Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 127

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127 Show me the possibility that a person has

Ah, I was surprised.
When I transfer and return to the Earth Drake storage, there’s a lot of people.
Of course I will feel surprised.
It’s not like I have anthropophobia, but I’m not good at contacting a person.
I was surprised and I stared at the hairy-faced uncle unintentionally.
Ah, I turned off the Evil Eyes just in case.
I hate it when we oppose each other just because our eyes met.

That uncle is quite cool and good-looking. He’s my preference.
If he smile while smoking a cigarette, he seems to look extremely good.
Crap, that is good.
I might chase him and ask him.
Even if I say that, I can’t speak. In the first place, what’s that torture to have me who have a community disease to talk to a person.

However, why did those people come?
Although they suddenly shout something and start running, what is it?
Did they endured to go to the toilet?
I don’t know.

Well, if they overlook me, that’s better for me, so it’s very welcome.
Although I think that I can win even if it becomes a fight, it’s troublesome.

Although it’s a knight-like group that has armor on them, they are not strong.
The strong person is almost as the same as the snake in status.
After I have returned to the upper layer, I have killed several snakes, but the snake was so weak.
I also had the time when I thought that it’s a boss character.
I became very strong.

The strong person is around the snake.
Although the skill was considerably enhanced, still, the status is about the snake.
It doesn’t seem to be my enemy.
Is human being actually weak?
They also looked like knights, so that means they can fight in their own way.
And, with that strength only?
Human being is weaker than I thought.
Although I thought that they can fight against Mother for a certain period of time, they can never do it!

Well, maybe, only that group is particularly weak.
Perhaps, the difference of human being between the strong and the weak is intense in this world.
There might be a “I’m STROOONG”-kun.
Because I also became this strong, so it’s not strange that there is.

If I follow after the people a while ago, won’t I know where’s the exit?
Ah, but that uncle has “Presence Perception”.
If I follow, I can see that I will be found.
I don’t want that.
I don’t want to associate with a person so much.
But, in order to eat delicious cuisine, I have to associate with a person.
Although it’s troublesome, I can’t yield this.

When I buy stuffs in my previous life, I didn’t even make an eye contact with the salesperson.
I will have to learn the language of this world, and various problems lie ahead.

Oh, well.
When things cooled down, I will explore the direction where the people went.
The direction that I go don’t have any monsters recently, so it’s just right.
There’s no need to hurry.
I still can’t be an Arachne.
Even if I go out with a spider’s appearance, I probably can’t enter a town.

When it’s said that whether I can enter a town after becoming an Arachne, I feel that it’s impossible, but that’s the only way at present.
Because the hallucination of “Heresy Magic” only has an instant effect, it’s meaningless.
It’s a wishful thinking of trying to approach human form even a little.

However, those people, why did they come?
Because they are knights, are they a unit of a country somewhere?
Did they come to subjugate something?
Monster that seems to be the target for subjugation around here is the Earth Drake.
Sorry, I have made it into my food.
I don’t think that it will be, but is the subjugation target me?
No no.
In the first place, this is my second time to meet with human beings in this spider life.
I never did anything to the extent that the subjugation corps need to be dispatched.

Ah, but it might be bad if one of them have “Appraisal”.
“There’s a dangerous spider monster, so let’s subjugate it”, it might flow this way.
Because they started running immediately, I was not able to appraise everyone, so there might be a person with “Appraisal”.
After all, should I just chase them and confirm it?
Ah, but I don’t want to associate with people.

Never mind.
It’s troublesome.
Why must I associate with people assertively?
Let me stay as a loner.

In addition, when the time comes, I can just escape with Transfer.
If I escape to the middle layer, of course I can run away from the human beings that don’t have “Fire Resistance”.
I mean, I can escape at the moment I transfer.

Besides, looking at the people’s strength a while ago, it’s doubt whether I need to run away or not.
Although it’s troublesome to associate with people, if they come with the intention to kill me, I won’t show mercy.
Ah, but if I do that, my delicious meal will become distant again.
Kuu, even though I just want to eat delicious meal, why did it become such a troublesome thing.
Ah, no no.

Rather, I should kill them and steal it.
Those people seem to have food too.
Ah, but if it’s such a labyrinth, they won’t have fresh and delicious things.
I’m not glad even if I get an unappetizing preserved food.
To raise the hostility flag with the human being because of that doesn’t worth it.

I should just become the Demon King seriously and rule them.
Then, I can eat delicious things as many as I want every day.
Ah, that might be good.
If I can do such a thing, I won’t have any hardships.
Ah. I want to eat a delicious thing.


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