Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Human-Demon Great War Secret

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I added ‘~’ in Sensei’s line when she uses her speech to make it easier to know.

Human-Demon Great War Secret

「Was the invasion of the Demons not stopped?」
「It’s inevitable. Recently, the present Demon King has been acting like a Demon King in the way that’s not likeable for us」
「And, how much is the damage of both armies?」
「It’s enormous. As for the Humans, the lost of the Hero is the biggest. In this unreasonable invasion, the Demons have lost quite an amount overall」
「Is this also the motive of the Administrator?」
「Ah. I never thought that a Queen Taratect in thrown into the battlefield. It should be one of the Demon King’s trump card」
「Is it thrown into the battlefield to kill General Agna?」
「I don’t know whether the relation between us and Agna was perceived or it simply just want to crush the Kusorion Fort together with the Humans and the Demons」
「At any rate, we have lost one of the Cooperators」
「Yeah. However, the thrown Queen Taractect got wounded considerably. That might be useless for a while」
「If we want to defeat the Demon King, now is the best time?」
「No. Even if that can’t be used, the Demon King is strong. It’s better to judge that it’s just one force that decrease and the action is limited」
「Is it to that extent?」
「The Demon King’s vanguard called Shiro has a considerable strength. I never thought that she can win against that Hero」
「Was the Hero of this generation weak?」
「He was not weak, but it’s hard to say that he’s strong. I would say that he’s average as the Hero」
「I see. Shun-kun will surely be sad」
「We are moving to end that sadness. Don’t forget it.」
「I understand. By the way, who’s the new Hero?」
「I still don’t know. However, it must be born somewhere. We must find it before the Demon King and the other troublesome force」
「It would be good if my skill can be applied on the title」
「It’s inevitable. Skills are not versatile」
「Actually, I don’t want to rely on skills. Whenever I use this power, an unpleasant feeling like being soiled wells up」
「Skills are simply free power. Whatever the Administrator’s motive is, there’s no need to loathe free power」
「Although I understand that, this is the problem of feelings」
「I will warn you just in case, even if you loathe it, don’t do such a reckless thing again like what you did recently, okay?」
「Yes. I won’t do it anymore」
「I hope you really won’t do it. When it comes to the students, you always act recklessly」
「I’m a teacher after all」
「Fu. Well, fine. Oka, you continue act in cooperation with Leston」
「I understand~」
「Stop that weird tone of yours when you’re in front of me」


「Is there a need to throw ‘that’ in?」
「What’s ‘that’? I wonder what is it. If it’s ‘that’ only, I don’t know」
「It’s the Queen Taratect」
「Ah, that big Kumo-san. What an amazing coincidence to suddenly transfer to the battlefield」
「Don’t play dumb」
「Kuro-chan, scary. Shiro-chan, save me!」
「Shiro-chan, Onee-san wants you to at least give a reaction back」
「Don’t change the subject」
「Isn’t it fine? Such a thing is not a big deal, right?」
「That’s not a big deal?」
「That’s right. What? Kuro-chan, don’t tell me that you’re angry because of such a small thing」
「Do you know how many victims have appeared with just that?」
「I don’t know」
「You, do you think that this is a problem that can end by not knowing?」
「Kuro-chan, is that the line you should say to me?」
「What do you mean?」
「The ‘problem that can end by not knowing’, is this a line that can be said by such a tiny person?」
「What are you saying?」
「You should know it well, right? The truth that the world forgot. The people who forget it and live comfortably.」
「Kuro-chan, no, Administrator Gyuriedistodiez. Because you who’s an Administrator is like that, I have to do such a troublesome thing like becoming the Demon King. So you have no right to say all kind of things to my actions」 (TL note: That name)
「But what? It’s too late already. Humans, Demons and also the Elves that move in secret, all of them are guilty. I just have them to pay back the unpaid accumulated tab. If you say such a thing about this much, how about the future?」
「This is not enough?」
「Not enough. It’s completely not enough. I must expand the war even more for that reason. It’s necessary to make the world despair more. If I don’t do it, it won’t balance」
「What will become to the world if you despair it further?」
「It won’t become anything, but if I must say, then my diversion?」
「What? Kuro-chan is going to oppose? I don’t mind, you know?」
「Do you understand? Even if it’s you, you can’t win against me」
「There’s no way that I don’t understand. I said it on top of that. You can do as you please if you want to oppose me」
「What are you planning?」
「Must I put it in words? Hey, don’t you think that the bottomless kindness and the bottomless stupidity are only a paper-thin difference?」
「I don’t think so」
「Oh, really. But shouldn’t you remember this? Those who are saved by kindness don’t worth much」
「I was saved by that kindness. And, that will mean that you will deny us」
「That’s right. Therefore, you and I are hostile in this way」
「I take that you don’t intend to draw back, is it?」
「I understand. I will associate with you for a while」
「As expected from Kuro-chan! You understand well!」
「However, when it becomes impossible to agree with you, I won’t go easy」
「I know. If possible, I hope that time won’t come」


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  1. ayashi says:

    So… i’ll go on a leg and assume the skill system isn’t actually free.
    And that the Demon Lord is “forced” to “sacrifice” sapients (humans, demons, elves, whatever) to either balance the expedited energy, or at least lower the energy consumption by lowering the population using the system.
    And that failure to “balance” will lead to a systematic failure… either skill system crashes and burns, or maybe the whole world does.
    Oh, and they are on a time limit…

    • Rota says:

      sounds valid.

      I rather dislike the “game-world” stories where skills are like miracles that never run dry and hold no consequence.

      clearly there is more to this story than meets the eye and what counts is whether or not all the players know they are playing a game, and games come with a cost 😛

  2. Mike777ac says:

    This was so painful to read 🙁

  3. Jack Nathaniel Mikhail says:

    Dear Moonies, Thank you for the chapter my wonderful Author, Translator(s), (Editor), (donors)!

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    So, let me guess Sensei and the humans, then Demon king and Kuro.

  5. Anonymous says:

    …Is Kumo-chan (queen-spider) the same Kumo from the title of the story?

    • Tyler says:

      no shes something much more dark. if you want to you can go to a chapter called character introduction, in between 205 and 206. it will have some spoilers.

  6. Anon says:

    Everything comes full circle later on. The author planned this shit out well in advance.

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    suprise the demon king is D

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