Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 106

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The author added parentheses to the Parallel Will Kumokos.
[]= Body in Charge
{}= Magic in Charge
Information in Charge is herself.

106 Eel again

Here is dangerous.
In front of me is a lake of huge magma spreads out all over.
And, there’s no path.

Did I take the wrong path?
I thought about it, but this middle layer is a wide and big passage that continues for a long time.
Because the width is around 1 kilometer, it feels wrong to call it as a passage.

So, I must cross this lake of magma in order to advance ahead.
Fortunately, although there’s no path, there are small islands at some places.
It’s possible to jump from island to island if it’s with my jumping power, and the worst, I can even advance on the ceiling.

Although it’s possible to break through because it’s me, isn’t it impossible for human?
After all, the human’s limit is the upper layer.
I think that it’s impossible to capture this labyrinth that has the area of the scale more than Hokkaido.
A person must have the power of the legendary class like the Hero.
Though I don’t know whether there’s such thing or not.
A handsome young man liked by the Administrator might get such special powers unexpectedly.
Uwa, that’s unfair.
If there’s such thing, then give it to me too!
It’s not good?, I see, that’s obvious, right?

I escaped from reality for a moment.
What I said that it’s possible to break through is only crossing over this magma.
What’s dangerous here is that a lot of monsters lurk here.

This lake of magma is wide and the depth is considerably deep.
The depth is around 200 meters.
If the magma gets clogged up that much, won’t it cool down and harden?
Although I think of it, this huge lake is actually formed here.

And, in that deep and wide lake, there’s a lot of monster.
It’s good if it’s a small fry, but there are dangerous ones mixed among them.
There seems to be a sign of eel within the range of my detection here and there.

This is dangerous.
Although I want to ignore the monsters and advance, from my experience so far, I seem to get involved in such dangerous zone.
The footing is bad.
There’s no escape.
If I fall, I will die.
Countless formidable enemies.

I can’t get tired of it.
I can’t get tired of this.
My Danger Perception is reacting strongly.

But, I can’t advance ahead unless I break through here.
Really, what is this labyrinth?
It doesn’t have the mind to let me capture it, right?
The God says, I’m destined to die here.
Administrator, is it your act!?

Let’s go.
In the way that combat is avoided as much as possible.
Strategy: let’s advance further, Change to treasure my life.

Thus, I jump to the nearest island first.
Land splendidly.
An eel that appears from the bottom.


However, it’s still not the time to panic!
Although the eel is a formidable enemy, the current me should be able to defeat it!
But, should I escape from here for safety?

Body in Charge, Magic in Charge, what do you think!?
[The footing is small and it’s hard. One vote to escape]
{Agreed. There’s no need to fight purposely on a disadvantageous field}
Yosh, let’s escape!
[Yes Sir]
{I will support}

Therefore, I will escape!
Although I thought about it, the eel’s state is strange.
Even though it should have notice my existence, it doesn’t try to attack me at all.
No, it stiffens in its attacking posture.

[Information in Charge, isn’t this paralysis?]
Ah, that’s it!
That’s right.
When I became level 5, I acquired “Evil Eye of Paralysis”.

Although I thought that I was going to pick “Evil Eye of Extinction” or “Evil Eye of Petrifaction” at first, I stop after all and pick “Evil Eye of Paralysis”.
The reason is because I have experience the paralysis myself, and I noticed how dangerous was it.
That’s dangerous.
It’s impossible to move.
Because of that, I was almost dead, or rather, I died in HP.

The “Evil Eye of Extinction” is good if I take its offensive ability, but judging from “Corrosion Attack”, it’s scary that it seems to damage myself.
In addition, I can’t eat if I use it on a small fry because the corpse doesn’t remain.

The reason of “Evil Eye of Petrifaction” is also the same.
As expected, I can’t eat stone.
Besides, I know that petrifaction is certainly troublesome because I was harmed by the petrifaction lizard before, but it needs time to show its effect.
Although petrifying a part of my opponent’s body is certainly an unpleasant effect from the opponent’s point of view, but it’s not an advantage for me.
Stopping a part from being use. If it’s like that, then paralysis that can stop the whole body is better.

Thus, the second Evil Eye was decided to be paralysis.
This is also the same as the “Evil Eye of Curse” that it consumes MP while activating it.
But, even if I activate both at the same time, it’s rather a positive income and expenditure by the effect of “Magic Extremity” and “Satiation”.

Ah, about the “Satiation” stock, it has been understood that automatic recovery is also stocked naturally.
Thanks to that, my HP is saved up little by little.
Though the HP is hard to recover because of the heat damage.

Because my MP recovers very fast, I use it as much as possible.
Because there’s a skill called “Magic Combat Act” that raise the physical ability temporarily by consuming MP, I tried circulating magical power in my body and the skill was acquired comparatively easy.
This also is activated continuously now.
“Fighting Spirit” that has the same effect but consumes SP instead of MP is activated sometimes after I consult with my SP stock.

As for magic, Magic in Charge activates continuously centering on “Shadow Magic”.
Though she’s firing “Poison Magic” towards the eel now.
The eel receives the poison while paralyzed, the curse reducing its HP slowly, and it died in the end.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Zoa Ere LV6 has become LV7》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thread Talent LV3』 has become 『Thread Talent LV4』》
《Skill points gained》

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Zoa Ere LV7 has become LV8》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill points gained》

Because it was wasteful to let my precious meat sink, I manage to raise it up to the land using the thread.
I change the thread that caught fire quickly and pull it like this, “take, change, pull, change”.
This might be more harder than a battle.

I didn’t thought that the eel that I had a hard fight last time can be killed this easily.
I really became incredibly strong.


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    《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
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