Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Labyrinth’s Nightmare 2

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The labyrinth’s nightmare ②

「Fumu. The place where the corpse of the Earth Drake is here, right?」
「Yes. It should be」
「It’s completely nothing」

We have came to the huge passage that’s called the large passage.
It’s because there’s a report of encountering the monster here.
We found the nest that has the corpse of the Earth Drake, but there’s nothing inside it.
To be exact, there’s the remains of the hard parts, etc, that seemed to be leftovers, and other than that, there’s nothing.

I confirm the state of the nest again.
Judging from the impurities that stick to the threads and the state inside the nest, it was better to consider that this place is abandoned.
There were no signs of being used.

「Apparently, it seems to have changed its nest place」
「I see. Then, it looks like we can do nothing but to look for it thoroughly」

After that, we searched the surroundings carefully for several days.
However, the appearance of the monster was not found.

「It’s not here」
「This is strange. Guide-dono. Do you happen to know that there’s a place where we haven’t search in this circumference?」

After the four guides ponder about it for a while, the mouth was opened.

「There’s a path that leads to the middle layer nearby. Perhaps, that monster has gone into the middle layer」
「But, if it’s a spider monster, it should be weak to fire. I think that the possibility is low, so I have disregard it up until now」

I see.
Although the possibility is low, it’s possible.
Speaking of the middle layer of the Elro Great Labyrinth, it’s said that it’s the hell of heat wave with magma overflowing in the surroundings.
Because we don’t have the equipment, it’s impossible to search up to the middle layer.
When thinking about the foods and the tiredness of prolonged investigation, it’s certain that we should go back.

「Yosh. Then, we will investigate the road that leads to the middle layer, and if there’s nothing, we will return」

Like that, we are guided, and we have advanced to the road.


One of the guides who walk at the front stiffens unnaturally while letting out a scream.

「What’s wrong?」
「I don’t know, What’s this? I can’t move」

Ronant-sama stops the other guide who tries to approach the guide carelessly.

「Apply the light and look properly. It’s very hard to be see, but threads are spread around」

In accordance with Ronant-sama’s words, I strain my eyes.
Certainly, there’s something like the thread that sometimes reflects the light.

「We might have pulled the hit」

If I see properly, the shape of the thread is a beautiful radial.
It was the shape peculiar to the cobweb.

「Someone cut the thread with the sword and help him」

One of the soldiers swings the sword down to save the guide who caught in the threads.

「Oh. It can’t cut」

Ronant-sama leaks a voice of admiration.
The swung soldier’s sword sticks to the threads similar to the guide.
Although the soldier tries to pull out the sword from the threads, it doesn’t move even an inch.

「Guide, it might be a little hot, but endure it」

Ronant-sama uses the magic of the fire.
With accurate manipulation, only the threads in the surroundings are burnt without injuring the guide.
It should be.

「Umu, hmm? It doesn’t burns」

Although it might be a low rank magic, the thread that’s said to be weak to fire remained without burning.

「I will raise the power」

Flame gushes out towards the threads from Ronant-sama.
Dazzling light overflows in the dark cave.

「Oops, I made it too powerful」

Although the a part of the guide’s clothes is burned, he somehow succeeded in escaping.
The problem is the flame covers the inner part of the passage completely.

「It looks like I have done it」
「Yes. In case the owner is inside, it will surely rage」

Then, I can’t hope for friendly attitude anymore.
Taming it becomes impossible.

「If possible, I hope that here is also abandoned」
「It doesn’t seem impossible. Even if we did this much, it doesn’t come out, so that means it’s either it’s away from home, or here is already abandoned」

I hope that it’s like that.
If the adventurer’s rumor is true, the rumored spider is said to be striding in the labyrinth.
Moreover, in all probability, it uses Transfer.
I have never heard of a monster that can use Transfer that even only few can use it among the Humans.

It might be away from home now by chance, and it’s possible that it can come back at this very moment.

「Everyone, just prepare for battle. Get prepared so that you can correspond no matter what happens」

I tell the soldiers so.
The threads burn out, and the fire vanishes.

We advance the path carefully again.
The cinders of the threads were spread in a considerably wide range.

「Although it’s somewhat hard to burn, it’s fragile once it’s ignited, huh?」
「Yes. It seems that way. It looks like the flame have spread a lot to the interior」

We advance the path that’s too wide to be called as a nest, and we reach a wide open space.

「Here is?」
「The entrance to the middle layer」

The guide answers.
I see, certainly, there’s heat.
It seems that the path to the middle layer is a gentle downward slope.


Something was there.
Although it was hard to see because it’s a downward slope, it’s a thing with a considerable size.

「Everyone, prepare」

A formation is formed, and the soldiers approach it carefully.
I stay back together with Ronant-sama and the guides, and I take out an appraisal stone from my pocket.

「Hou. Appraisal stone, huh? The level is 9, huh?」
「As a summoner, “Appraisal” is indispensable. Does Ronant-sama has the “Appraisal?」
「Umu. The level is 9」
「That’s terrific. Because I use the appraisal stone frequently, the skill proficiency accumulates and it became level 3, but 9 is simply impossible」
「I frequently use it in the interval of the magic. And, it finally became level 9 at this age. Normally, it’s better to use appraisal stone」
「You are right. So, how is that seen?」

The thing that I indicate.
That’s the corpse of the huge spider monster.

「It’s the corpse of the Arch Taratect」

Arch Taratect.
The one rank lower than the myth rank Over S monster, Queen Taratect.
The danger degree is S.
It has died in a tragic appearance.

「Furthermore, do you see it? There’s a sign of a part was eaten」

Although I don’t know that because there’s a distance, it seems that Ronant-sama seen it.

「So that means there’s an existence that killed the Arch Taratect and preys on it」

I trembled.
A monster that preys on S rank monster?
Such monster might exist?

If we encounter such a monster.
It’s not good.
Even if an elite force is led and the Humans strongest magician is here, there’s no winning chance against such non-standard existence.
We should withdraw.

However, the judgment was too late.
The incarnation of nightmare has transferred here.


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