Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 24

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Blood 24 Enrollment

The children of the Demons go to the academy when turning five years old.
Because I’m exactly five years old, the condition is met.
The period of going to school is from 5 to 15 years old.
After graduating from the academy, the students go to the so-called university in the Earth, and become independent and pick the course.
The people who go to the university is a little, and it seems that most will get some jobs.
The ratio of the nobles in the academy that I will go is high, and at the same time as graduation, most will get a job as a noble.

The noble rank sequentially from the top is Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron. These five stages.
The one called royalty doesn’t exist.
This is because the top of the Demons is the Demon King, and it’s chosen regardless of the rank, so the royalty doesn’t exist even if there’s a king because there’s no heredity system.
I hear that although there are the children and the kin of the Demon King from generation to generation, they are not called as the royalty and most of them are settled as the Duke nobles.

A lot of the people who have the Duke rank are related to the past Demon King.
Although there’s also faint connection of the Marquis and the Earl with the past Demon King, it seems to be interesting to try searching the history of the house’s history.

On the contrary, when it’s the Baron, many rise from the commoner, and the relation to the past Demon King is mostly lost.
Power is everything, I won’t say up to there, but the Baron rank is comparatively easy to be obtained when the Demon is powerful.
Though it’s also easy to lose it.
The rank obtained by power can be revoked easily if power is lost.
Even if the person is excellent in the present age, it will fall easily if the person do a bad job after the next era.
That’s the common sense of the Demon nobles.

So, even the Duke house might fall if it’s not powerful.
Power is not only the combat ability.
Assets, influence, political strength and military force. These are also power.
The Duke house can’t be change unreservedly like the Baron house is because such power is saved up throughout generations.
If even that is lost, it’s impossible to escape from the fall.

I was taught about the knowledge of the Demon nobles by Ariel-san like that, and I enrolled into the academy.
I’m treated as the midway admission, and I was made to sit for an examination for the admission.
This examination is the one to measure my present knowledge, combat ability, etc, and I hear that even if the result is bad, I won’t drop out.
So, I can take it comfortably.

The written examination was scattered by the subject.
I should arithmetic able to solve the arithmetic because I have studied up to the high school in the Earth.
The linguistics is also the same. Because I was taught the way of reading and writing by Ariel-san strictly while traveling, there’s no problem. (https://www.thisnation.com)
The Human language and the Demon language are perfect.
But, because I didn’t know the problems in the history, I can’t solve it.

The practical skill was easy.
First of all, because the kind of magic that can be used was asked, I answered honestly.
The magics that I can use are water, ice, shadow, dark, wind, and thunder.
As for the water and ice, I can use the high rank magic.
Because it can be said that the dark is the higher rank of the shadow, this means that I can use three kinds of high rank magic.
It’s the result of continuing Master’s seeing, learning, and teaching for four years during the travel.

Because the teacher who’s in charge of the examination turned a dubious glance, I showed my magics there.
Because it’s not good to create damage to the surroundings, I control it so that damage wouldn’t be created.
As a result, my magic skill was admitted.

Although I took the examination of close combat, I passed when I activated the Magic Combat Act and the Fighting Spirit somehow.
I didn’t do anything though.
What’s with the examination that sees the ability doesn’t see anything?

At any rate, I enrolled safely.
Because it’s the academy where the nobles go, there are not too much of people who enrolled in one academic year.
Roughly about 100 people, and it’s divided into three classes.
The first several years disregard the ability, and it seems to be a completely random class division.
Because I enrolled midway, it’s decided that I will enter the class with the lowest number of people.

「This is Sophia Keren-chan who will become your friend from today. Everyone, please get along well」

The teacher’s introduction is done.
There’s a lot of glances of small children.
When thinking about it, they are the same age as me, so everyone was children.
After all, my surroundings are always older than me so far.
Although Master is the same age, the appearance comes first.

After the teacher left, I was attacked with questions by the small children.
Because everyone talks as they please, I can’t catch what are they saying.
Even if I have the Enhanced Five Senses, if they talk to me at one time, I can’t deal with it.

「You all, have a little composure as the nobles」

The one who saved me who was being crushed is The Ouji-sama with blue eyes and blond hair.

「I’m the Duke house, Wald K Atmos. If there’s anything, you can rely on me」

Even though he’s a child, he’s reliable.
He’s blind to his shortcomings.
Even if I’m like this, my inside is a former high school student.

After that, I had a question and answer session with the children who were made to line up by Wald.

My setting is the apprentice of a certain person who traveled the world.
That person has infiltrated the Humans territory for many years, and returned home on this occasion.
I was taken along with that person and returned home at the same time, such a setting.
Because “a certain person” is important, and it’s expected that the identity must not be revealed.
It’s actually Maou-sama, so it’s not wrong.

Although the children asked about the identity of “a certain person” persistently, there’s no way that I can answer it.
The next one that they get into is the commoner.
As soon as I said that I’m a commoner, the air of despising is made.
But, some children strengthen their vigilance oppositely.
Somehow, it seems that there are hardly any commoners in this academy.
And, the commoners who can enroll to such an academy, mostly have prodigious talent.
I don’t have such a talent though.
What a place you made me to enroll, Ariel-san.

When I think about the things in the future, my stomach seems to hurt, but I started my academy life while being surrounded by the small children.


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