Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village Battle 8

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Elf Village Battle ⑧


There was a sign that Sensei lost consciousness at the back.
Although the wound is deep, it should not be a fatal wound.

「Anna, Sensei’s treatment」

Because I rushed in a hurry, Anna who pants seem to be worsened, but it can’t be helped.
I observed the state of the front line with “Clairvoyance”.
And, when I saw Yuugo appeared, I rushed immediately.
Although it’s a selfish action disregarding the Elves’ instructions, killing Yuugo here has a big meaning.
And, I want them to cancel my arbitrary act because of that.
In addition, I thought that only Yuugo who I must bring it to an end by my hands.

「Hyrinth-san, please protect Sensei and Anna」

Hyrinth-san consents briefly.
Usually, he would stop me if I fight with the enemy’s general alone.
But, I can’t yield only this time.
I think that Hyrinth-san understood it.

「Then, I will be Yuri’s opponent」
「Katia, Yuri is」
「I know it. She’s the same as me before. I won’t kill her」

Complicated feelings were able to grasped on Katia’s face.
The anger towards Yuugo.
The pity towards Yuri.
Not only that, but Yuri’s appearance might be seen as her former self.
As the body that has been brainwashed by Yuugo.
If something was different, it might be just reverse that stood next to me.

Katia should have an extraordinarily strong thought against Yuugo.
But, she suppressed it, and handed it over to me.
I won’t waste that will.

「Ah ah ah. Not only Oka-chan, but you’re also here」
「Ah, In order to defeat you」
「Ha! How funny. You? Me? There’s no way you can!!」

The pressure that seems to rule this place gushes out of Yuugo’s body.
I appraise Yuugo while holding the sword.

『Human LV61 Name Yuugo Van Rengzand
Average Offensive Ability:3889(Details)+400
Average Defensive Ability:1255(Details)+400
Average Magic Ability:998(Details)+200
Average Resistance Ability:2384(Details)+200
Average Speed Ability:2939(Details)+400
「Automatic HP Recovery LV6」 「MP Recovery Speed LV2」 「MP Consumption Down LV2」 「SP Recovery Speed LV7」 「SP Consumption Down LV7」 「Magic Perception LV3」 「Magic Manipulation LV2」 「Magic God Act LV2」 「Magic Granting LV2」 「Offensive Magic Power LV1」 「Enhanced Destruction LV4」 「Enhanced Slashing LV4」 「Enhanced Blunt LV2」 「Enhanced Piercing LV1」 「Enhanced Shock LV1」 「Heresy Attack LV4」 「War God Spirit LV2」 「Vitality Granting LV2」 「Vitality Attack LV5」 「Sword Genius LV4」 「Throw LV2」 「3D-Maneuver LV2」 「Cooperation LV2」 「Command LV4」 「Concentration LV10」 「Thought Acceleration LV3」 「Prediction LV1」 「Calculation Processing LV1」 「Memory LV1」 「Accuracy LV8」 「Evasion LV8」 「Stealth LV3」 「Silent LV1」 「Odorless LV1」 「Appraisal LV10」 「Conquest」 「Stupefaction」 「Water Magic LV1」 「Thunder Magic LV1」 「Grudge Magic LV1」 「Heresy Magic LV2」 「Demon King LV1」 「Dignity LV2」 「Rage LV4」 「Overeating LV3」 「Greed」 「Lust」 「Destruction Resistance LV1」 「Blunt Resistance LV2」 「Slash Resistance LV2」 「Abnormal Condition Resistance LV3」 「Heresy Resistance LV4」 「Pain Resistance LV7」 「Enhanced Vision LV3」 「Enhanced Hearing LV2」 「Enhanced Smell LV2」 「Enhanced Taste LV2」 「Enhanced Touch LV2」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV3」 「Destiny LV10」 「Magic Well LV2」 「Agility LV5」 「Endurance LV5」 「Herculean Strength LV8」 「Solid LV4」 「Magician LV2」 「Protection LV2」 「Dash LV9」 「Taboo LV9」 「n%I=W」
Skill points:217
「Monster Killer」 「Ruler of Greed」 「Ally Killer」 「Human Killer」 「Ruler of Lust」 「Human Slaughterer」 「Merciless」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Master of Frenzy」 「Conqueror」 「Leading One」 「King」』

Irregular status.
Although it’s low overall, there’s a lot of skills.
The skill points of the halfway figure with odd amount.
This is the power that Yuugo scraped up by “Greed”.
The partly strong skills are probably acquired by the effect of the title.
The skills acquired by the Ruler of Lust and Greed titles would be powerful, and there’s a title called Master of Frenzy that I have never seen before.

And, the one that catch my eyes is the “Demon King” skill.
The “Demon King” and “Hero” skills can be acquired either by using a large amount of skill points or by skill proficiency.
Because Yuugo calls himself as the Hero, I don’t think that he will acquire the “Demon King” skill purposely.
In other words, Yuugo acquired the “Demon King” skill by skill proficiency.

Even I don’t know how to gain the skill proficiency to acquire the “Demon King” skill.
However, it’s said that the “Hero” skill might be acquired if a person take the action that seems like it.
In fact, Hyrinth-san said that he acquired the “Hero” skill by skill proficiency.
In other words, the “Demon King” skill that pairs with the “Hero” probably has the same condition as the “Hero”.
And, Yuugo achieved it.
He has achieved it.

I raise my status by activating “War God Spirit” and “Magic God Act”, and I focus on Yuugo.
In that face, there’s a smile that went mad.
It seems that it’s impossible to go back anymore.

I pointed the sword to such a former classmate calmly.


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