Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 25

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Blood 25 Although I who have encountered an engagement annulment event is like a heroine, because I don’t have the memory of being bullied, what should I do?

Eight years passed.
An instant eight years.

Although I was uneasy every day whether I can get on with it or not when I start to go to the academy, if the result was only said, I somehow did it.
I was a cheat specification.

Only I was excluded in the magic mock battle class.
The opponent was the teacher.
Moreover, it’s without going easy.
Before beginning 「Please go easy on me. Seriously」, and in accordance with those words, I wait-and-see for a while and noticed it.
Thus, I attacked the teacher back with the really-going-easy magic.
It seems that the teacher is a person of the Marquis house, and was first class as a magician.

Even in the sword class, it was the same.
At first, because the sword swung by the teacher was too slow, I thought that it was either a feint or trap, but it seems to be a full power blow.
Thus, it was ended when I sent the practice sword flying lightly.

It’s not because both the teachers are weak, but it seems that I’m the only non-standard.
Then, how about Ariel-san and Master who can easily handle me?

To be honest, there was nothing to learn in the academy on the combat side.
The ones learned in the academy are knowledge and etiquette, is it?
In the academy where most are nobles naturally has the etiquette being taught.
The etiquette of me who seems to have became half wild while continuing to travel was reformed thoroughly here.
Thanks to that, I came to be able to behave similar to the noble if it’s only judging from the appearance.

And, the order is regularly given by Master.
The order that comes with the letter is 「Raise the skill level of 〇〇」 or 「Raise the status to more than “Number”」.
Because I don’t know what will she do if I don’t achieve it, I cleared everything desperately.
Is it a lookout? Because that white spider is in my private room of the dormitory, I can’t be idle.

I went to the academy for eight years, and I have the other party who I can speak with.
The first is Wald.
The young master of the Duke house who was the same class as me at the first year.

He of the orthodox school prince character had support me who’s a commoner lacking of various common senses many times.
We get along well while I teach him magic in return.

The second person is the teacher, Jigris-sensei.
It’s the teacher who was beaten completely by me in the magic mock battle.
He appears suddenly when I was teaching magic to Wald, and since then, he participated in my magic course.
Although he always looked sluggish, it seems that it’s because he used his sleeping time to research magic.

The third person is Kara.
He’s the boy who has the Duke rank similar to Wald, and the relation of a rival is built with Wald.
While getting associated with Wald, the contact with me becomes many naturally, and we got along well before I know it.
Unlike Wald who has a sincere personality, he’s slightly gaudy, but the fact is he’s a hot-blooded character.

The fourth person is Nitara.
Although he’s born in a Earl house, it seems that his older brother is the Army Commander, and the younger brother Nitara has the similar talent in magic with his older brother, so it seems that he’s a promising man with outstanding talent.
I was surprised that he proposed a magic match suddenly in the first meeting.
After doing it lightly, he joined my magic course.

The fifth person is Shivy.
He’s a boy of the Baron house, he shows greed in power, and he approached me to be my apprentice.
Shivy’s house just became the Baron, and if he can’t succeed to be in the Demon King Army in the future, it seems that his house will fall quickly.
So, he lowers his head even to a commoner who doesn’t have a rank, and he has the stubbornness to not choosing the means.

Only boys completely.
Moreover, everyone is beauty.
Because of that, I’m seen with jealous glances from the girls, and they exclude me from being a friend.

Because of that, a problem occurred in front of me now.

「Felmina, I will annul the engagement with you!」

Wald declared toward a schoolgirl.
Felmina-san is Wald’s fiancee, and she’s the daughter of the Marquis house.

「Can I hear the reason?」
「Do you not understand?」

I don’t understand.
Why am I called to such a location?
And, why not only Wald, but the other handsome guy army is here?

「Your repeated bullying on Sophia, no, attempted assassination. The evidence has already turned up」

Bullying? Assassination?
What are you saying?

「Sophia, it’s certain that this sweet is gotten from Felmina, right?」
「Ah, yes」

What Wald is holding is certainly the thing that I receive from Felmina-san.
It’s the thing that has been passed to all the girls in the class, and I also received it by obligation.
Somehow, after it’s passed to me, Wald collected it from me, but what’s wrong with that?

「A large amount of poison was detected from this sweet. If Sophia eats this, she might have died」

Well, because I have the Abnormal Condition Nullity, such thing like poison won’t work on me though.

「In addition, the recent large explosion in the class. That is also your act, right? You pretend that it’s an accident and tried to kill Sophia. Although it ended with slight injury because Sophia got out of the explosion range on a hair’s breadth, if she’s at the center of the explosion, what would it become?」

Eh, the recent magic outburst in the class?
Although I avoided it instinctively, even if I don’t avoid it, it won’t become a significant damage, you know?
Even though if the limbs are not torn off, it doesn’t count as an injury, so it’s exaggerated.

「There’s a lot of incidents that you were involved other than these. All of the evidences have been turned up. Do you still want to make an excuse?」

Wald throws a bunch of papers to Felmina-san.
The complexion of Felmina-san who saw it turns pale.

「Your father calls. The incident will be told there」
「No way, no way! Why is it that lass!?」
「Because I don’t understand…it」

Eh, huh?
Did it end?

After that, Felmina-san left the academy.
Although the incident happens somehow in the place where I don’t know and it’s settled arbitrarily, I wonder if this is good?


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      She is doing much better compared to how her previous school life was.
      Wonder if she will ever think that meeting “Master” was a good thing haha.

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        God forbid, I don’t want 30 chapters about Hot Topic, but I also don’t see the point in bothering to gloss over her when everything is skipped.

        If the author wanted to joke around, that could’ve been in a much shorter format.
        At least it’s not like the “S” series, which became stagnated a long time ago.

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