Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Because I am a teacher

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Because I am a teacher

I am a weak human.
Ah, because I am an Elf now, it’s a weak Elf.
Anyway, I am weak.

I was a teacher in the previous life.
It was my dream to become a teacher since childhood.
I wanted to become the teacher who can laugh with students.

I didn’t spare the effort for that purpose.
I have dabbled in all the things that the children seemed to be interested in the generation.
Game, manga, novel, and I even searched the internet.
I studied hard of the things that seemed to become the contents of the talk.
Though I was seriously addicted to it slightly.

Like that, I changed my tone, make a character, I’m called as a strange and slightly regrettable teacher, and I became a person who was easy to befriend.
Although the regrettable part is because it’s the part of my true nature, it turn out all right in the end.

But, I thought at the same time.
Is this really good?
Was it really my dream to laugh together with a false self?
But, I was scared that exposing my real self will break the position that I built until then.
That’s why, every day passed while depending on the present conditions.

And, I reincarnated into a different world.

I became panic.
The last thing that I remembered was teaching.
The memory beyond there broke off, and when I realized it, I became a baby.
Besides, the people who looked at me, all have long and sharp ears.

That is the living thing called the Elf, and I understood it immediately from the Otaku knowledge that I accumulated until then.
And, my present state as well.
Different world reincarnation.
I got involved to the thing that became a boom in the internet.

I am weak.
I can’t even live my second life with a defiant attitude like the protagonist who’s suddenly thrown into a different world, and live strongly in the novel,
I was not able to abandoned the fact that I am me.

Like that, it was the thing called teacher that I clung with a confused head.
I am a teacher.
Then, I must think about the students first.
That was my idealized image of a teacher.
And, I had the convenient skill naturally.

『Student List』

It’s probably the unique skill that only I have in the world.
The effect is the present, past and future of the former students who are reincarnated are written down roughly.
If I close my eyes, the list will rise from the depths of my heart.
If I open the list, the previous life names are written in the order of the attendance number, and if I remind of the name strongly, I can inspect the information of the name’s owner.

However, only really simple information that can be inspected by this skill.
The past, this is the record at the moment they are born.
Born somewhere.
Only that is recorded.

The present, the present state of the name’s owner is expressed with a word.
Healthy, sick, fatigue, etc.
The present location, etc, are not known.

And, the future.
In here, the time when the student dies and the cause of the death are written roughly.
Apparently, the time is assumed to be 0 when I was born and it’s written down that 365 days as one year.
And, I was shocked seeing that time.

Most of the students died within 20 years.

When I saw it, I lost consciousness without being able to endure it.
I could not accept the fact, and I escaped from reality while trembling for a few days.

But, the reality doesn’t change.
Time passes even if I can’t look straight at it.
And, I noticed.
The student that has the earliest death time which is written that the student will die when it’s a baby, disappeared silently before I know it.

The blank space in the list.
I had to resolved myself for it after seeing it.
Among the remaining students, 10 people’s death times were within two or three years after birth.

I relied on the thing called skill.
The “Student List” is also a skill, so if it’s this world that has such a mysterious power, I thought that there might be a thing that can do something like Telepathy.
The Otaku knowledge that I searched during my previous life was useful.
I hear the Divine Word comparatively easy, and I succeeded in acquiring the “Telepathy” skill.

Fortunately, my father was Potimas who’s the Patriarch of the Elves.
In addition, normally, a person will doubt the daughter’s sanity if his own daughter speak about the previous life, but Potimas believed in my story easily.
Somehow, it seemed that Potimas has thought that I was different from the beginning.
Although it was a dangerous bet, I won the bet, and Potimas promised the protection of the reincarnated people.

It went well there.
From the past description, I know where the students were born.
If I search around there, it should be fine.
The Skill Search in the Ruler authority that I obtained afterwards was useful.
Unfortunately, there were students who died, but most of the students’ well-being were able to be confirmed.

Sometimes, it was settled with money, and sometimes, I did something not much different from kidnapping.
That is a clear crime.
But, the Elves didn’t hesitate to carry it out.

The Elves also have their own circumstances.
The Elves are aiming at the world without skills as much as possible to oppose the Administrator.
And, the reincarnated people somehow have a large amount of skill points from the beginning, and they seemed to be born with a powerful skill.
If such reincarnated people polish the skills, they will catch the Administrator’s attention, and they might be used for the Administrator’s good.

There was credibility in the story.
The death reason that’s written down in the “Student List”.

『Death by skill deprivation』

It’s still written as the death reason of Shun-kun and Katia-chan.
This reason was written on most students.
By making them living in the environment that can’t develop the skills in the Elf Village now, the death reason decreased.
The future item changes relatively frequent.

But, the one sentence that “this skill was deprived and die” was not changed.
And, the time that it occurs was all the same.
It’s this year.

And, there’s no future description after that.
The description other than the students dying this year becomes blank.
I become scared when I think what it means.
My name is not in the “Student List”.
It’s obvious.
Because I am a teacher.
I don’t know about myself.
But, it’s like that.

The students that died by deprivation of skills are students with a lot of skills.
And, I also have many skills.
Probably, I will die at that time too.
Because I will die, I think that I don’t know what will happen after that.

I am scared.
I don’t want to die.
I also thought about “Skill Erasure”.
But, I can’t let go of the power of the skill until I do something on Yuugo.

In addition, if I erase my skills with “Skill Erasure”, I don’t know what the Elves would do.
“Skill Erasure” means surrendering the power to the Administrator.
If I give power to the hostile opponent, the Elves might become an enemy.
It’s not strange even if Potimas purges me without changing his expression.
If it’s only that, it’s fine, but it might bring harm to the protected students.
The Elves don’t protect the reincarnated people with good will.

Then, there’s only one way.
Perhaps, make the opponent that comes to deprive the skill to defeat the Administrator.
Although I don’t know whether such thing can be done or not, I have no choice but to do it.

Before that, it’s Yuugo.
It’s my responsibility as a teacher that he has turned out that way.
I must take the responsibility.

I open the “Student List” by the name of Natsume Kengo.
It’s written as death in action in the Elf Forest.
I swallow saliva.
I will kill a former student after this.
Although I have prepared for it, still, I come to have a pain in the stomach, and feel nauseated.

Why did it become like this?
I only wanted to become a teacher who can laugh together with the students.

Kudo-chan’s cold glance recalled in my mind.
I understand it.
It became like this because I don’t explain properly.
Although I might not be forgiven even if I explain it, still, I think that a one-sided hostility was not directed to there.

But, I can’t do it.
The “Student List” that saved the life of the students.
There’s one restriction there.
Students’ inspection prohibition.
It’s a curse-like restriction that I can’t tell the information of the “Student List” to a student.
No matter how I explain it, I can’t say anything about the “Student List”.
It’s obvious to spill the existence carelessly.
Besides, the frightening part of this restriction is that it will bring harm to the students who heard it and not to me who said it.
Although I think that it depends on the degree, the worst case, it’s a serious penalty that brings death.
Although I have not tried it, I don’t intend to try it.
I can only remained silent.

Rather, I want to tell everything.
The “Student List” is not perfect either.
When Katia-chan was brainwashed, I was not able to perceive the abnormality, and Shun-kun’s death that was displayed was evaded when we rescue Leston-kun without incident.
Although I don’t know what exactly cause the deviation, I suspect that the Ruler skill might be related.

Then, if it’s Shun-kun who has the Ruler skill, isn’t it fine to tell him?
I have also been driven by the temptation.
But, I can’t tell him after all.
I can’t let him to shoulder unnecessary risk.

At present, the problem is I am only hated.
It’s not to the level that everyone’s dissatisfaction will blow up yet.
Then, it’s one of my work that the teacher is hated by the students.
I will accept it contentedly.
This much is nothing.

It’s a lie.
I am sad.
I am weak.
I am scared.
I don’t want to die, and I don’t want them to die.
Am I right?
Is it not wrong?
I don’t know.
But, there’s no one who I can talk with.
The Elves can’t be trusted.
I can’t tell to the students.

Am I being a teacher properly?
Someone, please tell me.


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  1. RoflCat says:

    Oka-chan ; ;

    I wonder if the 2 adventuring students include the vampire girl?

    • Sylvia says:

      Stress… Isolation… panic and paranoia…

      It’s a miracle she is still sane and functioning, usually this breaks or kills people.

      as for vamp girl… who knows :S I would like to think not since kumoko/shiro(she dat white xD) noticed er and thus gained abit of interest maybe.

      • RoflCat says:

        For the time being at least, she’s still determined to save her students, but cracks are starting to appear in her psyche with how Yuugo went, and with nobody who’s fully on her side (Shun’s neutral on this) such damage doesn’t get healed…worse yet it might even cracks more between Katia’s “I don’t trust you” and the others’ cold attitude.

        Well, as long as there’s little bit of hope left, she’ll persevere, even if by the end of it she would lose all her vigor seen in previous life.

        But the moment the students start dying, or worse if they all rebels against her…that’d be when she breaks.

  2. Kaung says:

    Poor Sensei, she is trying to stop them from learning skill to prevent them from dying. But i think in the long run, this is actually harmful for the students, because even if they don’t learn a single skill, there is that one special skill that every reincarnated people have, and i am guessing they will probably die if that skill got taken out.

    • Anonymous says:

      O’ii o’ii, what do you mean “poor sensei”? There’s no sympathy for those whom override other people’s wills because of their own selfishness.

  3. oe says:

    whoever hated on sensei on the previous chapter, shame on you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I still hate on her, do I get a cookie?
      Just because she feels bad for herself, doesn’t mean what she did was right. The whole “Oh boohoo me my vague sense of self caused me to kidnap my students instead of properly telling them the truth and allowing them to make decisions for their own good boohoo”.

      Sure, she can’t tell them “you’ll die in 20 years”, but she can tell them to keep a low profile.
      It’s that sensei cannot help but feel like “a sensei” that she forced herself to “act for their own good”. She does it more for herself than she does it for them.

      • al sander says:

        If she didn’t act many of them would die in ten years or so as children. And with her skill she can see how they die so I’m sure she could check if anything she says has an affect on the future and no one listens to vague words so the only way to save them was through extreme action.

        I think the ones that lived to 20 she could have tried different ideas but the ones that die as children she didn’t have much options with.

  4. Charles says:

    Poor sensei…

    I knew she had reasons, and damn good ones too

    • Ghost Ape says:

      A study of history suggests that people who actually hold to that philosophy (as opposed to deluding themselves that they do) don’t seem to live long enough to actually tell too many other people that it’s their philosophy.

  5. Theseus says:

    It’s fine, Kumo-sama will fix everything by destroying all life in existence!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Waaaaiiittt.. Wait wait wait.
    Where’s Kumoko in that list?

  7. Soumynona says:

    I like how last chapter everyone was all like “Yeah Yeah sensei is the worst!” There was only one guy who was trying to see it from her perspective. It’s like the author knew these comments would pop up and decided to post a chapter entirely dedicated to getting the readers to side with Oka

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