Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team 3

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Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ③

Author note: The middle-aged man point of view

The 13th day after entering the labyrinth.
We arrived at the area that we aimed at first, and currently conducting the cause investigation and the cull of monsters.
But, we became puzzled.

「There’s no monster」
「Umu. Although the number of monsters increased strangely in the report, there’s no such presence」
「Ah. Like this, there’s even more along the way」

There was certainly a lot of monsters along the way.
Although we usually evade combat as much as possible, the cull of monsters is important this time.
Whenever we find a monster, the knights will fight.
Because of that, the planned 10 days journey has extended to 12 days.
When thinking about the return, we have to advance the investigation as fast as possible.

「Well, it’s still the first day of investigation. There’s no need to be in a hurry. In addition, it’s rather convenient that the monsters disappeared. That the abnormality has settled down and issue settled」
「I hope it’s like that」

Although I say it to the captain lightly, it’s not that I myself believe in those words.
This is because the unpleasant feeling that I felt after entering the labyrinth becomes more and more stronger.
Good things won’t happen usually when I have such feeling.
It’s better to be careful.

The 15th day.

「There’s still no monster. Here, shouldn’t we examine the large passage resolutely that we have avoided so far?」
「Hmm. The large passage, eh?」

There’s no result in the investigation.
It’s natural because the monsters that are said to be here are not here.
I hesitate to the captain’s proposal.
It’s hard to think that there’s a Queen by chance, but there are also monsters of a different level than the normal passage.
Especially, the Earth Drake is a troublesome monster with great physical ability.
If possible, I don’t want to step into the large passage, but when thinking about the purpose this time, I have no choice but to go.

「It can’t be helped. Captain-san, if you judged that it’s dangerous, retreat right away」
「That’s right. Everyone, listen! We are heading towards the large passage after this! If you judged that it’s dangerous, retreat right away! Have such intention!」

The unit advances by the captain’s command.

「Here it is」
「Umu. Let’s advance carefully from now on」

We move forward to the large passage.
I look at the surroundings carefully.
There’s no figure of monster.

「There’s no monster here either」
「Umu. From what I heard, this large passage should have a lot of monsters, right?」
「Ah. Such quiet large passage is the first time for me. This is eerie」
「It would be better to advance more carefully」

The unpleasant feeling that I feel becomes stronger.
My instinct is telling me that advancing ahead is dangerous.

「I don’t like this. The unpleasant feeling won’t stop」
「I’m the same too」

The captain breaks into a cold sweat.
Similar sweat streams down my cheeks.
I advance ahead slowly.

A certain thing caught my eyes there.

「This is a cobweb?」
「Is it the Taratect monster?」

It’s a huge cobweb.
Only the nest and the master’s figure is not seen.
This size, I’m sure that the master of this nest has grown into an adult form.

「Is the master of this nest the cause of this abnormality?」
「It might be so. Look at that」

At the place where I pointed, there’s the half-eaten corpse of the Earth Drake caught in the nest.

「Even the Earth Drake is like this. This one might have evolved into the Greater class」

The Taratect species is the species that strength rises tremendously according to the evolution.
The highest rank Queen is Myth rank.
While the newborn child spider is the lowest F rank.
It’s needless to say how big is the change by evolution.

Greater Taratect is the very rare evolution individual.
The strength is B rank that’s near A rank.
When thinking that the Earth Drake is defeated, it’s not strange even if it has reached A rank.

「Can we fight with a A rank monster?」
「It’s impossible. Although it might be possible to subjugate it if you challenge it with the resolution of getting annihilated, such thing can’t be done」
「You are right. We better go back. This is too much for us」
「I agree. It’s better to escape as soon as possible」

The captain’s opinion and mine match.
Both of us nod, and start to leave the place,

A very large chill attacks me.

I catch my breath.
The cobweb that I have turned my back to.
Something appeared there.
I exchange looks with the captain next to me.
I nod and look back slowly.

And, our eyes met.

A spider.
Although it looks like the Taratect species, it’s slightly different.
It’s a black small spider monster that has the hands of sickle.

I realize it in an instant.
This guy is dangerous.
Although I don’t know how it appeared suddenly, anyway, it’s dangerous.
My body becomes stiff because of fear.

Greater Taratect?
Not such level.
This guy is not a simple one.


I come to my senses by the captain’s shout.
I run away at full speed.
The rank is no longer a matter.
I only move my legs desperately to escape from that earnestly.

While wondering how far did we ran, we got out from the large passage.
That guy didn’t chase us even if we look back.

Sighs of relief leak from everywhere.
The captain breathe out once, and began a roll-call immediately.
There was no missing member.

「Let’s get out of the labyrinth immediately」
「Ah. I must contact to my country. We can’t do anything against such monster」

It’s not like they actually fought it.
But, it’s understood at first sight.
That is an outrageous monster.
The reason why there’s a lot of monsters is the monsters are chased by that monster, lost their habitat and overflow the outskirts.
And, the reason why there’s no monster around here is because they ran away from that.

No matter how I think, it’s a monster that surpasses the A rank easily.
It might even be a S rank.
Only Hero-sama and the elites of each country can fight against such thing.
It’s an existence that ordinary people like us can’t do anything against it.

「Zoa Ere」

Someone muttered.

「What is that?」
「It’s that monster. The spider monster that signifies sinister. But, there shouldn’t be such a monster」

Apparently, that monster is a species called Zoa Ere.
However, I have not heard that such monster was generated in the Great Labyrinth.
Did it mutate suddenly from the Taratect species?
It seems to be obviously different from the normal Zoa Ere, so I’m sure that it’s a mutation.
At any rate, we can’t do anything further than this.

After that, we escape from the labyrinth immediately.


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