Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Pope and the Administrator

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The Pope and the Administrator

「And so, what’s your matter this time?」

I asked the other party who visited.

「I want to hear the settlement of the Sariera country」

The other party is the man covered his whole body with a black armor, the Black Dragon who’s the Administrator spoke with a calmed voice.
The settlement of the Sariera country?
I don’t think that this person cares about the end of the people’s war now after a long time.
Even if it’s the Goddess Religion, or even if it’s the nation that take the religion that worships that person as the mother.
If that’s the case, what he wants to hear is not the result of the war.
The incident that happened in that country that draw this person’s interest, or the thing that’s judged that he must know it.
The conceivable one is the monster named as the Nightmare, huh?

「Do you want to know about the Nightmare that appears in the battlefield?」

An indirect way of speaking is unnecessary to this person.
I ask back without beating about the bush.

「No. What I want to know is not that」

However, the answer that came back was different from my expectation.
But then, even if he asked according to the expectation, there’s not much that I can answer.
What is that monster called the Nightmare? I don’t understand it either.
It’s an unknown monster that suddenly appears in the Elro Great Labyrinth, and throws the war with the Sariera country into confusion.

The one that I know is the monster is likely to have reached the Ruler, and it seems to be hostile to the oldest Divine Beast somehow.
And, it’s probably alive now somewhere.
I don’t think that the opponent that the oldest Divine Beast failed to kill can be killed by a human’s great magic.
Although it’s spread around that it was stopped by the Hero’s do-or-die spirit and the great magic to the world, it might not be dead because it only goes into hiding.
If I were to give a wishful thinking, the oldest Divine Beast might settle it, but I can’t be optimistic.

Attention is required to the empire magician who brought the Hero back.
Only reading the report, it’s said that just before the great magic hits directly, there was no one in the surroundings of the Hero and the Nightmare.
There’s no way a third party can rescue the Hero by Transfer with such a timing.
Thinking from the situation, it’s the Nightmare that transferred.
Although it’s a mystery why it saved the hostile Hero, if I assume that it handed over the Hero to the magician in question, it’s coherent.

Although I want to collect information from the magician somehow, the empire’s guard is strong.
When I investigate it, it’s said that the magician is the strongest magician in the empire.
Then, it’s impossible to kill him thoughtlessly.
I can’t reduce the valuable Humans’ forces.
I can only place a lookout at the most and send him to the front line of the battle with the Demons by string-pulling, huh?
That’s also a quite bone-breaking work.
Although it’s dangerous, as long as there’s no suspicious movement, I can only let him swim.
I shall consider it as a good thing if I can even separate him from the Hero before he tells something strange to him.

「It seems that you always have your head on full rotation as usual」
「Oops, sorry. Even if I grow older, only this bad habit doesn’t recover. If there’s a good medicine somewhere, it would be good」

I joke to deceive it.
Because I’m thought accelerating, it actually shouldn’t show that I’m pondering, but it seems that it doesn’t work on this person.
Actually, the bad habit that my thoughts deviated steadily doesn’t recover.
Although it’s fine if it’s said that I’m thinking carefully, in short, even if I talk facing each other, it can be seen without the mind.
After learning the Thought Acceleration, the deception is effective, but it was miserable before learning it.

My thoughts deviated again.

「And so, what does Kokuryuu-sama want to ask?」(TL note: Kokuryuu = Black Dragon)
「It seems that you’re fairly attached to the assaulted Lord Keren’s daughter, so is there anything in that girl?」

He asked back in no time after I ask him.
How should I catch this?

It’s this person.
Did he notice the existence of the Keren’s daughter vaguely? Or, he came to investigate my real intention after knowing everything?
I should think the latter one.
Then, it’s better to not say anything unnecessary.

「That girl is the right successor who inherits the blood of Keren. Although I wanted to obstruct the escape with the meaning of the anxiety about the future, we received an attack from a mysterious group, and the unit that went to secure her sustained a serious wound. After that, it’s unknown what happened to the girl」

Now, how will you answer?

「I see. I understood well」

At a moment, the pressure in the room increases rapidly.
Dense magic whirls that can be mistaken.

「If you take such an attitude, I have a plan either」

I grasp the sweats in my hand.
I open my mouth slowly so that it’s not perceived.

「Now, I can’t even consider why is Kokuryuu-sama being wild like this」
「Dustin. Is that your answer?」

This, it would be better to answer carefully.

「Indeed. My answer is all for the life or death of the Humans」

If a third party hears this conversation, the meaning can’t be understood without any chain of reasoning.
However, he should understand with this.

「I see」

Kokuryuu-sama mutters small, and leaves his seat.

「I warned you. Don’t make a move on them as much as possible」
「Your warning has been received firmly」
「After receiving it, you won’t stop, right?」
「Well, only the world knows about it」

Kokuryuu-sama puts his hand to the door.

「You won’t stop. I will tell you one thing. The present Demon King is merciless. Prepare at the best so that the Humans don’t get destroyed」

Leaving ominous words, Kokuryuu-sama disappears beyond the door.
I broke out in sweat from the whole body.
Because it’s that person, it was expected that he won’t kill me in this place, but still, the liver gets cold.

However, should I think that I was tricked into revealing it in that state after all?
Then, Kokuryuu-sama has already known the existence of the reincarnated people.
“Them” is probably indicating the reincarnated people.
On top of knowing it, he came to warn me.
What is the meaning of this?
In addition, the present Demon King?
Not only the Hero, but somebody has taken over the Demon King?
This is not good.
There’s too little information.
Although I brag about my information gathering ability being the highest among the Humans, still, it seems to be insufficient.
Strengthening the information gathering organization, countermeasures against the Elves, and the search of the disappeared Keren’s daughter.
It seems that there’s a lot of things to do.


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  1. Aethersprite says:

    And so the mysterious “Dustin” is revealed?

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      • RoflCat says:

        Kuro mentioned him in his rant to Kumoko by the sea.

        He’s also mentioned by Sophia during the elf village battle:
        “Well, at any rate, Dustin-ojisama will do preparations behind-the-scene so that there’s no confusion.”

        And the Ninja kid (Kusama) complained something about old man, so maybe it’s Dustin he referred to.

        That said, Sophia’s words meant that Dustin joined Kumo side (not as in full allies, but probably as ‘I’ll help you with your plan so I can keep MY people alive’ sort of partnership)

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    And that’s how they got Yuri, huh.
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