Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 119

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119 Beam from the eyes! I won’t do it though

Is the scales not done yet?
[Then, replace me]
But I refuse.

It looks like the scale peeling still need some time.
Meanwhile, let’s use the skill points to acquire new Evil Eye.
My level rose 4 times and the skill points have increased to 200, with this, I can acquire the higher rank Evil Eye.
The Evil Eyes that can be acquired at 200 points are

Evil Eye of Lightning(200):Inflicts lightning attribute damage to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Wind(200):Inflicts wind attribute damage to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Earth(200):Inflicts earth attribute damage to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Heaviness(200):Inflicts heavy attribute damage to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Darkness(200):Inflicts dark attribute damage to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Soul Break(200):Inflicts heresy attribute effect 「Soul Break」 to things that enter your line of sight』
Evil Eye of Stupefaction(200):Inflicts heresy attribute effect 「Stupefaction」 to things that enter your line of sight』

It’s like this.
This is the attribute attack-type whereas the Evil Eyes that can be acquired at 100 points were abnormal status-type.
As for the Evil Eyes of the attribute that has bad affinity with me like fire, the points are more higher.

Although the ability of two heresy attributes are nasty, I will pass it again because I will probably learn them sooner or later in “Heresy Magic”.

Then, it will be the attribute Evil Eyes, but I don’t know which to choose.
Although dark is the most compatible, but I don’t want my attributes to be the same.
Although my number of attacks increased a lot now, at the beginning, I only had nothing but thread and poison, so my winning chance disappears when countermeasures of those two are done.
Although I don’t think that effective countermeasures can be done against all of my attacks, still, I think that I should have more attacks.
That’s why, dark is rejected.

Wind, lightning, earth and heavy have remained.
But, what’s the “Evil Eye of Earth”?
How does it work?
I can’t imagine it.
Although I feel like wanting to see it, it seems to be useless against flying opponents.
It might not be like that, but there’s a possibility.
I will pass the earth.

Three choices.
I’m hesitating.

I think that the wind probably shoot a shock wave-like thing to the guy who entered my line of sight.
Then, isn’t it effective to use it as defense?
For example, shooting it to an approaching fireball and offsets it.
Because it’s effective to the thing that entered my line of sight, I’m sure that it’s possible.

The lightning is completely offensive.
It seems to be the highest power among the three.
Does the lightning comes with paralysis?
if it comes with it, then the paralysis rate will increase if I use it with “Evil Eye of Paralysis”.
The possibility of no paralysis seems to be higher though.

Heaviness is probably gravity.
This one looks like a continuation-type whereas the others are single-shot attack-types.
I think that it raises the opponent’s gravity.

I’m hesitating because there are merits in all of them.

Yosh, I decided it!

《Currently you have 200 skill points.
The skill 『Evil Eye of Heaviness』 can be acquired by spending 200 skill points.
Do you want to acquire it?》


《『Evil Eye of Heaviness』 was acquired. Remaining skill point 0》

The one I chose after hesitating is “Evil Eye of Heaviness”.
I choose this because I thought that I can obstruct my opponent’s movement if I use this.
My opponent’s movement is slowed with “Evil Eye of Heaviness”, weakened with “Evil Eye of Curse” and completely seal my opponent’s movement with “Evil Eye of Paralysis”.
The Evil Eyes triple play is completed here!

Thus, I made the Evil Eyes to stop my opponent’s movement.
My other weapons are comparatively enhanced.
When the time comes, I can just acquire a suitable magic skill at 100 points.

Isn’t that better?
Although I’m very obsessed with the Evil Eyes, my status is a magic specialized status, right?
Isn’t it better to acquire magic skills?

Of course not.
I will keep it that way.
It’s not because I yearn to deploy 8 Evil Eyes at the same time.
It’s not that case.

Well, either way, I will save my points for a while.
I don’t know how many points I will get in the evolution bonus.
I will change the correspondence a little according to the amount.
If it’s a lot, I might put skills that need a lot of points like “Sloth” in my list.

Well then.
The reason why I chose “Evil Eye of Heaviness” is not only because it has an advantage in combat.
With the meaning to test it, Evil Eye activate!

[Gue. What are you doing, Information-in-charge!?]
I tried putting gravity on myself.
[It’s heavy!]
I thought of what am I lacking of? And, that’s muscle!
[This guy started to talk]
That Z Fighters train with many times of gravity, and they obtain the power to be able to defeat the approaching powerful enemies! (TL note: Dragon Ball)
[Ah. Although I understand what you are saying, it’s a hindrance while I’m scale peeling]
There’s no meaning if you don’t accustom it.
{Sounds good, do your best, Body-in-charge!}
〈Aim to overcome the 1000 times gravity!〉
[I’ll die!]

Thus, it was decided that gravity will always be applied on myself.
It looks like this Evil Eye has the effect as I thought.
Raise the gravity of the thing that enters my line of sight.
If I continue to apply this on myself regularly, I’m sure that the Evil Eye’s skill proficiency and my physical status will increase.
If things go well, the “Herculean Strength” skill might rise.

Although it’s only a little heavy now because it’s still level 1, it will become a considerable burden if its level rises.
If I release my gravity during battle, I can do a limiter release.
Sounds good.
At that time, I want to shout 「Restriction Release!」 by all means.
My voice won’t come out though.


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