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Chapter 11 The God Slayer and Orc (6)

While gazing at the bonfire burning in the centre of the village, I enjoyed the wooden cup filled with Ale.

Yaa~, how wonderful. There’s nothing more delicious than free alcohol.


[You are the happiest when you’re drinking aren’t you?…….Haah]

Why did you have to sigh there?

While confused to Ermenhilde’s reaction, I drank from the cup while sitting on the seat prepared by the villagers.

The villagers who had been freed from the threat of the Orcs decided to prepare a feast for me as thanks.

Most of the villagers didn’t even know that so many Orcs had gathered there but even though they seem to be super excited with the feast and all.

This world barely has many ways for enjoyment after all. Even I felt a bit more excited than usual. The alcohol also tasted better than normal.

By the way, there was no one around me. I was alone. It’s not like I’m lonely.  Miss Francesca who was surrounded by the villagers looked this way at times but it can’t be helped.

She’s the hero of the Orc subjugation this time.

I only defeated three of the Orcs after all.

The one who defeated the remaining eleven was her after all. See, she’s more suited as the hero than me.

Also, it was obvious that a beauty like her would be more popular than a random looking guy like me.

[You really like bullying.]

“I know.”

Snickering, I ate the smoked Orc meat and vegetables prepared as the side dish.

Fumu, this really goes along well with it.

While enjoying the taste of the smoke meat with my Ale, I satisfied my appetite.

[What will you do know?]

“Let’s see, I haven’t thought yet.”


As I said as if didn’t concern me, an amazed sigh came.

No, it really must have been too amazed.


“I want to meet someone, without everyone noticing me.”

By everyone I mean my former comrades.

And by someone, also I mean my former comrades.

On my contradictory words, Ermenhilde gave a sigh again.

[……the Demon God, eh?]

“I wonder about that.”

But, for some reason, a feeling of certainty is there in my heart.

The fact that 3 of the covenants of Ermenhilde were released.

If three of them had been released there, they can only be: to protect someone—Miss Francesca, my own will to fight. And the last can only be – In a fight against the Demon god. I can’t think of any else.

And it did in fact use the Demon God’s flames.

That flame was too special for a just a new species of an Orc to be able to use. If such Orcs start appearing unreservedly, it’ll be nothing less than a nightmare.

Well, in the end it was just a mere Orc though.

Monsters that could use magic existed like flies in the demon continent Abenelm.


While I was thinking such things, Miss Francesca returned with a tired expression.

Maybe she was made to drink alcohol by the village chief and the men, her face was slightly red.

As I looked towards the bonfire, couples, lovers and families were enjoying the feast together.

“nn, oh well done.”(renji)

“No, not that…..or rather, shouldn’t it be Renji-sama that—“

“Those kinds of things don’t suit me.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

I know what she wants to say but I’ll deny her in her still.

“Also, rather than an old man like me, a beauty would be more popular.”

“……….I don’t really think so though. It was Renji-sama that defeated that black Orc after all.”

Averting her gaze, but with a smile, she said so.

Probably, she reacted to the word ‘beauty’ I think. How innocent.

[Even though you realize that you still say such things, you really are the worst…….]

“And you’re bitter as usual as well.”

Replying that, I sipped my Ale.

“Ahem. Rather than that, Renji-sama—“

“No, can you stop with that ‘Renji-sama’?”

“That’s……it will be too rude of me.”

“No in fact, making a noble talk like that is rude of me I think.”

Well, I don’t really treat nobles in the proper manner anyway either though.

After all I’m drinking Ale in front of a noble like normal. When you talk about manners, it should be more of that kneeling on one knee and stuff like that.

While looking at the stiffened Miss Francesca, I wondered about what I should do.

It has been like this all the time after completing the subjugation of those Orcs.

I am supposed to be just a normal adventurer. And it would look weird if the hero of this village stayed so humble towards me like that.

And I also want myself to be treated as a normal adventurer.

I doubt it’d be that easy though.

Well, I have somewhat gotten used to such things after being summoned as a God Slayer to this world.

I didn’t want to get used to it but, everyone around me started bowing their heads around me. Living like that for 2 years straight, one would get used to it even if it’s irritating.

It really was uncomfortable to see a 40 year old knight commander bowing respectfully to a 15 year old boy.

Even the boy himself was flustered about what to do. (T/N: note that he’s not talking about himself here.)

“Well, with this my contract with Miss Francesca is also over. I am praying for you to successfully pass your test.”(renji)

Thanks to the reward I received from Miss Francesca and this Orc subjugation, my wallet is warm.

I wonder where should I go next.

There’s Utano-san and Kuuki-kun in the royal capital. Also Toudou.

Able to use all kinds of magic and also fast in thinking. The [Sage], Utano Yuuko, on whom everyone depended during our journey. She’s also the same age as me.

Kuuki Yuta, who is currently enrolled in the knights squadron if I recall correctly.  He should be 20 this year I think.

And, the cook Toudou Hiiragi who has apparently opened up a restaurant in the royal capital. He’s 2 years younger than me at 26.

Everyone else is also at other big cities I think. I’m not sure of their exact locations though.

If I have to talk about the Demon God, then, let’s go to Toudou.

In his restaurant, we can talk while eating his delicious meals which I haven’t eaten in a long time.

That might be good. My wallet’s in good condition right now as well.


While I was thinking that, Miss Francesca was looking at me with a troubled smile.

“Wanna sit?”(renji)

“Then excuse me.”(fran)

Even though there’s such a beauty in front of me, it’s rude of me to be thinking of other things I guess.

Since she seemed to be holding a fruit juice in her cup, a smell completely different from Ale came to my nose.

Wait, she didn’t drink alcohol at all?

“What will you be doing from here onwards?”(Fran)


While I was regretting the fact that I didn’t take her to a bar even once, she asked me that.

By here onwards, she means after parting with her?

Even if drunk, I can still understand that much.

“I’m thinking of going to the royal capital. That or………maybe take some other request in some village.”

Well, I have things to do but my destination isn’t set yet.

For the time being, I simply want to go eat Toudou’s cooking.

“Then, will you escort me till the Magic City?”(fran)

“No, won’t you be fine with a carriage? I won’t take a carriage you know? Too costly for me.”(renji)

“……I see….”

[Even she’s amazed.]


Just because my wallet’s a bit filled right now doesn’t mean I can start spending on such luxuries.

My reward this time was I gold coin from Miss Francesca.

Also, 4 gold coins for the 13 Orcs. This will be divided between me and Miss Francesca equally.

(T/N: Reminder that in this world Silver>gold>copper.)

And also, almost every part of the Orc is eatable. Its intestines can be made into sausages and if sold to a merchant as dried meat or smoke meat, 1 Orc could get you 50 coppers, if prepared well, sometimes even 1 gold can be made.

And there were 13 of them. The villagers were super happy to have gotten such a stock. It could be sold for money and could also be used as preserved food for winters.

Thus, currently I had 3 gold coins in my wallet and also the change remaining from the 1 gold I had received as advance from Miss Francesca. I’ll be able to live a relaxed life for some time.

“Well, I doubt we’ll get any carriages here though.”

It seems this village doesn’t really interact with other villages.

It’s not that remote of a place so it must be because they don’t have any specialties here.

If they were a lake/sea, they’ll have fishes, the village I was in before had medicinal herbs and Alcohol. This village also has alcohol but they don’t have enough to be sold as a special product.

And so merchants don’t come to such villages. They don’t earn much here after all.

They have nothing much to sell means that they don’t have any stock either.

They do have Orc meat now but this is only a one-time thing.

Let’s hope that they’re able to sell that meat for as high price as possible.

“Yes. Also, they don’t know when a merchant will pass through either…..”(fran)

“Well, that’s troublesome.”(renji)

Though she was able to face the Orcs, I’m still anxious to let Miss Francesca travel on foot alone.

Our contract is complete but our relationship isn’t that of strangers either.

I’ll have nightmares if she died alone on the way.

“It’ll take at least one week on foot to reach the Magic City, eh?”(renji)

Saying that, I looked towards her.

Somehow she seemed to making an amazingly happy face so I ended up looking away again.

That was embarrassing. Young ones really have so much energy. While thinking that, I diverted my thoughts.

“I’ll get a reward right?”(renji)

“Of course!”(fran)

[You sure don’t forget about that, huh?]


As I flicked the medal, Miss Francesca was covering her mouth with her hand and laughing.

She can’t hear Ermenhilde but she must have realized who I was talking to.

I did explain that to her just in case so at least I won’t be treated as a lunatic who talks to a medal.

“You get along well, right?”(fran)

“Not really.”(renji)


Now it was sulking. That part of Ermenhilde is really cute I think.

“I’m envious.”(fran)

It looks fun to her.

Also, since Miss Francesca still hasn’t gotten used to travelling, it might take 10 days to the Magic City.

Considering what she said, even with 10 days we should still have enough time for her test. I think, she still has 2 weeks. Well, if we find a carriage in between, it’ll be even faster though.

If that happens, I’ll also get relieved earlier. Magic City is full of nobles after all, there might be a few who know me there. If possible, I don’t want to get close to that place.

It might be fine to separate after getting her close to the city as well.

While I was calculating such things inside my head, I sipped my Ale.

“If possible I’d prefer if it stopped the continuous scolding you know……”(Renji)

[If you lived normally and systematically, I won’t say a thing.]

Is that so? If I start living like a normal person, then you’ll start asking me to live like a hero next.

As I took another gulp of the Ale……the wooden cup was empty.

I sighed.

“There are God Slayers even in the school I go to, you see.”(fran)


[Well isn’t that great. You’ll achieve you’re objective even without going to the royal capital.]

No no, it might not be that good.

Just when I was thinking what to do about my empty Ale, Miss Francesca gave me another cup.

She really is a sensible child.

“Thanks………is that so?”(renji)

“Yes. Souichi-sama and Yayoi-sama. Also Aya-sama. Those three.”

[Those brother and sister and your disciple eh?]

“It wasn’t something that exaggerated. Or rather, those guys are far more stronger than me……”

I wonder how can such a person be my disciple?

In fact, in terms of ability, won’t I be the disciple? I’ll only be a useless disciple since I can’t even use magic though.

[Is that so? I remember her running around you saying Renji-san~ Renji-san~ back then though.]

“It was a long time ago.”(renji)

That doesn’t mean it’ll be the same even till now.

In fact there’s a high chance that they’d glare at me with cold gaze and ask where I was and what I was doing after leaving them like that. On imagining that, I felt a bit scared.

If I was talked to like that by them who I think of like my younger brother and sister, even I won’t be able to recover from the shock.

I started feeling depressed just thinking about it.

Or rather, those three are together in the Magic Academy eh?

They should be around 18 right now. It’s an age perfect for going to school I guess.

But even then, while travelling around the world, defeating monsters, fighting the demon lord, killing the Demon God, they were only 15,16 years old……

“I’m amazed they didn’t become delinquents.”(renji)

[That’s true.]

We two……well, me and an item, recalled such old memories.

While we did that, Miss Francesca tilted her head confused since she couldn’t hear Ermenhilde.

I guess from the side I must really look weird.

“Shall we call it a day?”(renji)


“I’m tired after all.”

Saying that, I shrugged my shoulders.

“I worked enough for half a year.”(renji)

[Work more!]

If I feel like it. Whispering that, I stood up.

“Miss Francesca also, we’ll leave the village tomorrow so go to sleep if you’re tired.”(renji)

“Yes, I understand.”(fran)

As I looked up, the red waning moon could be seen.

While hearing the voices of the villagers, I began to walk.

[…….you won’t let her hear my voice yet?]

“Well, I’m not sure how much I should trust her.”

I do trust her well.

As a person that is.

But, I don’t know the circumstances of the noble called Francesca Barton yet.

It’s normal for something unexpected to happen during monster subjugation.

But even then, is it really not weird for schools to let students gamble with their lives like this in this world?

I haven’t heard anything like this but…… the first place, I’m not sure how schools are like in this world.

“I really don’t want any more trouble.”

[Then you should have just abandoned her.]

“haah… say that as if it’s so easy.”

[I have a slight understanding of what kind of human Renji is after all.]

Stop it, it’s embarrassing.

I flicked the medal with a *ping*.

“Well, in any case, it’s only till the Magic City.”


I sighed, once again.

[Even though you hate trouble you can’t abandon even strangers. That’s why, Renji is a Hero.]

I have no intention to be one though.

“I’m not a Hero. That’s why, I want to live peacefully in a rural village.”

To become able to fight only when someone gets into danger.

A Hero like that doesn’t exist.

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