Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Labyrinth’s Nightmare 3

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The labyrinth’s nightmare ③

The monster that transferred in front of the Arch Taratect’s corpse was a spider monster.
Compared with the huge Arch Taratect, it’s a considerably small spider monster.
It’s overall black, and there’s a white pattern on the back.
The pattern is like a skull.
Among the eight feet, the front two is bigger than the other feet, having a shape like the sickle.
And, the eight red eyes glare at here.

My body freezes unintentionally to that glance.
I understand that my subordinates who have gone ahead tremble.
Even though I directed them to be prepared no matter what happens.
This can’t be helped.
If such a thing appears suddenly, it’s rather impossible to not tremble.

Such monster is like a king who reigns over the place.
Just by looking at the appearance, I tremble with fear.
It’s as the report.
I understood it at first glance without the need to appraise it
That is not an existence that we can do something about it.


I look at the source of the strange groan voice, and Ronant-sama greatly opens his eyes wide and shake himself.
Don’t tell me even such a powerful person was put to fear?
The Haki that the monster emits is not a trivial matter. (TL note: One Piece)
Perhaps, it might have the intimidation-type skill, but even it’s like that, but I don’t think that a powerful person like Ronant-sama can fail in resisting it.

「How, how should I say it. Impossible. Impossible. What is this? What is this?」
「A-Ah. Sorry」
「What’s wrong?」
「That monster, it has outrageous amount of skills that are multiple activated continuously in such a natural style. Impossible」

Ronant-sama must be seeing the power of the monster’s activated skill that I can’t see.
It’s hard to say that the muttering Ronant-sama has normal mentality.
Although it doesn’t seems that he’s confused by the fear, the situation is not good.

Because the spider monster that was calm a while ago reveal its anger now.

This is bad.
It’s completely motivated.
And, the soldiers that are affected by the anger hold their weapon instinctively.
This is not good.
If it becomes such a situation, there’s no way I can bond a friendship.

The discomfort that attacks me suddenly.
This is “Appraisal”?
Don’t tell me that the monster is appraising here!?
That’s ridiculous!?
I have never heard a monster that can use “Appraisal”.

I activate the appraisal stone to confirm it.
And, I’m dumbfounded to the appraisal result.

A terrific status.
A huge amount of skills.
Such a thing, it’s impossible to win.


Apparently, it seems that Ronant-sama has activated the “Appraisal” almost at the same time as me.
The voice of surprise leaks from his mouth.

「Ma-Magic Extremity!?」

It seems that Ronant-sama is paying attention to one of the skills that the monster, Ede Saine has.
Certainly, I have not heard and seen of such skill.
No, it’s not just that.
There are many skills that I have not seen before in the Ede Saine up until now.
The skills that I have seen before as well, there’s a lot of high rank skills.

However, my surprise didn’t end there.
It’s when I’m looking at the skills one by one.
The appraisal result disappears suddenly, and a text 『Appraisal is obstructed』 is displayed.
Obstructing the “Appraisal”?
I have not heard that such thing is possible.

「P-Please wait! Please show it more!」
「Ronant-sama! Please return to sanity!」

I scold the frenzied Ronant-sama.
And, I shout at the same time.

「Withdraw! There’s no way to win! Withdraw at once!」

However, the shout was too late.

Eight people at the most front fall.
I don’t know what happened.
It seemed that the Ede Saine did nothing.
However, it was there and only staring at here.
With that alone, eight soldiers fell without any harbinger.

Which skill?
Because I was not able to confirm all its skills, I don’t know what effect it has.
However, even if I don’t know, the situation has moved.

The Ede Saine begins a strange action as it is.
It’s peeling off its own skin.
The soldiers trembled to the strange spectacle.

The soldier who saw his comrade fall attacks the Ede Saine.
However, the sword doesn’t reach, and his body broke by the wall of soil that thrusts out from the ground.

Among the skills that were able to be confirmed, the “Soil Magic” should not be there.
Although there’s an unknown magic called “Abyss Magic”, all the other magics should have been checked.
The “Soil Magic” should not have existed in there.

「What!? It can construct magic from scratch without using skill!?」

Ronant-sama shouts.
Can such thing be done?
No, the Humans strongest magician is showing this much discomposure.
It’s probably impossible normally.

It’s not the time to keep my cards.
If I don’t use all of my cards, we can’t overcome this difficult situation.
If everything is used and it’s overcame, it can be said that we are lucky.

My “Summon” skill level is 4.
In other words, I can summon 4 monsters in this place.
I have no choice but to use these 4 to gain time for the soldiers to escape.
How much time can be gain against such monster?

The summoned monsters appear.
Bird-type, Kirecock.
Turtle-type, Rock Turtle.
Tiger-type, Febelt.
Water Drake Suiten.

Normally, these are powerful monsters that are too valuable to be used as a sacrificial pawn.

At the same time as I make the summoned monsters to attack, I call out to the soldiers for withdrawal again.


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