Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 3

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S3 Fantasy

I’m currently looking at the picture book opened at my feet.
Various creatures are shown in there.
The strange illustrations which I had not seen before on Earth was drawn in the picture book.
It’s called as Monster (魔物), the harmful creature inhabiting in this world.

「This is a goblin. Goblin is a human-type monster with green skin and has the size of a human child. Even though it’s a human-type, it’s considered as a weak-class monster because it has low intelligence and they don’t have any skills so its status is also low. (https://www.nelsongreerpainting.com) However, when it levels up and acquire skill, an individual that can use weapons might appear among them. So you shouldn’t be careless against it」

The maid, Anna, who is sitting next to me, explains about the monster that appeared in the picture book.
Anna looks young as in her twenties, but the truth is that she have live nearly twice of her appearance.
She had fought against monsters as a magician in the past. So she taught me about the things that didn’t appear in the picture book using her knowledge.

Opposite of Anna was my sister, Sue, who imitates me and look at the picture book.
Recently, Sue have been imitating me.
Unlike me, she can’t understand Anna’s words because she still speaks with difficulty.
I listen to Anna’s story seriously, perhaps because I think that I must listen it.

I pat her head because the innocent figure was cute.
The silky light blue hair feels too good.
Sue laughed joyfully because she was patted.

Anna and another maid who’s at the door, Clevea, look at the figure heartwarmingly.
At first, I was embarrassed when being seen like that but now I’m already used to it.

「Your Highness and Princess are truly intimate」

Sue and I answer Anna’s words at the same time.
The answer makes Anna’s smile much more deeper.
It looks like I have become good at pretending as a child.

I return my glance to the picture book.
Anna still doesn’t know that I can read the words.
I can already read the words of this country even though I look like I’m enjoying the pictures.
The illustration was at the center of the picture book and only simple words written in the explanation of the monster.
Therefore, Anna’s story was useful.

However, the more I hear Anna’s story, the lack of common sense in this world is remarkable.
To begin with, there’s too many game words like skill, status and level even though it’s a serious story.

This world is just like a game.
Practically, I’m living in this world so I can’t think that it’s a game but still, it can’t be change that this world has the system like game.

Skill seems to be draw from the soul and once reaching a certain strength, a skill will be form.
Status shows the ability value.
Level is the numerical value of the power accumulated by the individual.

It’s explained like that but as a person who knows about game in the previous life, all of them are insignificant.
However, things like this are common in this world and there’s no one who even doubted it.
I have no choice but to be convinced that this is such a world even though I feel a little out of place.

I turn the page of the picture book.
The illustration that appeared in the next page was a huge wolf.
For comparison of the size, a human is drawn under its feet.
For an instant, I thought that the scaling is weird, but Anna’s explanation includes the accurate size.

「This is a Fenrir. It’s a Myth rank monster with the size of a mountain and even destroyed a fort partially with only a bite before. Even I have not seen the real thing」

That’s obvious.
Such a huge creature, rather than monster, it’s a Kaijuu. (TL note: Kaijuu also has the means monster)
This world is more strange than expected that there’s such a huge creature.
To begin with, how does it support such a large build?

「Nee, how does it stands?」

Anna becomes speechless upon hearing my question.
Were the words insufficient?

「Isn’t it heavy if it’s this big?」

And Anna seems to notice the meaning of my question.

「It might be easier to understand by seeing rather than explaining it. Clevea」

Anna calls Clevea.
Similar as Anna, Clevea is a maid and guard who formerly worked as female knight of this country.
Different from the slim magician Anna, Clevea’s body is stoutly trained.

After Anna and Clevea made their arrangements, both of them took distance and stand.
Clevea opens one hand and pushes it forward.

「Well then, here I go. 『Fireball』」

Anna used a magic towards Clevea.
『Fireball』 is a low-class fire magic that shoots out a small ball of fire.
The fireball that had its power held down hits Clevea’s hand.
Sue hardens in surprise.
I was a little surprised that magic appeared suddenly.

To our appearance, Anna and Clevea laugh as if their mischief succeeded.
I’m somehow offended.

「Is it painful?」

Sue worries about Clevea’s hand frequently.

「Yes. It’s a little hot but it’s all right」

Clevea answers with a strong voice that is deep for a woman.

「As what you have seen just now, the higher the status, the stronger it gets. Therefore, even a huge monster won’t collapse by its weight」

I became anxious and try to touch Clevea’s palm.
The palm of a person peculiar to sword felt a little like harden skin.
However, it was not a feeling of hardness which she could received the “Fireball” unhurt.
( けど、火球を受けて無傷でいられるほどの硬さがあるようには感じられなかった。 TL note: not sure)

「Your Highness, the increase in defense doesn’t means that it will become hard」
「Is that so?」
「Yes. Rather than harden, it’s more like harder to get hurt. As I’m not to that degree, but when it’s the Hero-sama, it’s said that a normal sword can’t even scratch him」

Clevea answers my doubt politely.
However, something like hard to be hurt, will the intercellular bonds change?
No, in this fantasy world, bringing up the Earth’s common sense might be wrong.
I shelved the hazy feeling in my mind for the time being.

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