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12 Ominous sound of blades

「That guy’s…the kidnapper?」

Upon confirming that Kagura is safe, Akai Tsubasa…looked at the man calmly.
Just now, the man was blown away after receiving the bullet-like tackle by the dog…Tarou.
But he has already stand up with compsure.

「Tch…now, we have a dog…and another brat…even though the meeting time with the client is just a little more…」

It doesn’t seem that he received any damage.
Even though I was knocked out just by one hit.
Man, how tough is this guy?

「Today is an important transaction. Why not you die a little bit faster?」

Saying that, the man charged towards Akai.

But this time, I can see him properly.
Something like arms grew from his leg, and by pushing those arms to the ground, he accelerates.

That’s the reason of his abnormal speed.
And upon approaching Akai at a high speed, this time, he tries to punch him with the 「arms」 grown throughout his body.
But at the time when the man approached close to Akai…his movement was forced to change suddenly.

「Tch…That’s dangerous, Lad」

When I look at him, the man’s jacket sleeves were burnt, and smoke is coming out of it.
There’s something like a heat haze surrounding Akai’s body.

「Don’t hold back and fight? I’ll burn you to ashes. I’m very anger now…Hey, don’t you know that???」

Saying that…a bright red flame started to rise up around Akai. It gradually becomes bigger…until it covers Akai’s whole body.

「Burn till bones…『Fireball』!!!!!」

Akai holds his hand out, and a fireball of a diameter of 1 meter , blows out from his hand…flying at a high speed towards the man.

In addition…it’s not one fireball, but many fireballs were shot at the same time.

Dodo!! Dododo!!! Dodo!!!!!!!!
Along with the loud sound, the fireballs crash into the concrete wall, scrap the wall, and destroy it.
The man dodged all of it easily with his high speed movement.
The man draws near to Akai using the opening, and tries to throw the concrete rubbles, but Akai immediately, deal with it by shooting them down with fire.

The rapid-fire of fireballs, and speed rubble throwing.
What a level of a combat. This is no longer a battle between humans.
This…is completely a battle between monsters.

But………this is bad.
Akai has better attacking abilities.
He’s clearly overpowering the man.

But Akai’s movement is getting slower and slower.
Compared to the beginning, there’s a clear change in the battle’s tempo.
On the other hand, the man doesn’t look tired at all.
There’s a huge difference in stamina.

I’m sure of it. He’s changing the flow of the battle calmly.
At this rate…

「Serizawa-kun…are you alright…?」

Kagura-san…she has been healing my wounds since a while ago. As expected, broken bones can’t be healed quickly, but the pain has faded a lot.

And he pet dog named Tarou, has been standing next to her as if protecting her since a while ago. I don’t know what it is, but it seemed to be capable of manipulating 「something like wind」 because the rubbles that flew towards us were blown away by that.

「Ah, thanks to you, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore」
「…You are not fully healed yet…and yet, you want to go…?」
「I can’t possibly leave everything to him only…」

Saying that, I…ran in a straight line towards the monsters’ battlefield.

I jumped into the cluster of fireballs fired by Akai Tsubasa without hesitation.

「!? What, he!?…」
「Se!? Serizawa-kun!!!??」

I was afraid of Akai.
I thought that he was a dangerous guy who caused a big incident that became a news. I thought that he is beyond my power.
I can never win against someone who can be matchless in a battlefield.

But when thinking about it calmly, I don’t need to be afraid of him at all.
That’s right, especially me.

I’m 『【Thermo Operator】』, Level 1.
Look, even after touching the fireballs, I don’t feel anything.

See. Un. I knew since the beginning! That it would be fine!
I didn’t feel frighten, you know? It’s the truth.

I pass through the fireballs, and run up to the man in a straight line.
And glare at the fake military bastard’s confused expression–

「Payback time!!!!! You fucking lame jacket bastard!!!!!」

I punch his face with all of my power.


Ah, with just that, I heard that my bone broke. It might be broken again.
However, the bastard whose movement was stopped by me, receives the fireballs shot by Akai one after another…

Dodo!! Dodod!!! Dodo!!!!!!!!

After a huge fire pillar rose, what’s left were,
The unscathed me, and the burnt man wearing a burnt jacket.

And the man…………fell down to the ground.

But he’s still breathing.
He’s still alive.

Because just before the fireballs hit him, I changed them to a「just right temperature」.
Because we need him to tell about the mastermind and many things!

I mean, isn’t that a sure thing in dramas and novels?
This guy also said the word 「Client」. We should track it down, right? A proper public power.
I don’t want to do this kind of thing anymore.

Go and eat smelly food in the interrogation room!!!!

When I’m that elated with the success…


Then, something from the outside, the sound of helicopter’s blades can be heard…

『『『It’s time. Hand over the merchandise』』』

I can hear the ominous voice through the speaker.


Character File 015

NAME: Unknown (Military Jacket Man)

CLASS: 【One who grows arms (Arm Creator)】S-LEVEL 3

The man from the Dark Side that does illegal activities. Possess the Talent capable of growing 「arms」 throughout his body. The power of an arm is equally the same as the user’s arm strength. As long as there is a space on his body, he can grow as many as he likes. With the power, he unleashes attacks of a high speed combat and superhuman strength. He is very cruel and selfish. Only sees his subordinates as a tool. What he likes is money.

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