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18 Cloudless starry sky

After sending Serizawa-kun off from the house–

Finishing the cleaning of the principal’s office, just like usual. I arrange the documents in the office.
From the gap between the documents, a red envelope dropped to the ground.
In order to confirm it, I was shocked after scanning over the letter.

「O-Otou-san!? W-What is this letter!? I don’t know anything about this!?」
「Oh. I received such thing, huh. What’s written in it?」

While being perplexed, I read out the letter for Otou-san who can’t read Kanji.


National Teihen High School

I hope that you are in good health.

Now, due to the financial difficulties, the national budget is running low due to your school (F rank) has lost in every 『Talent School War』 that is held every year.

Therefore, I regret to say that the Military and Science Department, and also the Talent School Alliance, have decided that depending on your school’s results in the coming spring’s School War, the special training budget of your school will be seized, and your school will be closed and surrendered to the country.

I pray for a good fight for your school.

Director of the Military and Science Department・President of the Talent School Alliance
Inou Tadayoshi


「…So, what it means?」

Because I know that he wouldn’t understand just by reading it, I summarized it a little and tell him.

「In short…if Teihen High Scholl lost in the next School War, the school will be closed. The sender is that Inou」
「I see. That Inou, huh…That bastard, I’ll beat him up!!!」

I immediately stop Otou-san.

「No!!! This is not a letter of such thing. There are signatures of the Military and Science Department and the Talent School Alliance. This is…a notice of the official decision. If we go against it, it would be a treason」
「Then…what do we do?」

The spring’s School War is one week later.
We don’t have much time.

「Anyway, let’s think of a plan」




And as usual, after explaining the situation, I ask for an opinion from Otou-san, but…

「What, we just have to win, right?」

I became perplexed again.

「You say that easily, but you see…you are not the one joining the battle, you know? The coming spring’s School War is a battle of first years」

It has been scheduled that the coming spring’s School War will be a battle of first years. Each season has been decided. Summer for second years and winter for third years.
Nevertheless, of all things, it is the first years…

We were outwitted. I bite my lips.
Inou clearly targeted it and set up a condition when Teihen High School has「the lowest chance of winning」. He is clearly trying to crush us.

Well, it is natural when you consider Otou-san and Inou’s relation. Such actions were in my outlook, but…
It is too sudden. If we know it earlier, we could have more hands to play…
What can we do now…!?

「Hey, what should I do?」

This person really only knows how to fight…
But at this time, a possibility came to my mind.

「Otou-san, I have a request……」

I decided to bet on that possibility.
He…if it is him.
No. If it is him and Otou-san, I am sure…
They can accomplish the impossible.




「Fufufu, fufufufu, fuhehehehehe」

Pedestrians look back at me.

Well, I guess that can’t be helped.
I’m smiling weirdly after all.
Please let me do it for today.


I get a 「kiss on my cheek」 from that girl.
That Kirishima-san.

The most beautiful girl in the class, no, the most beautiful girl in the school, that Kirishima-san kissed me on the cheek.

For me, I have no problems even if we deep kissed, but there’s a stage for everything.
Anyway, I obtained that soft and happy feel today.
Many things are making progress tonight.


In addition!

It’s decided that I will be staying at Kurono Meria-sensei’s house from today!
Starting from today, I will live a flowery freeloader life. If I change the way of saying it, it’s living under the same roof with a beautiful and blond bespectacled woman.

My high school life has started!!!
From today, my future will be rose-colored!!!!

Ah, I wonder what’s for dinner today~!?

When I’m feeling cheerful while thinking of such thing, I realized the wild principal…no, the Kurono house’s gorilla standing in front of me.

「Oh. I came to get you」

Get me? Purposely? Should I say “Well done” to him?
But Meria-sensei’s house is right in front of my eyes, you know? What a faithful gorilla.

「Then, we’ll fly a little」

Saying that, when the gorilla suddenly carry me in his arms–

He jumped to the far skies.

Due to the sudden acceleration, I lost my consciousness…………





……When I woke up, I’m in the mountains.

Popping sound from the bonfire can be heard nearby, and it illuminates my face.
Next to me is that gorilla sleeping.

I totally thought that he brought me back to the house, but did he bring me here in accordance with the gorilla’s instinct?

Where is this???
And…where’s my beloved Meria-sensei?

Where is my cohabitation with a beautiful, blond bespectacled woman?
And also my smooth sailing high school life?


Becoming sad, I look up at the skies–

–And I get goosebumps.

Because what I’m seeing is a beautiful starry sky that I have not seen before.

「No, seriously…Where is this…?」

Is this a nightmare?
But the starry sky is beautiful…

While thinking such thing…I close my eyes, and surrender myself to sleepiness.

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