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09 The market value of 『Healing Power』

Put her to sleep and cram her into the car.
A really easy job.

When I heard about the job of kidnapping a high school student with a large amount of reward money, I was cautious whether or not it was something dangerous.

But it seems that the job will be treated as completed once the we deliver her to the client.
Such good money, it’s stupid to not ride on it.

The target is 「Kagura Mai」, a first year student in Teihen High School.
I heard that she has the Talent of healing any kind of wounds. 『【Healer】』.

For rich people, that is something they want the most, and they will do anything in order to obtain it.

Well, it’s clear that she will be used not like a human. Perhaps, she would be abused as an experimental subject or a slave until she dies.

Well, I don’t care. My job is to kidnap the target and deliver her to the client.
Just by kidnapping a young girl, I will get 1 billion. This is a never again business chance.

And I accomplished it.
Although there’s a weird freebie, I can just dispose him at a place where there’s no people.

Just a bit more until the meeting place with the client. Once we delivered her, I’ll get rid of my subordinates who became eye-witnesses, retire from this work, and live my life peacefully at the southern island country.





When I wake up, I looked like to be in a car.

What on earth is this?
My head hurts. It’s too intense.

What on earth…am I doing?
If I’m not mistaken, on the way back with Kagura-san, masked men came out from the car…

I tried to move my body, but my arms and legs are restricted. Is this…handcuffs? I can feel the a metal made thing touching my arm. I can’t see anything because I’m blindfolded. This is…

「Tch, he woke up」

A cheeky man’s voice can be heard. The moment I thought so,


Someone hit my head hard.
I almost lost my consciousness.

「Aniki, what to do with this guy? Want me to cut him?」

「Stop it, the car would smell. After the job is done, you guys go and bury him in the mountain」

That’s right, there were 3 people who came out of the car.
And there’s one more who is…the guy on the driver seat, so 4 people.

How can I escape this place and get help…

No, wait a minute!

What happened to Kagura-san!?
Where is she!?

「Then, Aniki, how about the girl? Can I do her?」

This time, a somewhat high voiced man can be heard.
Immediately, I can hear people punching.

「Are you an idiot? That brat is a valuable merchandise!? Try and hurt her even a little! I’ll kill you!!」

「S-Sorry. It’s just a joke」

Apparently, Kagura-san seems to be in the same car.
But this situation is extremely bad.

I confirmed that I’m going to be killed and Kagura-san is going to be 「sold」 for some kind of purpose.
This is a kidnapping. In addition, it’s a crime done by some nasty people. They are used to this sort of thing. I can tell that by their atmosphere.

How can…I get away!?
At least, letting Kagura-san escape…

At the time when I was thinking desperately.

『…Serizawa-kun, Serizawa-kun…Can you hear me…』

A 「voice」 resounds from somewhere. I heard this before…

『…I’m now talking to your mind…』

I’m not hearing it from my ears. The voice is resounding in my head. This is…


I send my voice to Shinozaki-san in my mind. I don’t know how, but I know 「the way to do it」.

『I’m glad…because both of you didn’t reply for a while even I called out to you…』
『Why on earth? No, rather than that, we’re in a very bad situation now…』

『I know. Because I saw both of you being kidnapped…I’m sorry that I didn’t come and help you immediately』
『You saw?』

『I was walking behind you two all the time…When I saw Serizawa-kun and Kagura-san walking back from school together…「That two, already going out with each other? A love triangle with Akai-kun? Gufufu.」 while thinking that…I decided to follow you because it seemed interesting…』

…Your motive was that. You don’t have to say such thing now, though…No, she can’t lie when using telepathy, wasn’t it?

However, this is a heaven-sent fortune.
Now, she’s the last ray of hope. If I miss this chance, we have no future.

『Shinozaki-san, did you contact the school teachers about this?』
『Yes, at first, I tried to tell Chihaya-sensei by calling her, but because I can’t talk very well, I told her by telepathy』

Using her Talent like that…Well, in her case, it’s faster that way.

『Say, Shinozaki-san, I have a request』

At the point when I thought to send a message in order to grasp the situation more.

「Hey, this kid is still awake. It’s a pain so put him to sleep with the drugs」


I heard a familiar voice, and I lost my consciousness…when I smelled something sweet.




『…Akai-kun…Can you hear me…』

It was when Akai is going to walk the Kagura family’s dog, Tarou.

『…Kagura-san is, now, in danger…』

「!? Who are you!?」

Suddenly, hearing a voice in his head, Akai looked around the surroundings.
However, there’s no one around.

『…I’m Shinozaki Yuria, 『【Communicator】』. Your classmate…I have something that I must tell you now, so I’m talking to your mind directly…Kagura-san is…』

「What happened…to Kagura?」

Leaving various questions aside, Akai reacted to the name he knows.

『…She is kidnapped…Loaded into a black car and transporting to somewhere…』

「…Damn…why on a day like this…」

Since long ago, there were people who wants to use her ability. Akai was cautious.
He intended to be cautious.

But he didn’t expect that it would be on the day when he’s not with Kagura due to the happening at school…

Akai Tsubasa bites his lips.

「Where is Kagura!? Where is that car heading to!?」

Not able to conceal his irritation, he asks the sky loudly.

『…Sorry, I don’t know…I only know that the car is headed to the north when she was kidnapped…』


Akai clenches his fists tightly.
Not being able to do anything in such a critical moment…What is the purpose of my Talent?


Kagura’s pet dog, Tarou looks at Akai’s face as if asking “What happened?”.

「…Sorry. I raised my voice unintentionally」

Upon regaining his composure…he looks at the young Akita, Tarou as if he recalled something.

「Say, you…can follow Kagura’s smell, right…?」

Even I myself think that it’s a stupid idea. It’s often seen in dramas where the police dog follows the smell to find the criminal, but from this place which has no relation to the crime scene, the word 「follow」 itself, doesn’t hold true. However,


Tarou barks so, and the wind starts to burst in the surroundings…And blew under Tarou.
After a while, Tarou smelled the wind, and after some time–

It started to run, pulling Akai who’s holding the leash as if telling him to follow him.
While being bewildered, Akai runs while being pulled by Tarou. Praying that this is the way that would reach to his childhood friend, Kagura Mai…

At this time, Akai didn’t know. Not a single person knew–

Tarou’s Talent evaluation later on is 『【One who manipulates wind (Wind Maker)】S-LEVEL 2』. A Talent User…No, a Talent Dog. This is the story before it was known.

Character File 013

NAME: Akai Tsubasa

CLASS: 【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3

He caused a certain large incident during his middle school, and it was covered in the news. He is a strong Talent User as he acquired many invitation of elite private schools, but he refused them all with just saying 「I’m not interested」. At the end, due to a certain reason, he enrolled into Teihen High School. The ability to manipulate fire is strong to the extent that he can destroy a whole concrete building easily by fire.
Currently, due to some circumstances, he left his house, and lives by himself in a vacant house provided by the Kagura family. Akai’s daily routine is to walk Kagura’s pet dog, Tarou.



Flame Wall

Hell Flame



Character File 014

NAME: Tarou (Akita breed)

CLASS: 【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 2

The pet dog of Kagura family. Akita breed, 5 years old. In a certain accident, it was in critical state (In fact, it died), but Kagura manage to revived it with her ability. On this occasion, it manifested a Talent. It was not known for a while, but the dog itself, was enjoying itself as it can follow the smell by gathering the wind which cannot be done normally.


Wind Fang

Wind Claw



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