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11 A hero always arrives late

After hearing Kagura being kidnapped…

I, Akai Tsubasa is at the front of a factory with the Akita, Tarou.

「Haa, haa!!!!」

I was pulled by Tarou and ran until here.
An entire 2 and a half hour run.

And when I felt that inside my head is getting whiter after reaching my limits, Tarou stopped for the first time.


Tarou barks once, and guides me with its nose.
That’s the milling factory ruins.
Looking at the building with the writing 「3rd Warehouse」.

「…I-Is it there…!!?」

I inhale as many oxygen I can while looking at Kagura’s pet dog, Tarou to confirm it.
But I don’t know what it’s saying.
But I was desperate. I was thinking to resort to desperate measures.


And Tarou barked once again, and started to run towards the factory.


I run at full speed again so that I won’t be left behind.
And while running, I startup the social application 「MINE」, type 「Milling Factory ruins, 3rd warehouse」, and send it to the girl who talked in my head…Shinozaki Yuria.

Now, I just need to run as fast as I can so that I don’t lose sight of Tarou.
Somewhere inside that factory, believing that she……Kagura Mai is there.




「What’s wrong? Why are you being so quiet? Boy…」

I, Serizawa Atsuhi was thinking.

「…What happened to the things you did a while ago? Nn? Are you scared!?」

This guy, for sure. A Talent User.
In addition, a dangerous person who have a Talent used for combat and the mind of killing people without hesitation.

What should I do?
I can’t move simply.
If I make some sort of movement, he will most likely set up an attack to deal with that immediately.
The opponent is definitely used to combat. He has experienced in taking each other’s lives. I have such hunch.

Fortunately…not sure whether or not that word is suitable, but this guy seems to be treating Kagura-san as a valuable 「merchandise」.
That’s why, even if I fight this guy, I think that it’s fine to take that he will not hurt Kagura-san directly.

But that is not absolute.
I don’t know when he will change his mind, maybe due to anger. The man in front of me, held such dangerous thing.

「Then…I’ll start. You see, there’s no much time left until the meeting time with the client」

Saying that, 「something grew」 from his whole body.
Before I know what it is, the man has already jumped to my bosom…


I was punched with an absurd power.

I flew like a volleyball, and crashed into the wall.


I felt like all the air in my body was squeezed out, and I fall to the ground.


…This is bad.
I think, a lot broke by that.
With just one hit? That is too much damage.
……………Shit, this is bad.

「Oh, you flew in a hilarious way」

The man approaches me slowly.
Ah, shit.
Even though I just received one hit, my body can’t move already.
……I don’t even stand a chance against him at all.

I’ll be killed. I’ll be killed just like this.

When I was thinking about that.
Suddenly, something covered me.
And the man stopped.

「Ah? What are you doing, Girl? Get out of the way…I can’t kill that brat like this」

It was Kagura-san. Did she crawl to me while being restricted? No, I was blown to a place close to her.
Anyway, she’s covering me now…to protect me.

「No, I won’t let you!!」

Both her voice and body are shaking.
That’s natural. There’s no way anyone wouldn’t feel fear in this kind of situation.
And yet, she’s protecting me. What a girl.

「Girl…Hey…I’m telling you」

The man opened his mouth slowly.

「Don’t misunderstand it. The reason why I don’t hurt you is…because I’m a merchant who guarantees the 「quality」 of the product…but the client’s order was 「Bring her to me with no physical defects. Otherwise, at least make sure she’s alive」, you know?」

Kagura-san is not moving.

「This is my final warning. Move」

The man approaches slowly.

「It’s okay, Kagura-san. Move」

With tears accumulating in Kagura-san’s eyes, and she shakes her head.

「No! At this rate, you’ll die!」

I push Kagura-san away forcefully and stand up.
I can’t forgive this guy trying to hurt her.
But as expected, a lot of my bones are broken. Just by moving a little, an intense pain runs throughout my body.

I might not be able to win against this guy.
It won’t even serve as a good time stalling. But still, I must stand up here now.

「Come, you Fake Military Bastard…」
「Oh, I thank you for preserving the product’s quality. Lad. Just die」

Saying that, he points all of the 「arms」 grown all over his body towards me–
At that time, wind blew.


Just when I thought that I heard a voice of a dog, something jumped in suddenly from the door.



Something hit the man like a bullet, and he flew like a volleyball just like me.


That’s right, the one who entered was…………………a dog.
Dog? An Akita breed?
It has a collar…A pet dog?

「T-Tarou…? Why…」

Kagura-san called the dog’s name. Kagura-san knows the dog?
At the same time, I can hear someone running…

「Kagura!!!? Are you alright!!!?」

The next one who entered is someone I know–


That’s right, his name is Akai Tsubasa.
『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3』. The man capable of rivaling 1000 soldiers by himself.

「Y-You’re late, Hero…」

While saying that…
I fall to the ground.

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