Akai Tsubasa
2nd Kirishima Kaname
3rd  Midou Suguru
4th  Yumino Miharu
5th  Yomohira Miria



「Then, I’ll present the evaluation of starting from the top. First is Akai-kun」

1st Akai Tsubasa

『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3』

Stamina evaluation A+
Tactical evaluation A
Talent Evaluation S

「As expected of Akai-kun. All are high level. An outstanding talent that can participate in both events. It’s pretty much decided that one slot of the Representative Battle is you. But it looks like you’re not very good at cooperating. That’s something you need to fix」

「Second is Kirishima Kaname-san」

2nd Kirishima Kaname

『【Divider】S-LEVEL 1』

Stamina evaluation A
Tactical evaluation A+
Talent evaluation A+

「Kirishima-san…is a huge surprise. The way you use your Talent has changed a lot ever since you enrolled. Perhaps…if you reappraise it, your Talent will at least be a Level 2.
You also excel in all of it. I think you can go with any of the events」

「And the third is…Midou-kun」

3rd Midou Suguru

『【Sight Avoider】S-LEVEL 1』

Stamina evaluation A+
Tactical evaluation A
Talent Evaluation C

「Midou-kun, you…I don’t know why, but you’re strong. When it comes to avoiding attacks, you might be useful even in the battlefield…It’s incredible that even Morimoro-sensei can’t catch you, you know?
That made you the third. But please restrain from sexually harassing female students during the battle. You’ll get sent to the prison before you can even fight, you know?」

「Next is Yumino-san」

4th Yumino Miharu

『【One who sees unseeable things (Seeker)】S-LEVEL 1』

Stamina evaluation A
Tactical evaluation A+
Talent evaluation C

「Yumino-san is a sniper-type specialized for long ranged attacks. If you use with your Talent, you’ll have good qualities. Because in the School War, weapons excluding firearms can be used, bow and arrow is okay. You’re suitable for the team match」

「And the fifth. Yomohira-san」

5th Yomohira Miria

『【Doll Manipulator】S-LEVEL 1』

Stamina evaluation E
Tactical evaluation B+
Talent evaluation S

「Your stamina is a little concerning, but your ability is very powerful in the team match.
I mean, have you not shown that way of using your Talent to anyone before? If you show it to the appraiser, I’m sure that you would be a Level 3」

Chihaya-sensei finished introducing the top five.

「That’s all. We will be picking the Representative Battle’s participants from the top five of 1-A and 1-B. The decision will be made tonight by the teachers, so tomorrow morning, it will be announced. Though one slot has already been decided」

Then, a male student raised his hand.
It is the male student who is always with Serizawa-kun, Ueki Hitoshi-kun.

「Hai hai hai!!! Sensei! How about me!? How was my evaluation!?」
「Ueki-kun…are you interested in your evaluation? Let me see…」

27th Ueki Hitoshi
『【Plant Grower】S-LEVEL 1』

Stamina evaluation B
Tactical evaluation E
Talent evaluation E

Comment : Just a little more. Do your best.


Combat ability valuation basis

S  Super Incredible
A  Incredible
B  Excellent
C  Normal
D  Weak
E  Hopeless


Character File 020

NAME: Yumino Miharu

CLASS: 【Seeker】S-LEVEL 1

Archery girl. Her Talent makes her capable of 「seeing」 things that cannot be seen through human eyes, such as lights, sound, wind, temperature.
It is not suitable for combat, but the Yumino family is a family excelled in martial arts. The family obtained archery, swordsmanship, old martial arts and many more. They show their matchless power in inter-personal battles. The reason why her Talent evaluation was low, is because her martial arts master, her grandfather adviced her to 「show it like that purposely」 in order to disguise it cleverly. Capable of handling small arms, especially sniper rifle.
By the way, Midou Suguru is her natural enemy.

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