Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 14

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Blood 14 The lie and the truth

「A question here. Why were we able to save you timely?」

Ariel-san gave such a question suddenly.
Come to think of it, why?
I didn’t think of it because there was too many things.

『You chased the Elves?』

She was hostile to them somehow after all.

「Boo. Wrong」
『Then, you were watching the details of the war?』

She seemed to be considerably detailed about the Divine Word Religion.

「Boo. That’s wrong」
『I’m sorry. I don’t know』

I can’t think of other reasons.
If it’s neither related to the Elves nor watching the war, I can’t think of the reason why Ariel-san is in that place.
The self-proclaimed Demon King is just sightseeing by chance is too much whatever the circumstances may be.

「The correct answer is to save you!」

She tells the correct answer while making the sound effect “pan paka pan”.
I tilt my head to the side to the content.
To save me?
What for?

『Is it because I’m a reincarnated person?』

I ask while standing ready a little.
Although I don’t know why the Elves and the Divine Word Religion are aiming at me, a reincarnated person means that an existence to be aimed.
Then, this person also have some reasons and want to put me nearby, isn’t it?
Although it might be better that I’m alive compared with the Elves, if she intends to use me, it becomes impossible to trust her completely.

「Hmm. You could say that, but it’s also not that」

The returned answer was an indecisive one.

『What do you mean?』
「Well, because Shiro-chan said to save you, we saved you」

What do you mean?

「Because she’s like that, she tends to be misunderstood, but Shiro-chan is a good person anyway. If there’s a person who’re troubled or a person who’s seeking for help, she will help instinctively. She’s the type that can’t help but to pick up the abandoned kitten. I only helped Shiro-chan in extra, and the one who moved to save you was Shiro-chan」


『B-But, she didn’t have such a behavior!?』
「Ah. Because Shiro-chan has a difficult personality that wants to act bad. Even if she accumulate good deeds, she will find various reasons and look down on her own actions by herself. In a bad meaning, she’s a quibbler. Even though she moved with good intentions free of charge, she placed a compensation to it forcibly saying “In order to acquire this, I’m doing it like this, so it’s not a good deed!”. And, in that way, she’s a tsundere」
『What is…that?』
「In your case, it looks like she was worried about you for quite a long time. She made a nest near that town where you live is to watch over you, isn’t it? She probably has seen through that you’re a Vampire. Probably, because it will become troublesome when it’s found out, I think that she thinks of the worst pattern and make sure that she can go to save you any time」
『Such a thing, no, but, such』
「At that time, Shiro-chan was chased by a troublesome pursuer. Actually, it was a dangerous situation to stay in one place. It’s impossible to think reasonably to make the nest in such a place that stands out」
『Pursuer? Possibly, is it the time when she disappear and fought, the Divine Word Religion?』
「Yeah. Well, it’s unrelated to the Divine Word Religion though. Because it’s convenient, it’s just that the Divine Word Religion brags it like it’s their act」
『Is that so?』
「Yeah. The Divine Word Religion is comparatively good at circulating such lie information, you know? After all, the information network is the world’s largest. It’s a piece of cake for them to circulate such convenient lie information. The information at that time became the trigger to the war, isn’t it? The Divine Word Religion wanted to start a war with the Goddess Religion, and the information that the Divine Beast that’s worshiped by the Goddess Religion was subjugated by someone was too convenient. If they make this as the things that they did, it can be used in the friction with the Goddess Religion」
『They were manipulated successfully by the lie information, isn’t it?』
「That’s right. Well, even if there’s no such thing, the Goddess Religion might have been driven to the situation that can’t help but to start a war. It’s sooner or later. As Shiro-chan says, Shiro-chan was only really used as an excuse, and she has no relation with the Divine Word Religion at all」

No way.
Then, the war itself happened was a mistake?
But, as far as I listen to Ariel-san’s story, either way, it will become a war.
Shiraori was only dragged into it.
But, wait a minute.

『However, I heard that she appeared in the battlefield after that, and massacres without the distinction of the enemies and allies』
「About that. Because I was not in that place, I don’t know it in detail, but from what I investigated, it looks like Shiro-chan only attack the Divine Word Religion at first. After that, it becomes indiscriminately though. Well, when thinking about Shiro-chan’s personality, didn’t she counterattack because she was attacked from the Goddess Religion side? That girl, once she recognizes as the enemy, she won’t show mercy」
『Why would the Goddess Religion who’s the ally attack the Divine Beast!? Isn’t that impossible!』
「It’s hard to say. When seeing from us, the Humans are very weak. The body and also the mind. When there’s a powerful existence that massacres the enemy mercilessly, and furthermore, it’s in the form of being worshiped as the Divine Beast, it’s a monster. The conversation can’t be done and the actions can’t be understood. If such existence exhibits tyranny in front of them, it’s possible that they can attack with an impulse. Moreover, Shiro-chan should have the Intimidation skill. It might be a natural flow that the soldiers who were confused by fear run wild」

Then, what?
If that’s true, is the situation of the Sariera country now is suffering the consequences of their own actions?
Because they betrayed and attacked the Divine Beast who’s the ally.
The army is destroyed partially because of the retribution.
I won’t accept such a thing.

「Well, you probably can’t agree with it. I can’t say anything because this is only my guess. However, I want you to remember this. Although Shiro-chan was in a situation that she can’t move for some time, at the moment when she can move, she came running to save you in a hurry. Although she will deny it even if you ask her, it seemed that she was considerably worried about you」

However, but.
I, even if you say such a thing, my feelings can’t be switched at once.

「Well, why don’t you open your heart gradually when we are traveling together?」

When I was about to nod to Ariel-san’s words, I suddenly desist from doing it.
Something had gone out from the white cocoon.
That’s the feet.
Long white spider’s feet.
That goes out by pushing through the threads of the cocoon.
The one who appeared was Shiraori who has a lower body of the spider.

She comes out of the cocoon and stretches.
The spider’s feet stretch.
And, immediately after that, it disappeared into the long robe like being sucked.
What kind of structure is she? Her appearance is a normal human already.

But, that appearance a while ago is a complete monster!
Open my heart to that?
Can I?


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  1. What a difficult girl. But a very believable character.

    • RoflCat says:

      A very…Saitama-ish character…

      To quote a part of a group’s translation of the One Punch Man’s opening:
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    Like a certain white-haired #1 whose real name is forgotten, and his loli waifu (although later on he sorta gain an evil-but-naive waifu ‘ ‘a)

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      “Like a certain white-haired #1 whose real name is forgotten, and his loli waifu (although later on he sorta gain an evil-but-naive waifu ‘ ‘a)”
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