Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 118

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118 The meaning of killing a Dragon

Now, skill skill.
The proper confirmation of skill is important.
Really important.
Why, you say?
It’s because I didn’t noticed the resistance endowment of the “Universal Thread” so far!

It’s that.
I’m an idiot.
Why did I overlook such an important thing?

One of the effects of “Universal Thread”, the resistance endowment is as its name, the effect of my resistance-type skills can be endowed to the thread.
In other words, “Fire Resistance” can be endowed.
It’s no use even if I endow abnormal condition-type resistance like the “Poison Resistance”, etc, but if I endow something like “Acid Resistance”, it will become very strong like the frog.

I found the resistance endowment accidentally when I checked the skills again some time ago.
Yes, I was surprised.
I was surprised that it has such an effect and the careless me who overlook it.

Ah, the thread will have more turns if I found this effect a little earlier.
Even if I say that, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s easy to burn even with the “Fire Resistance”, so its highlights won’t increase dramatically.
If you ask me whether it’s a help or not, it’s probably a help.

I should confirm the newly acquired title and skill now.

As expected from the Dragon.
I never thought that I will get a title just by defeating one.
Now, how’s the effect?

Dragon KillerAcquisition skill 「Destiny LV1」「Dragon Power LV1」:Acquisition condition:Defeat a Dragon species:Effect:An increase in damage when the opponent is a Drake or Dragon species:Explanation:The title presented to those who defeated the Dragon species』

It looks like the higher rank of “Drake Killer”.
The skills are also similar.

Destiny:A bonus of skill level×100 is added to the HP. And, a growth correction of skill level×10 is added when level up』
Dragon Power:Dragon’s power is temporarily gained』

I did it!
The skill that made up for my low HP was obtained!
Although I’m not so weak thanks to “Patience”, having HP is better after all.
I might use my MP like this time too.
Ah, but because the level up this time was earlier. it’s slightly a waste to level up for 4 levels.
If the title acquisition came earlier than the level up, I would be more happy with the growth corrections.
Umumu, well, it can’t be helped.

I wonder is the “Dragon Power” the evolved skill of “Drake Power”.
If it’s so, then, I must verify how much is the difference from “Drake Power” later.
This is important.
Very important.
Although “Abyss Magic” was used without trial because I didn’t have the time to test it, it’s important to confirm the skill’s effect after all.

“Abyss Magic”, huh?
Although I want to test the magic above level 2, the power of this magic is not a joke.
Even the level 1 magic can change the terrain, you know?
Really, what will happen if the level rises?
The MP consumption is also enormous, so it’s not a magic that can be used casually.
Even if this place is huge, as long as here is the labyrinth’s underground, if I use “Abyss Magic” poorly and the labyrinth collapse, I will suffer from it.

At present, even the level 1 has an outrageous power, so it’s a little scary to try the one above it.
I think that I will seal the magic of “Abyss Magic” that are higher than level 2 until I escape from the Elro Great Labyrinth unless a formidable enemy that can’t be defeated with Hell Gate appeared.

Next, some skills evolved and derived.
“Probability Correction” is derived from “Evasion” and “Accuracy”.
“3D-Maneuver” evolves into “Space Maneuver”.

“Probability Correction” is the one that the eel had.
Well, this is as expected because I saw the eel’s skill composition.
Because “Evasion” and “Accuracy” have reached max level, I just need to raise “Probability Correction” now.
If I do that, my evasion and accuracy will be raised.
This skill also seems to improve luck.
I will pray for a moment.
I want to live a little more peaceful life.

I think that I’m interested in the “Space Maneuver” that’s the evolution of “3D-Maneuver”.
Let’s see.

Space Maneuver:Possible to move freely in every space』

It’s somehow an amazing explanation, but I don’t understand.
Every space?
Like the air?
Can I do a double jump?
This also will be confirmed later.

When the skill evolved, it becomes more usable.
A disappointing skill might evolve and improve unexpectedly, so “Space Maneuver” might be a good skill.
My strategy seems to expand more if I can double jump.

I think that’s all.
My skills have powered up considerably.
But, if only my level rose one more.
A further leap would be possible.
It’s so close.




「A Dragon perished? The place is Elro Great Labyrinth, huh? Is it that guy? No, it’s different. That guy consents to anti-war. That guy will never move. Then, what? Administrator Authority activate. … What’s this? A Ruler? Furthermore, it’s 3? What is this? I don’t know such thing like Wisdom. Being able to do such a thing, is it D? But, why? What is this skill? … It’s necessary to confirm it」


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  1. HapUgMata says:

    thanks for the chapter…

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    Could this be kuro? The kuro that drives our heroine into the life of a maou for yet unspecified reasons.

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      Space Maneuver is fine, I guess. As long as it means that she can move in any space

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          Therefore, it would make sense if you get Drake killer after defeating 20 drakes since they are more powerful, then Drake slaughterer after defeating 50, the next one after defeating 100, Dragon killer after defeating one (Since it’s a boss type), Dragon slaughterer after defeating half of them, and Dragon whatever after defeating all of them. (I’m guess since they have names there are a set number of them, could be mistaken)

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