Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village Battle 7

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Elf Village Battle ⑦


「Did it come?」
「Intercept them. Take that out」
「Understood. The number?」
「Take out all」
「Yeah. Scatter that in every direction except the vicinity where Firimes and the Hero are」
「However, isn’t that excessive forces?」
「The cause that the barrier was broken is unknown. And, if my thought is right, it’s lack of forces oppositely」



「What is this?」

I said so instinctively.
There was a strange thing there.

『Impossible to appraise』

This is the second time in my life that the “Appraisal” failed.
The first time is that person.
However, at that time, it was not 『Impossible to appraise』, but it should have displayed 『Appraisal was obstructed』.
In other words, this one in front is an unknown thing that’s the first time in my life to encounter.

Several things like destroyed metal armor fell down in front of me.

“Like” is because it was the shape that clearly doesn’t assume a person to wear it.
There are four arms and four feet.
At this point, it’s strange.
Eight feet!?
Does it respect that person!?

No, that’s no.
Such boorish thing can’t express that person’s beauty.
If this imitated the figure of that person, the contempt is extreme.

However, what on earth is this?
Although it’s destroyed, did it move before it was destroyed?

It’s said that the 「Puppeteer」 title comes to be able to manipulate puppet at will using the “Telekinesis” skill, etc, but is this one kind of the puppet?
The title called Puppeteer itself is rare, and because I have never seen the real thing, I can’t say a certain thing.

However, the things that were destroyed like this scattered here means that there’s someone who passed through here earlier than us.
The person must be the one who destroyed the barrier.
Although interest boils to the puppet that I have not seen before, we should hurry to pursue the person now.

It was really only a chance that I was able to avoid it.
No, I didn’t avoid it.
I only changed my feeling and stood up from the posture of sitting down and looked at the puppet.
I was only saved by the movement accidentally.

At the moment when I stood up while bending my waist, something passed through the front of my stomach.
My body blows off to the back just by the shock.
The position that the something passed was the place where I sat just before, and it’s exactly aiming at the head.


I roll on the ground with the blown off momentum.
The voice that urge withdrawal is also in vain, and my subordinates blow off while bursting blood.
It was exactly a scene according to the word “burst”.

My subordinates’ limbs blow off, and the bodies become hollow.
Whenever something mysterious that can’t be seen passes through, my subordinates die miserably.

I look at the point where the something will come flying.
There was a thing similar to the puppet just now that had not been destroyed yet there.
The something seems to fly out from the strange cylinder shape that’s equipped on the puppet’s arm.

I shoot magic towards the puppet immediately.
I don’t go easy at all.
However, the puppet evaded the arrow of fire shot by me easily.

This is bad.
That puppet is clearly stronger than me.

「All members, withdraw!」

I shout only that somehow.
Although I don’t know how many subordinate survived, anyway, the damage will become more serious than now if we fight that puppet directly.
Although they are foolish apprentices, I want many of them to survive even one person.

And, I will destroy that puppet that took the lives of the apprentices even if it costs this life.

I construct magic.
The foundation of magic that I continued to polish earnestly after I met that person in my lifetime.
Because it’s the foundation, it’s the secrets.
The created arrow of flame is dozens.
I place all of those under control, and shoot it.

The arrows of flame that come flying at high speed.
However, the puppet dodge more than half.
And, the remaining ones that hit directly don’t seem to deal a significant damage.

The defensive ability is high precisely because it imitates the armor.
In addition, the mobility that moves at high speed.
The mysterious attack that’s invisible to my eyes.
It might be strong next to that person among the one that I fought so far.

I go to the puppet’s back.

I construct magic immediately.
I freeze the puppet’s feet.
And, the shock wave by the “Wind Magic” of pursuit.

The frozen Puppet’s feet half break.
Still, it’s half.
But, it’s half.
With this, the mobility should fall considerably.

The puppet’s arms turn back like it ignores the movement of the joints.
At the moment I got startled, I kick the ground and jump sideways.
Because it’s a puppet, something like joints can be tampered in any way.
It can’t be understood until I see it with my own eyes.

The price is my right arm and both legs.
I was not able to finish avoid it.

However, I won’t be defeated for free.
I endure the pain, and construct magic.
I complete the magic before the puppet points the cylinder at me again.

“Hell Flame Magic LV4”, Heat Haze.
The small fireball of the size approximately of the fist.
It hits the puppet’s body.
The effect is instant.
But, the flame burns down everything.

Heat Haze is the magic that compressed the power of enormous flame to small.
The highest rank magic that’s my best forte.
The tough body of the puppet is burnt before the Heat Haze, melt and is destroyed completely.

I did it.
The smile that I had was drawn in the next moment.

In my view, I saw the several same puppets moved.


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