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16 The view of Teihen High School’s lessons

The story that will be told here is—

A scene of an extremely usual day off Teihen High School’s 1-A class.




– First period –



First period.
The first ever lesson after the entrance ceremony.

「The introduction has already finished, so let’s start the lesson. And, if I judged that you are not concentrating to the lesson, my chalk will be flying towards you, okay~!」


The 「Japanese」lesson by my class teacher, Chihaya-sensei has started.

However, I’m already feeling sleepy.
Actually, I couldn’t sleep properly yesterday because of that gorilla’s sleeping posture.

I was kicked off the bed by the gorilla many times.
Although I could have chose to sleep on the floor, as a human, I couldn’t stand to give the bed to a gorilla. I also have the pride as a primate.

Therefore, I fought with him in order to sleep on the bed with willpower, but…
As a result, I welcomed the morning as the gorilla’s arm pillow.
In addition, I had a mortal combat with that lame military jacket bastard yesterday. It’s natural that the fatigue still remains.

Well, that’s why, I’m feeling very sleepy now.
I’m sure that Chihaya-sensei knows about it, so she would most likely let me to sleep for a while…
Thinking that, I try to yield myself to the sleepiness…


A cylinder shape thing just passed through close to my ear.
When I turn around, I can see that there’s another hole added to the concrete wall.

「Just now…were you trying to sleep?」


This person, no mercy!!!
I took her too lightly.
This person is the 「If you sleep in the battlefield, you’ll die, you know?」 type.
Damn, that means if I sleep here, I’ll be killed instantly. Let’s try to endure it until the next period…

Now that I’m awaken, I decided to observe Chihaya-sensei properly.
Chihaya-sensei is a beautiful woman with black shoulder length hair, that seems to be popular.
But it’s really unfortunate that her breasts are small, or should I say it as a chopping board or fla…


A rectangular thing passed through close to my ears.
When I turn around, I can see a rectangular hole was added to the concrete wall.

「Just now…were you thinking of something rude?」


I shook my head desperately.

「Is that so? Please concentrate on the lesson」

Sensei said that with a smile, and returned to teaching.

Fuu…I thought I was gonna die. Can she hear my heart’s voice? No way…most likely, my gaze.
She knows with that.

I make sure that my eyes are looking at the textbook and the blackboard while continue to think.

If I’m not mistaken, Sensei is 29 years old and still unmarried.
She doesn’t…seem to have a lover.
Well, with that personality, it’s inevita…


Several cylinder shape things passed through close to my ear. I don’t even need to…see the back.

「Just now………I can’t think of anything. It’s just my intuition」
「I’m sorry!!!!」




– Second period –

『Physical Education』


Because it’s the PE class, we changed into our PE clothes, and went to the grounds.
I can say that this is one of the little good things of this school.

Why is that, you say?
It’s the PE clothes. Of course, it’s not the boy’s one.
This is one of the few high schools that inherited the old and wonderful culture, 「bloomers」.

When I was gazing at the old and wonderful culture and the bewildered girls, the PE teacher, Morimoto Morio-sensei signaled us to gather.

And we form a line, sit down and wait for the muscular teacher to introduce himself.
At the very beginning of his speech,

「Hahaha! Muscles are great! If you have muscles, you can manage to do anything somehow or another! I want to tell you all about the magnificence of muscles!」

Morimoto-sensei talked about his passionate feelings.

「For example!」

Sensei takes a iron ball with 「30kg」 written on it,

「Look at this! This is the power of muscles!!!!」

Saying that, he threw it strongly.
The iron ball gradually gets swallowed into the skies, and it disappears just like that.

「This is the power of muscles! The good thing about muscles is if you train, everyone can be on par!!!」

Everyone had a distant look while sitting down.
I decided to speak out a frank impression.

「Sensei! Did people tell you that your head seems to be made of muscles too?」

Upon hearing that, Morimoto-sensei raise his thumbs up,

「Ah! Everyone praise me like that!!!」

and talked about it with a refreshing smile.
It seemed that my question disappeared into the empty sky after failing to reach Sensei’s brain.




– Third period –



「Ha~i, who can solve this problem~?」

It’s mathematics. The teacher is Kokonoe Delta-sensei who’s in charge of teaching mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
After introducing herself, she wrote a problem on the black board, and asked who can solve the problem.

—I don’t know at all.

There are symbols that I have no seen before and a complex numerical formula written on the board.
I don’t even know what it’s called.

「You see~, this is a difficult problem which can’t be even solved by the scholars around the world~」

Like I can solve it.

…Well, maybe she’s just demonstrating.
In order to make the students have an interest on mathematics by showing them the insoluble problem. This is very common.


And there’s one student who raised her hand.
Small build and long black hair…
With the appearance like a elementary school student. It’s Yomohira-san.

「Oh, a question~? How admirable~」

Kokonoe Delta-sensei says that, and Yomohira-san shakes her head.

「…No…I know it…」


Kokonoe Delta-sensei seems to be perplexed for a moment, but

「…Hoho~o! Wonderful~! Then, try and solve it~!」

she immediately regains her composure, and urges Yomohira-san to solve it.
It’s probably that Sensei is thinking that Yomohira-san will get it wrong, so she will be pointing out the mistakes she made.
Well, most likely.
And Yomohira-san nods, heads to the blackboard, and writes the numerical formulas that I have not seen before.

At first, 「Hohoo~」「Hee~」「Oh~, you studied a lot~」, Delta-sensei was impressed by Yomohira-san, but she becomes silent gradually, 「Impossible」「S-Such solution!?」, and starts to be surprised.

And after about 10 minutes.

Delta-sensei’s complexion is very bad. I mean, it’s deathly pale.
And 「Ridiculous…impossible…」「I cannot let such thing to happen」「Is this…the formula of God…」, muttering those repeatedly since a while ago.

After 20 minutes…

The blackboard was fully written with numerical formulas.
Just when everyone thought that there’s no more space to write, Yomohira-san stopped writing.


She turns around, and declares the completion.

「Ufu, ufufufu~…This is a great discovery~…」

Delta-sensei has became a immobilized statue.
I seemed that she have begun a trip to somewhere in the world.
I can see a shiny wall-like thing covering Delta-sensei.

「S-Sensei!? What’s wrong!?」

As expected, the students in the class started to make noise upon seeing that.
Upon hearing the noises, the other teachers rushed to here.

「This is bad! Delta-sensei is shutting herself in her own barrier again!」
「What to do now!? Like this…no one can do anything」
「We can only to leave her alone. Once she’s like this, it would take a week」

The teachers who reached to such conclusion

「You heard that! …From now on, self-study!!!」

Declaring that, they carried the petrified Delta-sensei out of the classroom.




– Fourth Period –

『World History』


The teacher in charge of the world history is Motomiya Satoru-sensei. The person who did a full speed shake with the white robed man’s head yesterday.

Ah, I put myself on guard because he’s probably another dangerous one.

「I don’t like to do pointless things. Let’s start the lesson. Because I believe that things must be done efficiently」

Saying that, he started the world history lesson quickly.
His explanation is precise, important parts are easy to understand, and he doesn’t teach unnecessary things.
The lesson is very easy to understand. Isn’t this person quite good in telling stories?

…Huh, isn’t this person comparatively normal?

I thought of that, but it was too quick.

「Haiha~i! From here, it will come out in the test! I’ll be charging you!」

This teacher suddenly demanded money.
Of course, the students with high awareness, pleaded objection.

「S-Sensei! Does that mean that the students who don’t pay will not know about the range of possible questions of the test!?」

Against such obvious question, Motomiya-sensei replied.

「Wha~t, even if you don’t know about the range of possible questions, you can just memorize the whole textbook! No problem at all!」

「Stop bullshitting!!!」
「Like hell I can!!」
「…Yomohira-san is also cute today…I want to eat her…」

Various angry voices rose by the students.
I feel like there’s a weird one among them.

「Fufufu…you think so? …So, for you all!!!」

A board with a leaflet written with red and yellow letters came out from Motomiya-sensei’s back.

「Today’s bargain, 『~Plan to make your memory better~』. I have prepared 3 course for you all which are high course, middle course, and low course」

The class became quite instantly.
Everyone was baffled by the fact that a teacher is trying to sell something while in class. And the first one who speak was that idiot.
The beansprout guy took a deep breath due to the nervousness, and started to speak slowly.

「But Sensei…it’s expensive, isn’t it?」

Motomiya-sensei…grins broadly as if he was waiting for those words.

「Well in fact, i-i-i-it’s!!!
If you buy it now, the low course starts from 10 million yen!!! The middle course is 100 million yen and the high course is 1 billion yen. It’s a bargain price!!!」

And now, everyone in the class became one.

『『「Like hell we can pay!!!!!!」』』

「Tch!! You poor people who don’t know the true value of things!!!」

And after that, the world history lesson became a storm of abusive language exchanges.



Fourth period 「Motomiya-sensei VS Class Alliance」Verbal Battle

By the way, there’s a girl here who thinks that 1 billion yen is cheap if it can improve her memory.


Character File 017

NAME: Morimoto Morio

CLASS: 【One who manipulates muscles (Muscle Builder)】S-LEVEL 3

Teihen High School’s PE teacher. 30 years old, married. Very muscular. His Talent is just like the name, 『【Muscle Builder】』. It can enhance every muscles instantly. Even an anti-materiel rifle cannot penetrate the muscles enhanced by the Talent. Because the enhanced muscles depends on the normal muscles, he must devote himself completely to muscle training. His motto is 「If you have muscles, you can do anything」. He has some dangerous techniques such as blowing off a house with bare-handed punch and destroying rocks with the shock wave of a poke.


Build Up


Character File 018

NAME: Motomiya Satoru

CLASS: 【One who manipulates memories (Memory Editor)】S-LEVEL 2

Teacher of world history, geography, and imperial history. 32 years old, single. He tries to pluck money from students whenever possible. Relatively excellent. He was once a teacher in a private high school with a good pay, but he was viewed as a problem due to his greedy personality and was fired. Then later on, he was picked up by the current principal.
There is a rumor in Teihen High School that 「If you make Motomiya-sensei angry, he will erase your memories, but if you pay him money, he will return it to you properly」. His favorite word is short time. An efficient worker.






Character File 019

NAME: Kokonoe Delta

CLASS: 【One who connects points and lines (Dimension Converter)】S-LEVEL 2

A female teacher who teaches mathematics, physics, and chemistry. 27 years old, unmarried. Short hair with a silver-rimmed circular glasses, and somehow always wearing thick clothes. She always carries a compass and ruler. Although she is a genius, she is an oddball which only can display her intellect on the things she has interest in. She must process everything into numerical formulas.
Her Talent is 「connecting points and lines」. She can create a 「barrier」 by connecting points with lines. In the same way, she can also draw a solid body by using it. She likes knitting and shutting herself inside her own barrier.







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