Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 15

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Blood 15 Announcing the little girl abuse warning officially

I-I will die.
I will seriously die.
It’s only one day since I begin to act with Ariel-san and Shiraori.
I was about to die on the first day.

The cause was Shiraori.
When it’s the time to depart in the morning, she stopped Merazofis when he was going to hold me up in his arms.
Saying only a single word, 「Walk」.
Even if Merazofis asks for the reason, she doesn’t answer.
She handed over a bottle with red liquid to Merazofis instead.
The contents might be blood.

I heard a little from Ariel-san about the Vampire.
Because I seemed to be a True Ancestor, it seems that I have overcome the weakness as the Vampire.
That’s why, even if I’m shined by the sunlight, I will be alright even if I don’t drink blood.
But, Merazofis is different.
Although Merazofis seems to also be special among the Vampire, he will receive damage if he’s shined by the sun, and if he doesn’t drink blood, it’s impossible to live.
Because it seems that he receives the damage to the extent that a normal Vampire will die just by the sunlight, I think that Merazofis is fairly better when compared with it.
According to Ariel-san, because a skill called 「Automatic HP Recovery」 is acquired when becoming a Vampire, the damage can be offset even if staying on the outside if the person wear the garments that suppress the exposure of skin and a hat.

Therefore, Merazofis wears the white hat that Shiraori made.
Because his clothes worn originally were torn by yesterday’s riot, Shiraori made a white shirt and a white trousers. He’s now in a white appearance.
The Vampire has a dark image though.
Merazofis who became brilliant white similar to Shiraori stands out very much holding a red bottle.
It was not my mistake in vision that his face became slightly stiff when he receives the bottle.

What surprised me is when we depart, the tent, tableware, etc, were stored completely in a different space by Shiraori.
Although I heard that the Space Magic is considerably valuable, Shiraori used it casually.
Even though she’s said to have died twice, the reason why she’s alive might be this.
She might have pretended to die and escape with Transfer.

And, we depart, and I continued walking even if my legs tremble.
I’m still a baby though….
Will a person make a baby who’s not even two years old to walk in the forest?
Is it because I’m a reincarnated person? Or, is it because I’m a Vampire? I can walk more or less than my age, you know?
But, to hike suddenly in the forest, I wonder isn’t the hurdle too high?

「Ojou-sama, are you alright?」

Merazofis’s question that I don’t even know how many times is it.
I think that I heard the same words at least four or five times.

「I’m not alright」
(TL note: This was not properly said. Because I don’t know how to make this sentence hard to catch, I translated it into what she’s saying)

It becomes extremely hard to catch because of my lisping originally and the tiredness.
Only the sound that almost got hoarse was emitted.

Although I don’t know whether Merazofis catches it or now, either way, he can’t do anything even if he caught it.
Because Shiraori doesn’t let him to do anything.
Although Merazofis tried to hold me up in his arms many times and tried to pull me, Shiraori stopped all of them.
Because she only shake her head silently, I don’t know what’s her purpose, but that determined attitude gives a true account to me to walk by myself.
I don’t understand it.

Ariel-san doesn’t help me either.
She only gave an encouragement 「Do your best」 like somebody else’s problem.
Though it might be actually somebody else’s problem.

That’s why, half a day since the morning, I walked in the forest all the time.
The blood blisters were made on the feet on the way, cut by the tree branches, and fall down and scratches were made, but it seemed that I have the 「Automatic HP Recovery」 skill, and such wounds disappeared when time passed.
While that may be true, even if the wounds recover, the tiredness can’t disappear.

When we stopped to eat lunch, I can only barely stand.
I think that I can’t even stand if I don’t have the handy tree branch that I picked up on the way.
I slowly sit with my trembling legs.
I understand it for the first time in my life that even sitting is difficult when reaching the limit.

Because I overdone it too much, I acquired new skills like 「Endurance」 「Agility」 「SP Recovery Speed」 「SP Consumption Down」.
Although I didn’t understand what the SP is, according to the situation, I think that it’s the status related to the stamina.

Although it seems that Shiraori cooked last night, Ariel-san seems to cook this time.
I confirm whether there’s something strange mixed in the ingredients that Shiraori took out from a different space.
Although the breakfast was proper, I can’t be careless.
Because the ingredients passed were normal, I feel relieved for the time being.

「Leave it to me」
「Are you really doing this?」

Although it was such a conversation between Shiraori and Ariel-san, the tired me sat down in the state of completely exhausted.
Ariel-san begins to cook.
Is it the Water Magic? A water ball appears out of nowhere, and falls into the pot.
Even though the pot doesn’t have fuel, the generated fire heats it.
When I see such a spectacle, I’m made to fully realize that this is a different world.

She cuts the vegetables to the same size, and put it into the pot.
She puts seasoning, and a sweet-smelling smell wafts from the boiling pot.
Although I was too tired and don’t have the appetite to eat until just now, my stomach sounded small like my body is honest.
I think that it can’t be heard on the outside because of the Silent skill.
I didn’t think that this skill was useful for usual life.

While boiling the pot, Ariel-san mixes the dried potato-like vegetable flour and water, sprinkles salt lightly, and kneads it.
And there, even more kinds of flours are mixed, the completed batter is stretched thinly and baked it.
It’s the one similar like the Naan in the Earth.
Together with the soup that finished boiled, lunch was completed.


The Japanese style greetings are taught to Merazofis, and everyone matches the voice.
I dip the pseudo-Naan in the soup, and eat it.

Eh, bitter!?

What’s this?
Although it’s possible to endure it, it’s bitter.
To be honest, it’s not delicious.
But, if such thing is said, it’s rude to Ariel-san who made it.

So, Merazofis, what’s wrong?
Somehow, you look pale though?
Although his complexion became more paler after becoming a Vampire, he’s becomes even more paler, and he’s ghastly pale now.

「Don’t worry, don’t worry. I have diluted it to the extent that you won’t die」
「Ojou-sama! You must not eat it! It’s poison!」

On contrary to Ariel-san’s soft and comfortable voice, Merazofis shouts in a hurry.

「I’m saying that it’s alright. Because Sophia-chan has the Abnormal Condition Resistance. This is the meal to raise the Poison Resistance, you know? There’s no problem because I have calculated and adjusted the poison’s strength properly so that you won’t die. But, I will have you to ignore that it taste bad though」

Eh, is this really poisoned?

「It’s fine even if you don’t want to eat, but I don’t care even if you starve to death, you know?」

Ariel-san says so like refusing bluntly, and ate the poisoned meal while sticking out her tongue.
On her side, Shiraori eats everything like it’s natural.

I exchange glances with Merazofis.

「Let’s eat」
「Yes, understood」

Either way, our life-and-death power is on their hands.
We can only eat it obediently.
And, Merazofis and I ate the poisoned meal completely.
As Ariel-san says, my Abnormal Condition Resistance rose by one level, and it seems that Merazofis gained the Poison Resistance skill.


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