Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 107

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107 Master of the flame sea ①

Now that I know that even the eel can’t defeat me, there’s no one that can defeat me in this middle layer!
Ah, excluding Mother.
There’s no way I can win against such thing.

But, the eel was actually outstandingly strong in this middle layer, so there’s no monster that can be my enemy in the middle layer.
Although it might be a different story if it’s the lower layer, the greatest enemy in the middle layer is the terrain, so the monster’s strength itself is not that much.
If it’s the catfish class monsters, there are here and there, but there’s not much when it comes to the eel class.
I mean, there’s only the eel.

Isn’t it impossible for me to lose anymore in the middle layer because I can defeat the eel easily?
Therefore, I decided to hunt assertively at the lake of magma.
If I can paralyze the eel, the win is mine already, so victory is decided at the moment when most of my opponents were paralyzed.
In the present condition that Spider Thread can’t be used, it looks like acquiring “Evil Eye of Paralysis” is right as a new restriction means.

Speaking of Evil Eye, although my skill points increase because I leveled up, I decided to save it without acquiring a new Evil Eye this time.
It’s also because the remaining lineup of the Evil Eyes became doubtful.
The might be a self-destruction, Evil Eye of ruin.
The mass production of uneatable parts, Evil Eye of Petrifaction.
Because I have the “Heresy Magic”, acquiring the heresy-type Evil Eyes have become meaningless.

That’s why, I’m saving now to acquire higher rank skill.
Actually, I have decided what skill to acquire.
Ah, I’m looking forward to acquire this.

I advance through the lake triumphantly.
But, since the first eel, the monsters doesn’t attack me.
Everyone conceal themselves in the magma.
Did I overdo it?
The spider that defeats the eel easily that’s the boss class in the middle layer.
If I’m a monster that inhabit in the middle layer, then I definitely won’t attack.

Does this means that I have done it?
I can’t do anything from here when they are shutting themselves in the magma.
Well, it can’t be helped.
Although I want to gain experience points and raise my level, they have their own life.
If they attack me, I won’t show mercy on them, but I will overlook them if they stay indoors.
Be grateful, okay?

I think about such thing and advanced further, but my Danger Perception is reacting.
I search the cause of the danger signal using the other perceptions.
Found the pertinent individual.
An approaching huge sign of fish confirmed under the magma approximately 100 meters of distance and water’s surface approximately 30 meters bottom.
This is bad.
It’s obviously bigger than the eel.
There’s a monster of the length twice of the eel.

This is a little bad.
Body in Charge, Magic in Charge, prepare to intercept.
[We don’t escape?]
{The footing is bad, so shouldn’t we escape?}
Ah, although I really want to do that, the other side doesn’t wants to let me go.

I wonder does that monster has such a skill, because the other monsters position themselves to block my escape route.
I should take it that it doesn’t wants to let me go.

[Isn’t this dangerous?]
This is dangerous.
{Judging from the monsters positioning, it seems to be highly intelligent}

And, that guy came out from the magma in front of me slowly.

『Elro Genesoka LV17
Average Offensive Ability:1999(Details)
Average Defensive Ability:1876(Details)
Average Magic Ability:1551(Details)
Average Resistance Ability:1528(Details)
Average Speed Ability:1657(Details)
「Fire Drake LV9」 「Reverse Scale LV2」 「Automatic HP Recovery LV2」 「MP Recovery Speed LV1」 「MP Consumption Down LV1」 「SP Recovery Speed LV3」 「SP Consumption Down LV3」 「Flame Attack LV5」 「Enhanced Flame LV3」 「Enhanced Destruction LV2」 「Enhanced Blow LV4」 「Cooperation LV5」 「Command LV7」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Probability Correction LV8」 「Presence Perception LV4」 「Danger Perception LV7」 「High-speed Swim LV7」 「Overeating LV8」 「Blow Resistance LV6」 「Heat Nullity」 「Constitution LV1」 「Agility LV8」 「Endurance LV9」 「Herculean Strength LV1」 「Solid LV1」 「Magician LV4」 「Protection LV4」 「Dash LV5」
Skill points:11250
「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Leading One」』

It’s a Drake that appeared there.
It’s a genuine Drake that has a drake-like form more than the eel.
Seeing the skill composition, it’s probably the evolution form of the eel.
It’s hard to say that this guy is a fish.
It’s a genuine Fire Drake.

This is a dangerous guy.
Although it’s still better than the Earth Dragon or Mother, it’s still strong.
Can I win?

The “Reverse Scale” is a higher rank skill of “Dragon Scale”, and the effect simply rises.
Although I didn’t mind it before, the “Dragon Scale” has the effect of weakening the magic power by interfering the magic formula composition.
If it’s the eel’s scales, it can’t interfere my magic because I have “Magic Extremity”, but this Fire Drake’s “Reverse Scale” might be able to obstruct my magic.

There’s also the combo of “Accuracy” and “Probability Correction” that tormented me in the eel’s case.
Moreover, “Evasion” joins there too.

Furthermore, it’s fully loaded with the fire attribute attack that’s my weakness.

And, the most troublesome one is the “Cooperation” and “Command” skills.

The monsters that came out from the magma one by one were caught by my Detection.
“Cooperation” and “Command” have the effect as shown in their name.
“Cooperation” increase the ability to cooperate, and “Command” has the effect of accompanied by subordinates.
Both skills come from the title 「Leading One」, but this title is also a tricky thing.
This title has the effect of raising some of the subordinates’ status.

I who’s completely surrounded by a crowd of monsters.
The Fire Drake who leads it.
The battle of the spider and the Fire Drake group, begins.


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