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13 Kurono Meria’s confession

The battle with the military jacket bastard dragged on for quite long.
When I realized it, it’s already night.

Immediately outside of the building we’re in, there are several military helicopters in the air.

The tough frame with the word 「KRS-24」 printed in it, was painted in black so that it can disappear into the dark. The machine gun that can easily kill an elephant, aims at us.

Without knowing what to do, we stood there dumbfounded–

A man jumped off the helicopter, descending down slowly towards us.

And landed in front of us.

「Well, well. What is this? It seems that the merchandise is here on time, but the delivery man was burnt. Are you saying you kids did this?」

The white robed man said that and looked around.

「Really, useless. That is why I hate to entrust it to just a Level 3 small fry」

「…Level 3…small fry?」

I opened my mouth unintentionally.
Perhaps, this guy is……

「That’s right…Just as you guessed. I am a 『Level 4』. I think that even if you all…form a group and fight me, you won’t stand a chance at all」

Saying that, when the man swung his hand lightly, Akai and me were pushed and blown away by some kind of power.



Akai and me flew a few meters, but we managed to stay on the ground.

But what on earth did this guy do just now!?
I couldn’t see it! I don’t know how to deal with it…!

「As expected, it is hard to believe. Though he is a small fry…I can’t believe that such kids stopped the transaction」

I thought of talking back, but my voice won’t come out.

This guy is………………dangerous.
That military jacket bastard was considerably strong, but…this guy smells of a different league than him.

Since a while ago, sweats and the trembling of my body won’t stop.
My heart beats very fast, as if giving me a strong warning.

「You see, my motto is to deliver the merchandise to the consumer 「with no physical defects」. Now, hand over the Merchandise to me now. If you do, I will make sure to dispose you all without feeling any pain–」

It was at that time.


「Hey, Boy…you okay?」


Before I knew it, there’s a large build man wearing a suit beside me suddenly.

I feel like…I have seen this man somewhere before.

「What are you? Where did you come………」

The white robed man frowns slightly, and looks unpleasant.
The large build man turn towards the white robed man…

「Are you the one? The kidnapper」

Saying that, then, this time, an explosion sound resounded suddenly
The white robed man in front, was blown away as if he was punched all over his body,

And crashed into the wall, and fell to the ground.
His limbs broke in an abnormal way, as his joints were twisted.


About the same time, all the military helicopters that were flying outside, crash into the ground.

In addition, before I knew it, the large build man is standing on a different position than just now.




Without able to understand what happened, we were dumbfounded…

「Hey! Please don’t leave me behind!」

The one who appeared was that beautiful, blond bespectacled appraiser…Kurono Meria-sensei of the Teihen High School’s infirmary.

Meria-sensei? Why she’s here?

「So who’s the mastermind, Meria? I’ll find him and beat him up」

「Principal…it’s most likely the person you knocked down just now」

That’s right, I saw this large man during the entrance ceremony.

I remembered. This guy is Teihen High School’s principal.

「What!? I’ll beat him up again!!! That much is not enough for him!!!」

「Stop. He might die if you hit him any further. We need them to confess every information. Motomiya-sensei, the 「treatment」, please?」

「Ha~a. Getting called at night, just to work. I’ll sue you for the violation of the Labor Standards Act」

The man wearing a red-rimmed glasses, Motomiya-sensei, scratches his head while complaining.

「Please. I will give you a special overtime pay」

「Fu~u…this is a big service, you know? I’ll also expect much from my bonus, okay? Well then, let’s tamper his memory immediately, and go back~!!」

Saying that, he approaches the man whose joints were messed up, grabs his head, and shakes his head.
Huh? Is it alright to move him that much? Won’t he die?
He’s already in the state of complete bed rest, right?

When I stare at Motomiya-sensei’s 「shaking」 with an extremely uneasy feeling, I saw a woman walking towards here.

「Meria-sensei, the result of the scouting is out」

It was our class teacher, Chihaya-sensei.

「According to Kokonoe-sensei’s calculation, it seems that there are 30 enemy combatants in the surroundings. Because the commander was defeated before them, the command structure is in confusion now」

「I see. Then, Chihaya-sensei, Morimoto-sensei, please clear them up」

「Okay, then, I’m off. I’ll go and crush the enemies at distance」

「Hahaha, it’s been a while since I do this kind of exercise!!! My muscles are roaring!!!」

Saying that, Chihaya-sensei and the muscular man, Morimoto-sensei, jumped into the dim outside.
Immediately, gunshots and countless screams can be heard from afar.
And also the laughter 「Hahaha!!!」 .

「I’m going too. I want to beat up more people. How dare they harm our important brats!!!」

「Okay, please be careful, Principal」


And the principal’s figure disappear like an illusion in an instant…

Then, the sound of explosions can be heard from every directions at the same time.

Then…the surroundings became silent.



Huh, is it…over?



And the woman who issued instructions a while ago, turns towards me,

and walks to me quickly…

Ah, shit.

She’s coming here with a face like she’s cornered. What’s this? Will I get scold? I don’t know.

I stand ready for it. It seems that…my thought was a little different.

I was hugged tightly by her.




Beautiful blond appraiser-san…No, Kurono Meria-sensei is hugging me tightly.
S-She somehow smells good?

「Sorry…I’m really…sorry」


I don’t understand the situation at all. I have no idea why she’s apologizing.


………Ah, I see!

Is it about Eri-chan!?? Is she feeling bad because she split me away from my lover(planned), Eri-chan? But that’s already resolved inside me…

「Because of me, you were exposed to danger. I am really sorry. I am glad that you are alive…!」


It’s getting more and more incomprehensible.

「I want to apologize. Can you come to my house today? There are many things that…I must teach to you quickly」







Am I going to stay at a woman’s house today?
Y-You want to teach me many things quickly!?

I-I see. Today, I’ll be climbing the staircase to adulthood.


Very well!



Of course, I will go!!!!!



With pleasure!!!!!!










And I’m currently at Kurono Meria-sensei’s house.

「Oh, Boy. Well, sit down and drink tea for now」

「Ah, thanks」

This is Kurono Meria-sensei’s house. For sure. The person herself lead me to here just now. It should be.

And yet…why is that gorilla-looking principal here????

Meria-sensei came back from showering. The thin pajamas is excellently erotic.

「Then, Otou-san. I have something to talk to Serizawa-kun」

「Oh, continue without minding me」



How in the world can this gorilla produce this kind of beautiful blond woman?
Is it that!? An accidental sex!? Did he do it with a different species!?

「Fufu, it is natural that you would have a doubt. I am an adopted child. I am not blood related with Otou-san」

It’s a crime. Such thing is.
Something like a beautiful woman and a gorilla living under the same roof. I was driven by the feeling of wanting to report it immediately. Does the health care center opens at night?

I put away such thoughts and she continued speaking.

「So, the thing is…Serizawa-kun. I told a lie to you…I must apologize to you」


「It is about your Talent. When I appraised your Talent, I purposely evaluated it low. On top of knowing that your Talent has a potential higher than that」

「What…do you mean?」

「Actually…the Talent you have…is the same type as Otou-san」

The same as the gorilla!? The same as that gorilla that only has one command button which is 「punch」!?
S-Somehow I don’t like it……You shouldn’t have told me about that.

「Your Talent can heat things to the utmost and cool things to the utmost…it is a very rare type called as 『Principle』.」

「Y-Yes…You did say that it was rare…」

Wait? To the utmost?

「To the utmost…how much is that?」

「To the utmost. The lowest is absolute zero, and there is no limit for the highest」

Hee. No limit? Is it that? Something like the black card that can buy things without limits?

No limit, huh?

「You mean, even the temperature of a sun?」

「That is not all. It is possible to reach the temperature of a supernova explosion. You should be able to handle such absurd temperature」

「I-Is that so?」

I don’t actually feel it.

「This is the thing I wanted you to know. But please keep this thing a secret from everyone」

「Why? I don’t mind…」

「If someone knows about it, they would most likely aim at you just like Kagura-san. There are many people who want power.」

Hmm. I feel like she’s exaggerating it. I can only change the temperature, you know?

「This is the thing that I wanted to tell you. It is already late, so just stay at my house today. Our bed here is big, so it can even fit two people」

2 people!? Together in the bed!?
I-Is this the main dish for today!?

It looks like the Goddess of Fate has finally smiled at me.






「Well then, good night, Serizawa-kun」

「Good night」


…Batan (Sound of door closing).






「Well then, let’s sleep」

「Ah, yes」

And I, in the gorilla’s bed. An animal and a human sleep together. It’s a matter of course that I wetted the pillow with tears.


Character File 016

NAME: Unknown (White Robed Man)

CLASS: 【One who shifts space (Space Shifter)】S-LEVEL 4

The person who placed the order to kidnap Kagura. The leader of a human trafficking syndicate which performs backroom deal with rich people and enterprises in the dark world.

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