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10 Third Faction《Dark Side》

At that time, Shinozaki Yuria was called to the infirmary.
Facing the PE Teacher, Kurono Meria. In charge of contacting every teachers.

「Shinozaki-san, is that information accurate?」
「Hawa!? Hyawa!? Umm! Err! Hyai!?」
「Calm down. You can reply with telepathy」

『…Yes…but I only managed to talk to him for a few minutes…』

「At any rate, this is bad. I am disqualified as a guardian…」

According to this girl, Shinozaki Yuria, both Kagura Mai and Serizawa Atsushi are alive. However, she only managed to contact Serizawa Atsushi temporarily, and immediately lost contact with him.

Two of the 「Special Protection Target」 that enrolled into Teihen High School were kidnapped. This is my failure.
People who know how to use those two, know their value.

Their target…is it one of them…or both?
Who would do that? No, there are many people who want those powers.
Now, the problem is where are they going to.

「We don’t know where and which direction they are going to…」

The last ray of hope is this girl, Shinozaki Yuria’s unreliable Talent, and the people who were kidnapped. Not reliable enough.
I didn’t expect something like this to happen just after the entrance ceremony…

If only I told him a part of his Talent’s trait faster…!
Then, he could have been able to protect himself.
No, there is no point to regret about it now. If he returns safely, I will tell him parts that can be told.
For that to happen…I must do what I can.




When I woke up, I was put to sleep on the cold concrete ground.
Apparently, I have been unloaded from the car.

What happened to her!?
Don’t tell me, while I’m asleep…

While thinking that impatiently, I heard a voice.

「Hey……why don’t we do it now?」
「Ah, if we finish it before Aniki comes, he won’t know. It won’t hurt, okay?」
「No! Stop!」
「Be quiet! You brat!」

Because I’m blindfolded, I don’t know about the situation in details.
But I know this much. If I don’t move now, if I don’t do something now, it would turn into something that can’t be undone.

I started to「heat」 the cuffs on my hands and legs right away.
I have never 「heated」 metal before.
I don’t know whether or not I can do just like how I imagined.

However, when I heat it continuously…just as expected, the cuffs get hotter and hot air shrouds.
The red heated cuffs burn the concrete ground, and smoke rises up.

The man close to me, realized it, and started to make noises.

「Hey!? This guy is doing something!?」

And as I heat it up even further, the cuffs melt, and drop to the ground…
Burning the concrete.

Confirming that the cuffs are melted, I stand up, tear off the blindfold and shout.

「I’ll be your opponent!!! Shitty Assholes!!!!!!」

There are 3 people.
A medium build man with long hair, a muscular man, and a tattooed skinhead man holding a knife.
Before them, there’s Kagura-san who’s being restricted with cuffs.

It’s not whether I can win or not.
At any rate, I would get killed if I don’t do anything.

……I will resist with the intention of dying.

「Uoooooooo!!!!! 『Heat Up』!!!!!」

I hold the melted cuffs, and 「heat」it further.
And I threw the small scale smelted thing to a man.

「Gyaaaaaaaaaa!? Hot!? Hooooot!?」

The skinhead man raises a scream, and the sound of his skin burning can be heard.
The skinhead rolls over the ground and groans in agony.

At that timing, the muscular man shorten the distance.

He approached me at an unimaginable speed…to grapple me.

I 「heat」 the man himself who came to grapple me.

I have never do this before to anyone, but I’m confident that it’s possible–
I heat his 「blood」.
Then, the muscular man convulses, drops to the ground and stops moving. Steam is coming out from his nose and ears.

「Hiii!!! D-Don’t come here!!! Y-You monster!!!!」

The long haired man who witnessed what happened, started to run towards the exit of the room which looked to be a warehouse.

And the moment the man tries to open the door, the door opened first.
The one who entered the room is a man wearing a military jacket.

「Hey, you guys are useless. Can’t you even do a house-sit properly?」

Saying that, the man who entered the room, extends his right arm…

「Something grew」 from the back of the long haired man.

「Kaha…? A-Aniki…why…」

And the long haired man spits blood out, and falls to the ground just like that.

「Thank me. Because I used you guys until here despite being useless. To the extent that you should be paying me」

The military jacket man says that while kicking the long haired man.

「And so. You over there. Look what you’ve done. How are you going to take responsibilities for this? If you hurt the valuable merchandise…how are you going to pay?」

There’s no way I can talk through it. This guy…for sure. A Talent User.

And this guy doesn’t belong to the military of a Talent country nor a civilian under a Talent enterprise………
The group of people which uses Talents to commit crime such as murdering and robbing……

「Dark Side……」

That’s my first time meeting an 「enemy」.

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