Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 161

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I changed Sofia to Sophia. Well, it’s something unrelated.

161 Town

A little while after I saved the Vampire child and the mother.
I arrived at a big town on that day.
I mean, when thinking about the distance, it seems to be the town where the parent and child live.
Although the castle is not built as expected, there’s a huge mansion enshrined at the center of the town.
I wonder if that mansion is the Vampire child’s house.
Something like born with cheats and the family is rich.
I’m envious.
Well, it can’t be helped even if I ask for the moon.

Because I can’t enter the town like this, I see the state using “Clairvoyance” in the forest nearby.
It’s big that it can’t be compared with the recent farm village.
The population is around 30000 people.
This is the first time for me after coming to this world to see a proper town.

A lot of people.
Several days can be spent just to look at them.
But, well, let’s search for the target first.

I look around the town briefly.
Oh, fruit store discovered.
No no.
I’m searching for a different thing now.
A-A confectionery!?
Oh, great!
So, even this world has proper confections.
I want to eat it.
No no.
I’m searching for a different thing now.

I search for the target while looking aside.
Found it.
Soldier post.
If it’s a town with such a size, there should be soldiers for vigilance.
The problem is how many is the number of soldiers, and how strong are they.
There are nine soldier post in total.
One at each end of the east, west, south and north, and there’s big one that seems to be the headquarters at the center.
The remaining four are at the midway point of the four directions’ center.

The number is around 40 people excluding the center.
The center is around 100 people.
When I include those who are not there because of patrolling, it’s around 500 people in all.
Is it a lot, or a little?
Although I don’t know that part, in my opinion, they are not delicious.

The soldiers train, patrol, do document works, and various things.
When I see their training results like this, they don’t look so strong, but I can’t say anything about them unless I appraise them.
It would be good if “Clairvoyance” can be used with Appraisal.

And, there are armed people other than the soldiers here and there.
They look like the adventurers at a glance.
And, such people are mostly in the same building.
It’s the building that’s big next to the the mansion at the center of the town.
Is this the adventurer guild that’s essential in the fantasy world?
Certainly not.
No matter how I look at it, it’s not a template organization to that extent.
No, right?

But, when I look into the building where the adventurers enter, half of the first floor is a bar, and the remaining half is like the counter.
It’s the atmosphere like the town hall.
The adventurers line up there, and discuss about something.
There’s a big board where innumerable papers are put up in the wall.
The second floor and the third floor are like the working place of the company.

This is the adventurer guild.
The adventurer guild really exists.
This world is really a fantasy.

It’s that.
The adventurers accept the request, and fight against the monsters, right?
At first, they start from the medical plants harvesting, exterminate the goblins that appeared in village A, and eventually, they will fight against strong monsters.
No, well, I don’t know whether there’s a goblin or not in this world.
It seems to exist.
After all, it’s D’s supervision.

And so, when they became famous adventurers, they can go for a Drake extermination.
Oh, isn’t that the legendary Drake Killer adventurer!
Like that.
Ah, that’s good.
But, too bad.
I’m at the extermination side.

I wonder will a extermination quest be generated if I become famous.
Or, it might have already generated.
I slaughtered the knights in the labyrinth, and destroyed the fort at the entrance of the labyrinth.
It’s not strange even if a subjugation request is listed.

Isn’t that convenient?
That means that the adventurers who have excellent skills will come to defeat me, right?
If it’s the guys who want to kill me, it’s fine even if I attack them back.
I as the bait to lure the adventurers easily.
Isn’t it a good idea?

Then, shouldn’t I settle down in a place somewhere?
Construct My Home in a place that stands out.
Attack the adventurers there.

It might be good.
I mean, isn’t it fine here?
The town is near.
There are adventurers.
There are also soldiers.
Incidentally, because the Vampire child is probably there, I can do the follow-ups when something happened.

After all, I’m concerned about the Vampire child, huh?
However, I hate troublesome things.
Although I hate it, abandoning her when I’m near when something happened is also.
Oh, well.
That time is that time.

First of all, I will make My Home here.
I will go with the course to change my residence when I found a better location while watching the state for a while.
Ah, I wonder if I can secure food around here.
Because there’s a lot of people living in there, doesn’t that means that there’s not much monsters around here?
That means there’s no food.
I guess I have no choice but to go to a suitable place, and catch it.

Although the insufficient things or the future things are uncertain variously, let nature take its course.
Well then, let’s make the home.


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