Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 202

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202 God

《Skill is reduced》
《Status is reduced》
《Title is reduced》
《Skill point is reduced》
《Experience point is reduced》
《D carefully made 『Basic Course of God』 is installed》
《Apotheosis finished. After this, you will not receive any system support. Thank you for your use》

The change happens in me slowly.
That’s the phenomenon called apotheosis that’s fundamentally different from the evolution so far.
The strength guaranteed by the system is lost, and reincarnate into the world only with my own power.
Instead of that, it also means that the limited strength by the system is released.

My soul that became miscellaneous mixes slowly by my will.
My soul divided by the skill called “Parallel Will” is collected into one again.
A part of the Queen and the Demon King’s souls, and the things acquired by experience point, those impurities are slowly digested and absorbed as me.
That’s not the state that’s patching sloppily so far, but it’s the absorption in the firmly true meaning.

All of them end, and it’s reborn to the true me who lost impurities.
And, my consciousness surfaced from the deep sleep.


I open my eyes.
It’s a white wall that comes into view.
In a word, it was something like a cocoon.
When I touch it, it loosens and collapses.
Apparently, this was made of my threads.
It looks like I shut myself in the cocoon while I’m unconscious.

When the cocoon loosens, it was the underground facility that’s same place where I fainted.
I stand up from the cocoon.

When I think that it’s strange, I walk with two legs.
Is it the influence of apotheosis?

I create a mirror with the feeling like the extension of the “Soil Magic”.
I look at the figure reflected in the completed mirror.
The upper body doesn’t change so much.
The eyes only became strange.

In the red eye, there are four small eyes.
What is this?
I try to move each one.
It moves just as wanted.
And, in the eyes reflected in the mirror, many small eyes move around.
Let’s close my eyes usually.
After all, if I use Fluoroscopy, it doesn’t change even if I close my eyes.

Leaving aside the eyes, the problem is the lower body.
I have become a complete human-type from the spider-type so far.
Although I think that this is alright, I have lived as a spider all the time, so it’s somewhat lonely when it disappears.

When I think about such thing, the lower body broke.
Rather than broke, it changed.
The two legs become eight, and the spider-type appeared.
However, the eyes disappear.
When I think about it, I return to two legs again.
It seems to be a variable type.
To be equipped with transformation function, I’m not bad.
When I repeated transformation in amusement, I heard an amazed voice from the side.

「How long do you plan to play?」

Hello, Gyurigyuri.

「It seems that you really have reach the rank of God. I’m really amazed that you do it in this short term」

Well, I wonder if it’s to that extent.
However, what should I do?
I can’t talk even if I become a God because I have a community disease.

A smartphone fell with a plop.

『Hello. It’s the Evil God D who loves everyone』

It appeared.
It’s the worst offender for pleasure.
I understood everything after apotheosis.
This person’s personality is the worst.

『Apparently, Kumo reached the God, congratulations. Saying this incidentally, because you have become a God, I can’t read your mind anymore. So, with that in your mind』

With this, the human rights violation will decrease, Hyahha!
Ah, but the 「Basic Course of God」 is very helpful. Thank you.

The 「Basic Course of God」 has the basic knowledge about God according to the name.
With this, I who have just finished making the debut as God can name myself as one of the Gods.

「D. Did you guide her?」
『Although I only gave a trivial help, it’s her own power that reached God. I don’t particularly do anything』

Yes, a lie!
Even though this person interfered very much, she uttered a lie calmly.

『It’s not a lie. I really did nothing but trivial things. It’s hard even to survive, and to reach the God from there is more than my imagination. That’s why, it’s interesting』

Wasn’t my thought can’t be read!?

『I can’t read it, but I can at least predict it』

What the heck.

『By the way, why don’t you wear clothes?』

Ah, that’s right.
I’m stark naked now.
I produce clothes using the threads.
I put on the underwear, and for the top, I made a robe-like clothes.
Because the lower body flutters, I can transform myself into the spider-type immediately.

『It’s white. How about decorating it a little more?』

Although coloring is probably possible, the default is white when I produce a thread.

『Because you’re a girl, it’s a loss when you don’t care about fashion, you know? 』

Well, it’s troublesome.

「Assuming that fashion, etc are trivial, what will you do from now on?」

To be frank, the aim of becoming a God was accidental, but it has been accomplished.
In other words, I’m equal to the Administrator.
Still, I probably can’t win even if I challenge Gyurigyuri to a fight.
Even if we are equal, the length that we lived is different, and the accumulated experience is different.

The “Appraisal” is impossible.
I’m already the existence that’s disconnected from the frame of the system.
I converted all the power of the skills into the power of the original soul, and have absorbed it.
Therefore, the skills can’t be used.
Well, I can reproduce the thing similar to the skill by magic though.
Because the “Appraisal” has a strong affinity with the system, I probably can’t do it unless I hack into the system once.

That’s why, I don’t know what’s my present strength.
It’s certain that I became strong to the extent that I can’t be compared with the existence in the system by freeing myself of the system.
With this, even if the Demon King comes, I can win. Hyaffuu!

「That talk, can I join?」

When I thought so, the Demon King really appeared.


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