Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Regular Reports of the Demon King and the Administrator

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The regular reports of the Demon King and the Administrator

The midnight of the first day when Shiraori’s apotheosis

[Can you hear me?]
[Oh? Kuro-chan?]
[It seems that you can hear. As expected, if I don’t look out for that, I’m quite uneasy. Is it okay to contact like this every day at this time?]
[Ah, okay, okay. It would be better to contact each other]
[And so, after separating with that, nothing strange has been done, right?]
[Don’t tell me she did?]
[Ah, un. She did, I guess?]
[What she did!? Say it!]
[Ah, un. It’s long if I start to explain, so listen silently, okay?]

The Demon King is explaining…..

[In other words, she protected the reincarnated person who was almost kidnapped and killed by the Elves and the Divine Word Religion]
[That’s right]
[It’s a little unexpected. I thought that’s a self-sufficiency type that doesn’t show any interest except herself]
[Shiro-chan is a good girl, you know? Though her usual actions are illogical and incomprehensible]
[That usual actions are a problem]
[I understood the matter this time. Rather, she did well. I will contact the Elves and the Divine Word Religion]
[Can I rely on you?]
[Ah. Though I don’t think that a favorable answer will return]
[I will pierce a nail just in case, but I don’t think that it will do anything. Continue to watch at your side too]
[Well then, that’s all for today. I will contact you again at the same time tomorrow]
[Yes, yees]


A certain day’s regular report in one year later.

[That drank alcohol again?]
[Un. The inn was blown off]
[Good grief. Why did it become such a situation?]
[Well, about this matter, I think that Kuro-chan who made Shiro-chan to remember the alcohol’s taste has responsibility]
[Mu. However, then, if you take away the alcohol, won’t it end?]
[You want me to do such a frightening thing? I think that Shiro-chan will choose to kill me to snatch it back without hesitation, but how?]
[You’re right. That’s such a person]
[Right? In order to secure my personal safety, I can do nothing but continue to give her alcohol]
[Please at least, make effort to suppress the surrounding damage]
[Well, I will do that because I don’t want to stand out]
[I beg you]


A certain day’s regular report in two years later.

[And so, what happened to the cards?]
[I take the responsibility to keep it]
[I see. However, if that’s a real, does that means that she went to D’s place?]
[It’s likely so. Although she disappears to somewhere suddenly sometimes, I didn’t thought that it was D’s place]
[What is she planning?]
[One vote in not thinking anything]
[That’s possible, but she went to see that D. It’s impossible to be careless]
[Although it’s in my mind from before, is D that amazing?]
[Well, I will say that if the power relationship of D and me is shown directly, I don’t have a chance to win even if the heaven and earth are reversed]
[That much?]
[Ah. No matter how I struggle, if that person moves, I can’t do anything. It’s such a person]
[However, that person doesn’t move so often. Unless a certain condition is satisfied]
[What’s the condition?]
[Harming her kin]
[D won’t forgive those who harm her kin and the ones similar to it. She will make the opponent pay for it without fail. (ameriseed.net) That time when D declared to make that into her kin has a strong implication of restraining me. She might be pleased with that purely]
[Ah, I see]
[As for me, I didn’t have the intention to make a move on that, but it’s probably an insurance. What kind of path will that advance in the future? And according to that, it’s possible that I can be hostile with that]
[At that time, what do you plan to do?]
[Of course, I will advance my path. Even if D will erase me afterwards]
[You stubborn person]
[I’m aware of it]
[For the time being, can you join with us once? Maybe, Kuro-chan can break the curse of the cards. I mean, because I don’t want to hold such a dangerous thing, I want to give it to Kuro-chan]
[I understand. I will join you when I’m free]


A certain day’s regular report in three years later

[I found another dead facility]
[With this, how many is it?]
[Two surviving facilities and seven dead facilities]
[Whether our eyes were tricked so far or, the people who concealed it at that time were excellent]
[Probably both. Rather than the dead facilities, there are three surviving facilities including that place. I can’t make excuse for my mistake]
[About this matter, it’s not the responsibility of Kuro-chan alone. After all, we moved around to destroy such facilities after the system operates]
[Or, because there’s such movement, the cover-up might have been made carefully]
[You mean there are facilities built after the system operates?]
[It’s just a possibility. A exceedingly possible possibility]
[It’s helpless]
[How long will the work there be completed?]
[If possible, I want to end it within another three years, but because I want to proceed with careful investigation, it’s a problem to do it in a hurry]
[You’re right. Understood. It’s fine even if it takes many years, so find all of the operating facilities this time for sure]
[Of course, I intend to do so]
[How about the recovered core?]
[The energy in the core has slowly reduced in the world. It’s dangerous when it’s returned rapidly]
[I see. Though someone of somewhere absorbed it suddenly and became a God]
[Only that can do such a thing. Even I can;t do such a thing. If such thing is possible, at least another three Gods will be born in this world]
[Yeah. If it’s that easy to become a God, Potimas would have become a God a long time ago]
[Because that guy actually tried it and failed, it becomes such a situation now]
[If only he would just die like that]
[I agree]
[However, why Shiro-chan can do such an absurd thing?]
[Well, it’s usually impossible, but because that is variously special, I don’t understand the reason. Only a handful of existence among the Gods who can do such a thing]
[Shiro-chan is a non-standard?]
[Do you think that a person who reached the God in only one year can be settled in standard?]
[That kind of special talent might have been anticipated by D]
[And, her personality that doesn’t make people get tired. And also, a troublemaker]
[That might be so]
[Although we will enter the Demons territory after this, I can only have a premonition of troubles]
[Grip the bridle firmly]
[If I can do it, I won’t have a hard time]


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11 Responses to Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Regular Reports of the Demon King and the Administrator

  1. RoflCat says:

    First day:
    Kuro: ALREADY?!

    One year:
    Kuro: AGAIN?!

    Two years:
    Kuro: IT DID WHAT?!

    Three years:
    Kuro: STAHP IT PLZ.

    My hypothesis: Kumo is an artificial soul created by D who’s the real Wakaba Hiiro and is reincarnated into the world in D’s place so nobody realizes D’s real identity.
    Which is why Kumo have no name, and why she hated being called Wakaba Hiiro.
    In a way, she’s already D’s kin, which would be why D showed up to stop Gyurie back in Elro.

    Her visiting D might be to confirm D’s identity, and her own.
    Or she just really, really want potato chips.

  2. MXMach says:

    Its sounds like a really plausible theory… But her weird original personality wasn’t as frivolous as D’ is …

    • RoflCat says:

      I’d point it back to the conversation Ariel had with Sophia earlier.

      That Kumoko’s personality is ‘good’ but she has this quirk of trying to find excuses to make herself look bad.

      I mean even in this chapter, Gyurie think that D’s offer to make Kumo her kin is an indirect threat to him, but on Kumo’s POV she felt like D’s ‘offer’ is just to make her follow order.

      And Kumo herself have proven that it’s possible to split souls and even making one completely detached (Ariel)

  3. Mech@ says:

    umu. In chapter 200, shiro said the method to absorb the energy contained in that orb was included in the Taboo skill. Is she an exception because of her ability to replicate and launch magic formula without a skill? or was it because of her endurance? I don’t get it.

    • myIDID says:

      Plus, it’s necessary to acquire Divinity Area Expansion Lvl. 9, maybe only 7 or 8? whatever. to not explode one’s soul from such an influx of MA that essentially amounts to tearing oneself away from the W system while constructing a stable core in the MA system (right?).
      There’s a reason each Domain skill “allows one to exceed the W system and access the MA system” or whatnot by granting them proficiency in Divinity Area Expansion.

      • Mech@ says:

        Makes sense.

      • Tyizor says:

        I think it mentioned you normally need to reach lv 10 to ascend, but she bypassed all of that by absorbing the cores which seem to contain pure MA energy. My bets are on the fact that few people are able to fine tune the energy like her, and Potimas tried to do exactly that but failed miserably.

      • Anonymous says:

        “allows one to exceed the W system and access the MA system”
        I for a long while now, that this “Game World” exists in order to cultivate gods.

        A Darwinian, dog-eat-dog world has high mortality, and high expansion rates. Only the finest mutation survives, and the brutal world makes one constantly strive to gain more and more — with the assistance of the system itself.

        Look at “Divinity Area Expansion”. That’s a skill that literally notifies the person how close they are to become a god. Taboo installs a huge guide-book with a lot of uncomfortable truths.

        That world feels nothing but a training-reality.
        Or, D just felt bored and wanted to play around.

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