Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Human-Demon Great War 3

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Human-Demon Great War ③

【Demon King’s close aide, Balto】

I confirm the war situation of every place in the tent.
There must be a messenger soldier who has the higher rank skill of “Telepathy” which is the “Distant Communication” skill in each army.
Based on the information sent by them, I monitor the war situation of every place and give instructions.

The Second Army led by Sanatoria seems to have succeeded in setting the Anogratch into the enemy’s fort.
What a person who does unreasonable things.
Even if it’s just after the ‘large breeding’, it’s not strange that it will explode anytime. And, she purposely did such a thing.
The Anogratch has the nature to greatly increase the number by doing ‘large breeding’ periodically.
The harm is small because it inhabits in the depths of the forest when the number is little, but the range of action expands after ‘large breeding’ to search for food.
Although the habitat range of the Anogratch extends over the Demon territory and the Human territory, it’s closer to the Demon territory.
So, it was the Demon that receive the damage after ‘large breeding’.

Sanatoria used such a vexing monster adversely.
Usually, this is a strategy that won’t be done first because there’s danger of being targeted.
That means she was at a pinch too.

Kogou of the Third Army and Wrath of the Eighth Army have won the war.
On the contrary, Hyuui of the Sixth Army and Merazofis of the Fourth Army were defeated.
Merazofis side ended with wounds and it seems that it’s not life-threatening.
However, Hyuui was killed.
At present, he’s the only one who was killed among the leaders.

As for the others, the battle still continues.
However, we are in losing ground.
The Kusorion Fort that the First Army led by Agna-dono attacked is the important base connected to the large country of the Human, Rengzant Empire.
Naturally, the soldiers deployed there are the best.
As expected, even Agna-dono seems to have difficulty dealing with them.

Darado of the Fifth Army also has a bad tide of war.
Although they seem to be equal at present, it seems that our side is gradually being pushed.

And, the most problematic one is the Seventh Army led by Blow.
The Hero is there.
Although the forces seem to be equal, it seems that the advance of the Hero and his comrades can’t be stopped.
The worst case, they might reach to the Blow in the end.

「Going well, going well. Don’t Kuro-chan think so too?」

Maou-sama who sat on a chair elegantly spoke to the black knight who stood next to her while I’m giving instructions to every place.

「Ah, yeah」
「Kuro-chan, so blunt. Can’t you say it a little more amiable?」
「I don’t see the meaning to do that」

This carefree conversation even though we in the war.
No, Kuro is serious, so Maou-sama is the one being carefree.

「However, the Commander of the Second Army, Sa-, what was it? Well, never mind. That Succubus. She did an interesting thing. Using that monkey like that, huh? Un un」

Maou-sama nods on what’s so interesting while grinning.

「Is it fine?」
「Hmm? It’s fine. Those human beings died to that extent even though our damage is 0」
「I see」
「That’s right. The important thing is to keep dying even if it’s the Demon or the Human」

A chill runs down my spine to the words.
As expected, this person sees us only as baits.
Without the comrade feeling, I’m sure that she will cast us away without hesitation when the time comes.

「Kuro-chan, could it be that this matter is worrying you?」
「That’s obvious. At any rate, the war this time is cause by your clumsiness」

My body stops for an instant, and I keep it up desperately.
What are they talking?
This war is caused by Kuro?
Even I don’t know such a story.
What are they talking that even I don’t know?

「Yeah. This is caused by my naivety」
「Un un. And, I’m cleaning it up for you, you know? Be grateful.」
「I can’t be grateful. I judged that this is necessary. However, I can’t tolerate with your ways after all」
「Saying such thing, I wonder why can’t you understand that it didn’t stopped like this because it didn’t change from the old days」
「That might be so」
「It’s like that. Well, hesitating like that seems to be you」

I pretend to work and listen attentively to the conversation.
To obtain information even if it’s a little.
If I accept the talk just now, does that means that Maou-sama and Kuro are not on good terms?
Although it didn’t reach until hostility, there’s the atmosphere that it’s one step short to it.
However, it’s unnatural to have such a talk calmly when I’m here.
Is it because it’s something that has no problem even if it’s heard? Or, is it all an act to lure me?
I can’t decided it.

「Well, the target number has been achieved, I wonder? Balto, you may issue the withdrawal order to every place」
「Yes. Understood」

While I’m awfully shaken in my mind, still, I prevent it from getting out.
Although there are certainly a lot of disadvantageous situation in the remaining battlefields, it’s still early to withdraw.
What’s the reason to withdraw?

「The aim this time is only the Hero. As long as we can kill the Hero, the rest doesn’t matter」

Maou-sama mutters as if she’s answering the question of my mind.
Kill the Hero?
However, the Hero is still alive.
Why even though he’s not killed?

「There’s no need to worry. At any rate, Shiro-chan is over there. Be it the Hero or whatever it is, nobody can win against my best masterpiece, Shiro」

Maou-sama who declares it with full of confidence.
The girl called Shiro accompanied by the Tenth Army together with Blow are at the ground where the Hero is.

「As long as Shiro-chan is there, the Hero won’t return alive. Absolutely.」

To the figure of Maou-sama who said so and laughed, I pick up an unpleasant premonition.


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