Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 17

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S17 Voice informing the collapse

After I was attacked by Yuugo, my surroundings were peaceful.
However, my thoughts changed by that matter to some extent.
I must not think that this world is the same as Japan.
This is a dangerous world where I don’t even know when my life is threatened.
But, I didn’t want to change the part of the root.
Although it might be a naive thinking after coming this far, I didn’t want to completely throw away the morals that has been cultivated in Japan.
Therefore, I didn’t want to murder as much as possible from now on either.

Even if I say so, I must be able to protect my body by myself.
I have let my surroundings to be worried about me by the matter that I was attacked by Yuugo.
Even though I have reach an appropriate age, Katia and Yuri not to mention Sue who still clings to me worried about my body.
Especially Katia seemed to be upset about me being attacked more than I thought.

「When I heard that Shun was attacked, I got panic」

I heard it from the person’s mouth.
I’m sure that I will react the same if something happens to Katia.
When I said that, she begun to mutter something while looking downwards.

「Seriously? Am I serious? No, it’s wrong, right?」

What on earth is it?
On the contrary, I was worried by her state.

But, it’s a fact that I have cause her to worry.
If Sensei didn’t rush, I might have been killed by Yuugo.
When I think about that, I became scared.
I’m scared to die.

And, I made up my mind to become stronger.
Although I have been strengthening up until now assertively, I will put more efforts seriously.
Using the skill points that I didn’t use, acquire good-looking skills and develop the skills emphatically.

Defeating monster was also part of the class.
I who have trained and didn’t have any combat experiences at all defeated it easily.
But, there’s experience points.
And, if I gain experience points, level will rise.
I’m no longer level 1 like the time I was attacked by Yuugo.

As my body grows up, my magic-type status became balance-type.
By having a strong body, my physical status has caught up with my magic status.
With this, both sword and magic might have become the level that can be called as first-class.
But still, I repeated training.

I became strong.
There’s the actual feeling.
But, I know a person who’s stronger than me.
I don’t think that I can reach that place.
But, I want to approach it even a little.

I became strong, and my desire might have appeared.
At first, I intended to become stronger to protect myself.
But, recently, I came to want to become able to protect the people close to me.
Well, there’s no weak people who are close to me to have me protect including Sue.
But still, I wanted to become stronger to be helpful when something happens.

Besides, it’s not only people close to me who I want to protect.
Beginning with Palton, the students who admired me gradually become friendly with me without self-interest.
Although it’s not to the extent that it can be called as a friend, I want to protect them if I can.

Recently, I think that whether this is the sense of the royalty or not.
Did Julius nii-sama who’s the Hero always fight while holding such a sense?
When thinking so, I felt that I have able to approach that person only a little.

I haven’t meet Nii-sama since I entered the academy.
I didn’t know what Nii-sama is doing now either.
Although I often heard that there’s an increase in activity of the Demons, the information about the outside world is hard to be obtained in this closed academy.
Perhaps, he’s fighting against the Demons.
Well, although there’s no need to worry when it’s Nii-sama, I was worried about the movement of the Demons.

I wonder is it according to the Demons’ movement because Sensei doesn’t show her appearance recently.
Even though she attended the class sometimes before, she hardly attended the classes for this one year.
Because I meet her in the academy, it’s true that she made here as the base, but I still don’t know what she’s doing when she doesn’t show her appearance.

Speaking of not showing up, there’s another one.
Yuugo has never showed up after that attack.
I don’t even know that whether he’s in the academy or not.
Although I heard that he was in the academy after the attack, there’s no such talk in this several years at all.
I think that he might not be in this academy anymore.

It’s a lie if I say that I’m not worried about Yuugo after that incident.
I still can’t forgive what he did.
But, at the same time, I sympathize him a little.
He who indulged in power lost all the power.
I’m sure that losing power is similar to losing everything for him who thinks that power is everything.
Although I know that it’s a naive thinking, I still can’t stop to symphatize him a little.

When neither Sensei nor Yuugo is here, every day passed peacefully.
I attend the classes, chat with Sue, and if there’s time, I train.
And, every day passed.
It was really peaceful that even I will doubt that the Demons made a threatening move.

《Conditions met. Title 『Hero』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Hero』, skill 『Hero LV1』『Holy Light Magic LV1』 was acquired》

The voice that break the peace.


Because I was also in the class, my puzzled voice sounded more than I expected in the classroom.

「Shurein-san, what’s wrong? Is there a part that you don’t understand?」

The teacher in charge of this class asks me.
The teacher’s voice passes by the confused me.

「Shurein-san? Shurein-san!? What’s wrong!?」

Perhaps, my expression at this time have become worse.
After all, isn’t it strange?
Only a man can hold the Hero title.
And, there’s only one Hero that I know.
A title can’t be released after obtaining it.
In other words, that means that the Hero title can’t be released.
While the person is still alive.

In other words, it’s such a thing.
Such a thing happens.
I can’t believe it.
I don’t want to believe it.
But, the title is certainly listed in my status.

On this day, a Hero dies, and a Hero was born.


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