Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Human-Demon Great War 4

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Made some mistakes in the previous translation. First, Elder Ronant is a Human not an Elf.
And another mistake is Distant Communication is the higher rank skill of Telepathy.

Human-Demon Great War ④

【Hero Julius】

I cut down the attacking Demons.
We attacked the Demon armies that have attacked the fort from the flank as the raid unit.
At first, we fought a defensive battle from within the fort, but because it seems that the situation will get worse and worse as it is, we decided to attack.
Even if we can still fight, the other units didn’t seem to last.

If that’s the case, then we tried to break through the Demon armies.
If it goes well, we will break through it and we might reach the general Demon.
As long as we can kill the general, the war situation can be overturned.

A Demon comes to slash me while shouting in the Demon language.
Although I don’t know what is he saying because I can’t talk in Demon language, I cut the attacking Demon in two.
I advance just like that.

The Demons in front of me holds their shields in a hurry.
I swing my sword sideways towards the shields without dropping my speed.
The Demons at the back of the shields split in two together with the shields.

I cut down every attacking Demons with a swing.
And eventually, the Demons falter.

「Clear the path! I won’t chase those who run away!」

I shout with a faint expectation.
But, there was no Demon that ran away.

「Well, Julius. I think that they won’t understand if you use Human language」

To Hyrinth who points out calmly, I feel ashamed and became slightly uncomfortable even though I’m in a battlefield.

「But, it’s effective as a threat」

When I see it, even though the Demons in the surroundings enclosed us, they are hesitating to attack us.

「They are scared of Julius’s ridiculous strength」
「If they will withdraw only due to this, then this conversation will be quick」

The Demons’ enclosure breaks to my mutter.
A Demon came this way from there.

「Hero, is it?」
「I didn’t thought that someone will asked in Human language purposely. That’s right. I’m the Hero. Hero, Julius Zagan Anareich」

The Demon man nods once, and draw his sword slowly.

「I’m the Commander of the Seventh Army, Blow. Hero. Now, let’s have a fair match!」
「I accept it」

We glare at each other.
The Demons in the surroundings and my comrades hold their breath and watch over the one-to-one fight of me and the Demon Commander.

It was the Commander named Blow who moved first.
A diagonal slash from the shoulder.
I swing my sword to match it.
Both swords intersect.
Although I slashed seriously, I was not able to cut Blow’s sword.
I blow Blow off with pure power. (TL note: Shouldn’t have name him Blow. Never mind)

「Oi, that Demon, he stopped Julius’s sword」
「That Demon is enough to be a monster」

I pursuit after Blow who got thrown off balance after being blown.
Blow avoid my Sword Attack because he judged that receiving my sword was bad.
But, he can’t avoid it like that.

I release the Holy Light worn to the sword.
Holy Light is a slashing attack accompanied by a shock wave and it attacks Blow who avoided the sword.
Surprisingly, Blow defend this with his sword as a shield.

Blow who regains his stance.
I clad my sword in Holy Light again.
I deploy ten Holy Light sphere at the same time.

「Julius became serious」
「That means that the opponent is a really tough」

The Holy Light spheres that float around me.
I send instructions to each one of them.
And, I fire them towards Blow.
All the Holy Light spheres move by my will.
It will pursue the opponent even if it’s avoided.

Blow seems to intend to attack the approaching Holy Light spheres.
The first Holy Light sphere hits Blow’s sword.
The Holy Light sphere scattered the light of destruction in that moment.

Blow takes a direct hit, and is blown away.
And, the remaining Holy Light spheres explode without mercy there.

I look around the surroundings while holding my sword.
The dumbfounded Demons.
My comrades remain calm as if it’s the obvious result.

「I-I’m not done yet」

I return my eyes to the voice.
Surprisingly, Blow stood up even though he’s bleeding throughout his body.
The wounds recovered in a moment.
Because it doesn’t looks like magic is activated, it’s not Recovery Magic.
Perhaps, he used either the “Magic Treatment” skill or the “Vitality Treatment” skill to cure the wounds.

「You shouldn’t overdo it. You should have understood the difference of the ability」
「I still haven’t lost! If I return defeated shamelessly like this, I can’t face Aniki!」

I see, this man has an older brother.
I also have an older brother.
But, when you ask which one, I would say that the sense of being Shun’s Onii-chan is stronger.
As an older brother, I’m sure that he wants his younger brother to return safely rather than overdoing it.
I’m sure that he think so.

「If you have a brother, then shouldn’t you survive here? Withdraw your army. I won’t chase」
「I can’t afford to withdraw!」

Blow charges.
I knock Blow together with the swinging sword down.
The power of Holy Light destroys Blow’s body without mercy.

But still, Blow stood up.
Over and over again.
And, it’s reaching the end at last.
Blow’s recovery stopped.

「It’s over」
「N-Not yet」
「It’s over. I warned you. And, you disregard it and was defeated」

I approach Blow slowly.
I raise my sword slowly and swing it down.

「Da…mn…it. A…ni」

The intermittent words were spoken in Demon language.
But, I have understood the meaning somehow.
A bitter feeling wells up.
But, sympathy is unnecessary to the enemy.

The Demons that fall silent.
There was a person who stepped forward from there.
It was white.
It can only be expressed that way, a white girl.

And, the closed eyes opened slowly.


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