Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village 3

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Elf Village ③

It was a house of the tree that became like a big dining room where we are guided to.

「Here is the dining room as seen. Basically, everyone eats all three meals here」

I look around the dining room.
Somehow, I recalled the camp school that I went when I was in junior high school.

In the interior of the dining room, the four boys and girls that seemed to be former students were cooking in the kitchen part.
Their hand stop when they see our figure.

「Kudo-san, who?」

The boy who speaks with a dubious voice.
Well, Katia and I are armed, and if some strangers appear suddenly, of course he will be cautious.

「It’s Yamada Shunsuke」
「Ooshima Kanata」

So, we say our names quickly.
That will be understood.

「Eh!? Shun and, Kanata!?」

The other three people also turn their eyes to use to the boy’s voice.
Especially, towards Katia.

「Say, no need to guess, I’m the only one who changed in sex?」
「Yeah. There’s no one in here who had their sex changed」

Katia who’s shocked by Kudo-san’s words.
Well, um, what.
Do your best.

「Oi oi. It’s been a very long time!」

The first boy who called out, approaches while taking off the hat.
Although his appearance has changed, I feel a deja vu in that smile.

「Is it Ogi?」
「Yeah. You knew it well」
「A guy who has such a sultry smile can only be you」

I laughed lightly.
Ogiwara Kenichi.
It’s a friend who belongs to the soccer club.
By the way, the reason why I called him Ogi from his family name instead of his given name is because it would be the similar to Yuugo’s previous life, Natsume Kengo name.

「However, Ogi is in charge of cooking? If it’s you, the work outside that uses stamina suits your nature more」
「Ah. About that」

The reflexes of Ogi who belonged to the soccer club was good.
Then, I thought that the outside farming is more suitable for him.

「At the beginning, we changed the management in rotation, but because we understood what we are good at and bad at, the management was fixed. Although Ogi-kun was able to do anything skillfully, I have him turn to be in charge of cooking because there’s only a few people」
「No, although I did cooking for the first time in this world, I’m surprised in my talent」

Ogi who has a triumphant look and puffed up with pride.
Kudo-san’s retort “Don’t get carried away” enters there.

「Actually, when it’s cooking for this number of people, it considerably a heavy labor. That’s why, we are saved to have Ogi-kun who has stamina」
「The taste is fairly limited though」

Ogi who’s being modest while being embarrassed.
Because there’s still work to do, Ogi returned to the kitchen.

We sat on the seat again, and exchanged information mutually.
About Yuugo invading here from us.
The background.
And, the world situation.

We had Kudo-san to tell the life here.
There are 14 reincarnated people here.
In the story that we heard from Sensei in the old days, it was 12 people, so it increased by 2 people.
We had her to tell everyone’s name.

The life here is just as what Kudo-san said a while ago, it seems to be a self-sufficiency life.
They eat the vegetables and the livestock that they brought up by themselves, and the thing that can never be procured is gotten from the Elves.
The daily necessities must be arranged by themselves as much as possible, and the Elves only give the things that really can’t be obtained by themselves.

「This desk and the chairs are all made by our hands」

I looked at the chair that I’m sitting right now instinctively to Kudo-san’s words.
It’s a simple chair that’s made by cutting the tree.

In addition, we had Kudo-san to tell us about the details of living in the Elf Village.
It seemed that Kudo-san was brought into this village when she was young and she can hardly speak yet.
In that case, it’s said that Kudo-san’s parents let go of her while crying.
Kudo-san said that she was bought with money.

「After all, the family where I was born seemed to be extremely poor. Although I was not able to talk, I was able to understand the contents of the conversation. It seems that I was sold with a price that’s considerably higher than selling to be a slave normally」

Kudo-san who ridicules herself and smiles wryly.
Although the others seem to be much the same, there’s the guy who was brought here almost like being abducted when he tried to live as an adventurer among them.
Mostly, when they are young.

It’s said that when they young as the baby, as expected, the Elves have to take care of them.
After that, when one of them can work, they were made to take care of the field and livestock that comes with the Elves’ assistance, and when they grew bigger, the Elves stop providing assistance.

I hear that it was only difficulty in the beginning.
Both farming and livestock raising are heavy labor for the childish body.
That alone was their very limit every day.
It’s said that it was just recently that they have more time.
The body grew up to the extent that it looks like an adult, they acquire some know-how, and work became efficient.
Thanks to that, it’s said that a little time was created.

「It’s a problem about what to do during the free time though.」
「What do you mean?」
「The Elves don’t want us to acquire the skills. That’s why, the monitoring and this living」

Even though it’s their very best to live, the skills of the reincarnated people in here don’t improved much.
Excluding two people.

The two people brought here later seemed to live as an adventurer.
It’s said that they might be late to be caught by the Elves because they moved from place to place.
Because the two people have been an adventurer, their skills are high.

「We have choices. The way that we train the skills stealthily, and the way to spend days in this birdcage in the same manner as before」

Either way, I still want time to think.
But, Yuugo might attack soon.
Kudo-san’s troubled to the information.

After that, we ate together with every reincarnated people.
We enjoyed talking in the reunion after a long time.
We had a long talk to celebrate the reunion alternately in the dining room for almost a day.

But, Kyouya was not among them.


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