Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 14

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14 Kirishima Kaname’s secret training

A story of Kirishima-san when she was absent.

I think over the thing he taught me yesterday.

『Even if the power is low, you hit the opponent many times while seeing through the opponent. Then, I’m sure that one day, you can scrape a rock』

That was an exact opposite way of thinking than the one I know.
And he also said this.

『Your Talent can produce more than 「one」, right?』

That’s right.

「I can’t help but…to think that I was too entrenched」

I concentrate, and fire 3 petal-sized「blades」 at the same time.

And next is 4.

5. 6. Then, 10.
20. 30. 50.

And, 100.

The 100 blades produced by the Talent, disappear immediately like a mist.
Every petal blades that I made, are all weak.






Even if it can only last for a while, even if it is weak, I just need to hit the target many times.
Dots will eventually be a line. Lines will eventually be a surface.


I muttered while facing the 3 meter large rock.

「『Thousand Edge』」

Producing a thin veil like a robe, I approach the rock slowly.

The thousand blades that are generated continuously, scrapes the rock surface little by little, and get swallowed into the rock…

At the end, the rock was cut into half.

「I can do such thing」

I have never realized it myself.
No…I didn’t even try to realize it.
And that person taught me.

「Really…thank you」

The moment I produced 2 blades as I thought that I could only produced 1, that person was delighted together with me.

Let’s show him next time.

He will surely be surprised…
He will surely be delighted.

Protagonist 「Huh?…I’m feeling a chill」

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