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15 My ideal high school life

The next morning after the kidnapping.

I who experienced a traumatic awakening on the same bed with the gorilla, head to the Kurono’s living room dejectedly. Or rather, this house is huge. How many rooms are there?

「Good morning, Serizawa-kun. Please sit there and wait for a while. Breakfast is almost ready!」

The beautiful blond bespectacled woman…Kurono Meria-sensei is standing at the kitchen, preparing the breakfast.

Fumu, pajamas, glasses, and apron, huh. Not bad. This is healing.
I recover my trauma a little by looking at Meria-sensei’s appearance, and after a while, a sunny-side-up fried egg, miso soup, rice, and several side dishes were carried to me.

Looks delicious. Capable of doing her work, and perfect in housework. Isn’t Meria-sensei too high spec?


It feels like it’s been a while since I ate on a dining table.
I’m living alone in the school’s dormitory now. I can’t make a breakfast like this properly.

「Um…Serizawa-kun. I thought about it a little…」

Because I was already holding in my mouth, I urged her by nodding.

「Do you want to live together with me?」

Due to the huge surprise, many things came out of my mouth.


What!? What’s this!? What kind of event is this!?
Did I raise a flag!? Did I raise her impression to MAX before I knew it!?

「Do you remember about yesterday? Your Talent might be targeted by people like yesterday. I think it is better to be caution. If you stay here, there is Otou-san…so I think you would be safe」

「I don’t mind」

Apparently, the primate that I try not to look at, approves. But I don’t want the impression of the primate to be MAX. From the bottom of my heart, I don’t want it……If I translate the words just now from gorilla language to human language, it’s not something like「I-It’s not like I let you because I like you or anything!」, right? Please don’t be true!!!?

「How about it? If you are okay with it, I would…like you to do so…」

Meria-sensei peeks my face while facing downwards. Shit. This is too much.


I can only pick this choice. I don’t have any particular attachment to the dormitory.

In addition…if I live together with her, Mufufu-related events with Meria-sensei might happen rarely by accident, right?? I think that those happenings are inevitable. Un.

Huh? But I wonder where I’m sleeping at…Don’t tell me…again that gorilla…………N-No way, right?

「I am happy that you agreed! Then, I will prepare your bed and a duplicate key at once! I also need to clean the room!」

Thank God!!!! Really, thank you………!!!
Meria-sensei, thank you very much!!!

And so, it’s decided that I’m going to stay at Kurono’s house.




「Well then, I’m off!」

After taking my breakfast, I head to school.
The Kurono’s house is not that far from the dormitory where I lodged. That’s why, the road to school is almost the same.
When I turn at the road turn, I saw two people walking.

「Is that…Akai and Kagura-san?」

They noticed me, and called me out.

「Serizawa-kun! Is your wound okay?」
「Ah, I’m in excellent condition. Thanks to you」

Yesterday, after that white robed man was beaten by Gorilla and the conversation between Meria-sensei and me, she healed my wounds with her Talent 『【Healer】』.

She’s really a lovable and good girl. Her ability is also very useful. Isn’t it weird that it’s 「Level 1」? The evaluation must be incorrect, right?

「Sorry…for yesterday. You really saved me」

And, this guy. After that, Akai bowed many times to me.
He’s blunt and laconic, but well, he’s actually a good guy. I can understand why Kagura-san stick up for him.

I was shocked that he joined the battle after running a full marathon for more than 2 hours.
Kagura-san is probably very precious to him.
This two, it’s frustrating to say it, but they are a good couple.

「Ah, if you didn’t come, I would have died. I was saved by that guy…Tarou a lot, so I thought of bringing a meat for it next time as a gratitude」
「Haha, that’s great. He might be the MVP」
「Un, Tarou would be happy!」

Ah, something like this.

This is the feeling of the high school life that I wished for!
The feeling of youth.

That’s right. My productive high school life is starting from here!!!





「You smell of woman」

And the high school life that I wanted to erase is here.

「Don’t get close to me. Get away from me」
「Is that so? Is there such smell? I can’t smell anything」
「You too, Beansprout bastard! Anyway, don’t put your face near me!」

I’m once again surrounded by the idiot and pervert.

I must not let them know that I’m living with Meria-sensei.
I have no idea what they would say.

I must definitely keep it as a secret from these guys.
Like hell I’ll tell you even a part of it.
When I swore in my heart…

「This smell…It’s the school infirmary’s Meria-sensei」

…This pervert, incredible.
He guessed it with just the lingering scent…!
When I feel shudders…

「And also, this smell is from this morning. Probably…there’s some kind of contact with her this morning. Am I wrong?」
「………………Well, I have no idea what you’re saying at all」

What is this pervert?

How can he know that much!?
Yeah, right. She did touch me this morning! She did the「Ah, you have a bed hair」. She fixed it for me!

「I see. It can’t be helped if you say that. But there’s something I don’t understand. It’s a mystery…」
「……About what?」

…There’s something this pervert doesn’t know?
This is a chance!
I’ll crush his reasoning from here!!

「You have the smell of a different house from usual

You fucking pervert.


Why do you remember my usual smell!?
No, now’s not the time for that. Don’t be disarranged. Don’t get pulled into his pace.

「What about it? How is it related to Meria-sensei?」

Anyway, I feign ignorance.

「You see. The smell lingering from you is…the smell of Meria-sensei’s house. Why is that?」

While saying that, he looked at me with sharp eyes.


Wait wait wait!!!!
This is weird!!!!
This is definitely weird!!!
How do you know that smell!???
How can you conclude that it’s the smell of Meria-sensei’s house!???

「H-How can you conclude so?…」

Impossible, I tried to say it, but…

「It’s simple. It’s because I have already memorized every girls’ house’s smell in this school」

Wait wait.

It’s only the third day since the entrance ceremony.

Not that!!!!!

W-Why does he knows about people’s addresses!? In addition, the whole school!?
Including the teachers, right!? How did he do that!!???

「O-Objection!!! There’s no way you know about everyone’s addresses…!」
「What…It’s simple because my ability is 『【Sight Avoider】』Level 1. There’s plenty of documents in the staff room」

This guy…

He infiltrated the staff room!?
And he managed to steal the information…from those monstrous staffs!?

You estimated his threat degree too low!!!!!
This guy a 「Level 1」??? Isn’t he a 3 or 4!???

And the pervert said.

「And, the smell you have from Meria-sensei’s house is not something from about 1 hour ago. At least, you must be at her house for a few hours

I’m already standing still silently.

「In other words…the conclusion that can be derived from those clues is that…yesterday, you stayed at Meria-sensei’s house. And this morning, you flirted with her in some kid of way. Am I wrong?」

I crumble down on the spot.

「N-No……There’s a reason to this…there’s a proper reason to this……」

And Beansprout bastard declared.

「I will pass the sentence!!! Guilty!!!!!!」

The defendant’s claim is not over yet!!!!!

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