Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 2

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Q&A Corner 2

Q, >《Experience points has reached a certain degree.
Individual, Small Lesser Taratecs LV9 has became LV10》
《Conditions met.
Individual, Small Lesser Taratect can evolve》
Taratect? Taratecs?

A, It’s a typo.
I have corrected it.
The right one is Taratect.

Q,(TL note: this question is hard to translate) >Corrosion Resistance
Inside the novel, it caught my mind that it says that it a resistance towards rotten things but when I check it out
1. The shape of the rotten thing must break down.
Also, break the shape of the thing after rotting it.
「The base does it」
2. Metal materials change in quality on its surface and gets wasted by a chemical reaction with water and oxygen.
Also, the phenomenon.
「The iron plate does it」
After seeing this much, the phenomenon of rotting regarding the resistance, the effects overlaps with the “Acid Resistance” and when thinking that rotting can release poison, it also overlaps with “Poison Resistance”

Well, I think that it’s better to use “Carrion Resistance”.

A, This might be a little spoiler, but the MC misunderstands the effect of some skills.

Q, The position of the parenthesis is strange and in case it’s a game-like world, I think it’s looks better with a choice arrow

《There are multiple choices of evolution.
Please choose from the following.

Lesser Taratect
Small Taratect》

《There are multiple choices of evolution.
Please choose from the following.

→Lesser Taratect
Small Taratect

A, Like what it’s told in the story, the voice of heaven can only be heard so I have avoided using any visual arrow.
About the position of parenthesis, please let it be the same because I can’t think of a way to use it well.

Q, Eventually, will it become Sergeant Ashidaka (アシダカ軍曹) and fight against cockroach (ゴキ. Probably cockroach)?
(TL note: アシダカ軍曹 is a huntsman spider)
A, Do you want them to fight ( ̄ー ̄)*grinning*?

Q, After reading this novel and sleep, I had a dream that I sprayed insecticide because there was a large quantity of small spiders in my room. Lol.
A, Today, you will surely have a dream about a huge spider leaning on you. Lol.

Q, Will the day when the name is given to the MC come?

A, A name will be give soon.

Q, A question, the venom from the spider’s “Poison Fang”, will the poison disintegrate through time progression and long period of being exposed to the air?
A, Due to it’s a poison from the “Poison Fang” skill, the effect of the skill will fall considerably when it’s not injected directly with the fangs.
When it’s dripped from the fangs directly to its opponent then it barely has its effect. Other than that, it has no effect at all.

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  1. This author is so cheeky!
    “Today, you will surely have a dream about a huge spider leaning on you. Lol.”

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