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19 Determination

And I woke up in the mountains.

When I look around, I can see mountains standing tall.
Peaks as far as I can see. Peaks. Peaks. The summit seems to be white due to snow or something, and it creates a good contrast to the rock surface.
There’s a deep valley between mountains, I can see that there’s water flowing from it.

Ah, the air is nice.

It’s not a dream after all!!!
Seriously, where am I!?
Somehow, the view doesn’t feel like reality, but it feels like it’s an unexplored region!!!

In order to resolve the question…
I ask the gorilla who’s yawning in front of me gently.

「Say, Shitty gorilla?」

Ah, the shitty gorilla replied. You don’t mind that, huh.

「Where did you bring me to?」


…………………I can see that.
That’s not what I meant!!!

「Not that, but something like the place name…!」
「Place name…I see…if I remember correctly…」

Surprisingly, this gorilla has the intellect to understand what the thing called place name. No, otherwise, I’ll be troubled.

「What was it? I think it’s…An…An……Ande?…An…Andas?…An………An………An………」

If this goes on, the gorilla will become a machine that will keep saying “An an” with a baritone voice. That’s why, I decided to help him out.

「…Andes mountain range?」
「Yeah, that one」
「I see……………………really the Andes mountain range?」
「I said yeah」


You idiot!!!!
Isn’t this the other side of the earth!!!!
No wonder the starry sky was so beautiful!!!!

「The time now!? What time is it!?」

Like this, I won’t reach the school in time!
Anyway, I need to grasp the present situation! And report this situation to Meria-sensei!

「I need to contact the school! And also, to Meria-sensei…」
「No, there’s no need for that」


「It has been decided that you’ll be secluded in the mountain for a week from now on. Meria’s instructions」

Sorry, but as I thought, I can’t understand the gorilla language. After all…I’m a civilized person.

…No wait, don’t stop thinking. Just now, what did this shitty gorilla say!? 「Meria’s instructions」!?

In the mountains!? For one week!?
Why!? Meria-sensei, why!?
Is this a punishment!? Is this a punishment game!?
What did I do!?

I didn’t do anything bad…


………Don’t tell me, it’s that?

Did she find out that when I borrowed the shower room, I opened the drawer and smelled Sensei’s underwear to my heart’s content…?
No, impossible. I should not have left any proofs. That was surely a perfect crime—-

「Come to think of it, there’s a letter from Meria」


Why didn’t you give it to me right away!!!?




Because Otou-san is not very good at talking, I gave him this letter.

Actually, Teihen High School is in danger of closing now.

Specifically saying, if you all, the first years do not win in the 『Spring Talent School War』 next week, Teihen High School will be closed due to the order from the government. It will be closed.

If that happens, the students and teachers will disperse.

Among them, there may be those who won’t be able to go to school anymore, and those who are taken custody by the army.

I want to prevent that.

If you are okay with it…can you go along with my selfishness?

As I said yesterday, you can become very strong. As strong as Otou-san.

Therefore, I want you to become stronger as much as possible now. Hence, I decided to let Otou-san who has the same 『Principle-type』 to coach you.

Hence, I think that you should train at the same place where Otou-san trained before, the Andes mountain range after this.

Don’t worry about the school. I will do something about it.

Kurono Meria



「—-After this?」

I’m already here, you know???

「—-If you are okay with it?」

The gorilla didn’t even let me say YES or NO, you know???


Isn’t this letter supposed to be given to me before going to the opposite side of the earth???
I read the letter, and my shoulders are shaking…

「What? You wanna quit training?」

Shitty gorilla asked me.

Quit what?
What the hell is this gorilla saying?

「Shut up!!!! I’ll show you that I can train or anything!!!!」

Ah, I’ll do it!!
I’ll become stronger!!!!!
No need to tell me.

It’s not for Meria-sensei.
Not for Kirishima-san.
And definitely not for this gorilla.
Not even for anyone…

I start to move in order to protect my ideal high school life!!!!!
By all means, I’ll power up!!!!!

At that time, another paper dropped to the ground from the gorilla’s pocket.

「Oh. Meria also gave this」

What, then you should show me…
Well, it’s such a small paper, so I bet that it’s nothing important.

While thinking that, I pick the paper up.




I am really sorry for the sudden request.
Please let me apologize to you when you return home, okay?
Once you returned, if there is anything you want to do, I will let you do it.




You’ll let me do anything as an apology, huh.
It’s a super important information.

Embracing a big dream silently, I decided to challenge the training with this gorilla.
Oh yeah, I’ll do my best!!!
For none other than…

Meria-sensei’s reward!!!!!

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