Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 162

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162 Dear Sir or Madam, I moved

My Home completed!
The My Home this time is the desire product that wrapped up the whole forest.
I covered all the forest of around 100 meters in diameter with threads, and remodeled it into My Home.
If it’s seen from a distance, it might look like a huge white cocoon.

Although this was made in one evening, how’s the reaction of the people in the town?
As expected, if I make a nest of this scale, it should stand out.
I see the state with “Clairvoyance”.

I don’t understand.
They haven’t noticed yet?
But, it will be noticed soon, so standby until then.

Because I made such a large-scale nest after a long time, my SP has decreased considerably.
I take out the food stored in the Space Storage and eat.

I think that I should make here as the base, and the one in the Elro Great Labyrinth as a disposal.
Because it can still be used there, it’s like a villa rather than disposal.
If anything happens, I will escape there.
Scary people will chase me, so it’s better to make many bases.

For the time being, I will watch the state of the town while spending my time leisurely.


No one comes.
I understand that there’s a slight uproar in the town.
The hurried figure of the soldiers and the adventurers are seen.
But, although they are hurrying, it’s not the atmosphere that they will sortie.
It looks like they are trying to enhance the monitoring system to wait-and-see.

If such a dangerous monster settles down close to the town, it’s obvious to think that it must be killed immediately, right?
Why are they doing things slowly?
Did they become a peace-loving idiot?

Ah, or if it’s not that, did the yesterday’s mother of the Vampire child say something strange?
Was it lady Seras?
That person and the Vampire child arrived at the town around the yesterday evening.
And, they entered the biggest mansion as expected.
The servants lowered their head, so it seems to be the residents of that mansion after all.
That means she’s the wife of the powerful man in this town.

Wife of a powerful man, high influential voice, saved by the impulse yesterday, I’m a spider, a cobweb appears obviously.
Ah, ha.
It’s a association game.
I can somehow see the outcome.
She spoke eagerly when I leave yesterday, so there’s a possibility that she said something to her husband to persuade him so that I won’t be subjugated.
It seems possible.

It’s still not decided that it will be like that.
I’m sure that now is just at the wait-and-see stage.
It’s the one called the preparation period.
If I wait a little longer, I’m sure that the soldiers or the adventurers will come one after another.
If that happens, Welcome.
I will be exhilarated with the experience points.

It will happen, right?


Three days passed.
As usual, there’s no movement in the town.
The number of soldiers increased in the nearest station to my nest, and the adventurers also come to see the state sometimes.
But, that’s all.
The soldiers don’t take any further actions than watching, and the adventurers also come close to some extent and withdraw.
Why they have to withdraw there!?

Because it can’t be helped, I attacked the bandits nearby and annihilated them.
Because there are bandits who attack wives and children here, it looks like the public order is not so good.
There are some a little distant from the town.
I look for such bandits with Detection, and raid the hideout.
They were delicious.
In experience points and my belly.

However, the taste was bad.
They are smelly.
Although the guy who has the “Odorless” skill was still better, the taste is still bad.
Although the knights who I ate before should have been delicious, it seems that the human taste changes considerably according to the individual.
Well, if it’s me who got used to eating poison, I can endure the smell to some extent.

While I defeated the bandits, levels rose, and my skill points became 5000.
With this, I can acquire a broken skill again!
Even though I get worked up, the necessary skill points increased for some reason.
It’s strange.
Even though the “Charity” skill should be acquired by 5000 points, the number increased to 6000 points before I know it.
Was it my mistake?

By the way, the other broken skills don’t seem to be within my reach.
“Lust” and “Chastity” are 10000 points.
“Wrath” is 15000, “Greed” is 20000, and “Kindness” is 11000.
The funny ones are “Envy” at 50000, and “Humility” at 100000.
Although it’s not as much as “Immortality”, it doesn’t have the intention to let me acquire it.
Ah, I can acquire a part if I have the Vampire child’s skill points.

Well, as expected, it’s tiresome to save to that extent.
Therefore, I acquired the “Demon King” skill instead because it can’t be helped.

Demon King:Every status and every kind of resistance rise』

With this, I’m joining the Demon King.
Well, even if I have this, it’s only a skill, so it has no meaning.

It’s meaningless if the Demon King don’t have the Demon King title.
The skill is only the slightly high ability strengthening skill.
It looks like there are guys who have this skill here and there other than the genuine Demon King.

By the way, the status rose by only 100 each.
No, it’s probably because my base status is too high. Normally, it should be a considerably amazing skill to increase the all of the status by 100.
Besides, the resistances also rise.
If it’s the normal, it’s a cheat skill.
The “Hero” skill that pairs up with it, might have the same effect.

From the humans’ status that I have seen so far, the humans seem to be somehow weak.
The highest one that I have seen so far is the middle-aged magician who was together with the knights, but only the magic status is in 4-digits.
I have never seen a guy who have 4-digits in the status other than him.

When all status +100 comes there, of course it will change dramatically.
Among the weak humans, that alone is enough to be outstanding.
Moreover, if the skill level is raised, the status will grow more.

But, it’s only to that extent.
The effect that I think to be strange becomes an outrageous effect judging from the humans.
It looks like I have become an outrageous monster before I notice it.


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