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Interlude –  The Girl’s Day (1)

Francesca Barton is a noble.

She had two elder sisters and since she could use magic, she was admitted in the Magic Academy.

Apparently, her family wanted her to live a safe life. Like a Scholar or a Merchant.  And certainly, Francesca did have talent in those fields.

But, she liked magic. The moment when imagination is turned into reality. The radiance of magical energy. The exalting sensation she felt when she used magic.

Francesca Barton was a magician that loved using magic.

She was the third daughter of a noble family. She could never become the successor of her family. Her parents had raised her with love and care but sooner or later she would be betrothed to some other noble.

Then at least before that, let’s try to enjoy life as much as possible. This was the reason why she left her house.

Her parents who had raised her like a princess—–especially her father was extremely worried due to that though.

Or rather, he was clearly opposed to this.

But still she did it. Francesca Barton was the type that took action always.

Albana Magic Academy.

Though there are many magic academies in the Magic City, this one was the most excellent and superior among all.

Only nobles with a high court rank or those chosen for their incredible talent could only attend this academy. And Francesca who was attending this place was also a high ranked noble.

Her talent in magic was meagre. She could definitely be not called as talented.

The assessment from the teacher was ‘just average’.

Her theoretical/classroom knowledge was slightly above average and practical skill was below average. Although she was a hard worker, it is not worthy of any special mention.

This was the assessment made by the Francesca’s teacher.

From the point of view of the students, it was slightly different.

A serious honour student. She sucks a little in practicals but the effort she put in the class definitely gave a good impression.

And above all, her looks.

With her prided honey coloured hair made a perfect match with her smile that gave an impression as if a flower had bloomed.

Her personality was bright and cheerful and wasn’t really too shy.

Her body that was much more developed than the other girls of her same age would pull the gazes of every boy.

Her big jade green eyes, her plentiful chest that seemed to be in imbalance with her delicate body, her slender waist, and her round buttocks, made her a beauty even among the Magic academy that was usually filled with beautiful women.

This also brought envy from her underclassmen, and jealousy from her classmates and upperclassmen.

But Francesca held the title of a noble. For the students, that was also a part that they were interested in.

If they could get in her good books, their position would also rise.

And if one was to stand alongside such a beautiful woman, even their status as a man would also rise.

It was a very obvious way of thinking so it couldn’t be helped that the boys of such an age would harbour such thoughts.

Although not daily, she would get words mixed with confessions and flattery at a usual basis. She had even received countless love letters as well.

Many became jealous of her due to that as well, but the person herself simply couldn’t help it.

Changing her hairstyle to one that wouldn’t stand out, putting on minimal makeup, she tried all such things but it only had the opposite effect.

She only wanted to live her school life peacefully but her surroundings didn’t allow this to her.

The girl who had a meagre talent in magic was, in fact, the centre of attention of the students.

But that’s only what happened till half a year ago.

Three students transferred into the Albana Magic Academy.

Normally, admission were taken only in the third month and transfers were not allowed.

But even so, for the first time in the history of Albana Magic Academy, transfer students were accepted.

It was obvious that it would become a hot topic for discussion.

And to top it off, the transfer students were God Slaying Heroes.

Francesca was surprised.

They were an existence only told in fairy tales, in heroic epics.

The 13 heroes that defeated the Demon God that had been feared by the humans and the beastmen.

And three of them had transferred into her school.

It was obvious that she would be excited, that she would be interested in them. Everyone wanted to lay their eyes on them. Of course, Francesca was also the same.

The[Brave] Souichi Amagi.

The [Saint] Yayoi Amagi.

The [Grand Magus] Aya Fuyou.

God Slayers that defeated the Demon God.

The holders of the [Goddess’ Gift] that were summoned from a different world.

Even though they were of the same age, they were saviours of the world.

There was no one who didn’t know about them.

And what each and every one of them was doing now had been made public.

Except for one of the thirteen that had disappeared after defeating the Demon God.

Renji Yamada. There was almost no info only regarding him.

That was because he had wished so. There were rumours that he was still fighting against the army of demons.

The rest of the 12 Gold Slayers always said that [It was only him that is loved the most by the Goddess Astrarea].

And of those 13, 3 of them had come to her Magic Academy.

Their class ended up being a different one but, she would end up glancing at them every time they crossed paths in the corridor.

They had such a presence or charm.




(fran POV)

Opening my eyes, and seeing the sunlight seeping through the gaps of the curtains, I woke up hurriedly and a sharp pain ran through my whole body.

I writhed in agony on top of the bed.

Thinking about what was happening in my chaotic head, I realized that this room was much more modest than my own room.

And then I finally remembered that i was currently travelling.


A voice that did not seem suitable for a young girl like me leaked from my mouth.

As I endured the pain for some time, I finally became able to move.

And finally, I slowly raised my body.

Currently I was wearing a pajama that really doesn’t suit an adventurer.

“……it hurts.”

It had hurt even when I had to sleep outside for the first time and had ended up pulling an all-nighter,  but right now the pain is worse than that time.

Since it’s the first time I’m having muscular pains like these, I don’t know what I should really do about it.

The man travelling with me did say to massage well but since I was too tired I had fallen asleep soon after taking a bath.

I think, that’s probably the main reason.

I regretted as I hung my head,

But, no matter how much I dwell on it now, my muscular pains won’t go away. So resigning myself, I endured it and decided to change my clothes.

Removing my silk pajamas, I put on thick adventurer like shirt and trousers.

I had chosen clothes that wouldn’t emphasize my body line too much but I guess the womanly curves would end up showing even then.

I don’t know whether I should be happy for that as a girl or should I feel bad as an adventurer.

Thinking about such things, after changing I sat on my bed.

I was told that today I should rest but I can’t think of anything to do.

Or rather, the pains make me don’t want to move at all.

Even while I sit like this, my joints are still aching with pain.

“I wonder how everyone is doing.”

Saying that, I became a bit anxious.

Did everyone at school, already finished their exams?

Everyone was challenging the monster subjugation exams along with those god slaying heroes.

For the heroes who saved the world, it would be an easy task.

But, for us who haven’t travelled like this, it was extremely difficult.

Actually, I had been really at a loss when I ended up having to travel alone.

I had invited those who had been unable to make a party with the heroes but for some reason I never got an answer back from them.

Maybe they had some pressure from home.

Anyway, I ended up having to travel alone.

If I had kept waiting, I would have run out of time.

Where should I go? What should I do? Without knowing anything, and roaming around in a carriage, I had almost ended up dying in the village I had ended up reaching.

Even though I am a student of the Magic Academy, I don’t have any combat experience.

I had believed, without any reason, that it would be easy to fight monsters with magic.

If people of the same age as me could become God Slayers, I could also at least fight.

I’m sure, everyone else is also thinking like that.

It’d be nice if everyone is fine. Thinking that, I slowly stood up.

As expected, every part of my body still hurts.

Enduring the pain, I exited through the door.

“I’m feeling hungry……”

Judging by the height of the sun from the window, it should be around noon right now.

This is the first time I had overslept like this. I could only smile wryly at that.

As I came down to the first floor that had been made into a diner, I saw the man travelling with me taking his breakfast right now.


An adventurer.

The man who saved me when I was about to die.

Defeating all those goblins instantly, he is an amazing man…….I think.

I’m not sure.

He’s probably strong but, but I can’t understand what kind of guy he is.

He taught me various things as well.

He’s really reliable but he would sometimes look at me with the same perverted eyes as those guys of my own age.

I guess being older in age doesn’t mean much but for some reason I can’t seem to hate him for it.

He would soon avert his gaze and I can’t sense any evil thoughts like normal men.

It’s, as if, he’s just looking at me.

Am I paying too much attention to it, I wonder?

That’s why, I can’t understand him.

I should probably be a bit more cautious but I simply can’t think of him badly.

Whether that’s because he had saved me from those Goblins or was it Renji-san’s natural virtue, I do not know.

“Good Morning, Renji-san.”

“It’s already noon though.”(renji)

“……haha, mind if we share a table?”

Speaking that, I sat on the chair. Renji-san was, as usual, playing around by flicking his medal with his fingers.

A ping ping sound resounded in my ears.

He was simply sitting on his chair lazily and was flicking his medal but for some reason he still seemed good looking.

It felt very adventurer-like.

That’s probably because that’s how I envision adventurers inside my head.

While thinking such rude things, I looked around.

Is an inn in a rural village really like this? The customers were only us and a few more men of the village.

“Are you fine with your muscular pains?”(renji)

“…….it really hurts.”(fran)

“haha, well, that’s normal.”(renji)

Maybe my voice seemed funny, he laughed loudly.

As he laughed probably because I hadn’t gotten used to travelling yet, I hung my head in shame and his gaze shifted towards my chest.

I hurriedly tried to cover up but, he averted his gaze before that.

Really, I can’t understand him.

I felt that he was a really weird person.

“What had Renji-san been doing until now?”(fran)

“I just woke up as well.”(renji)

He stretched his body, saying that.

I felt that I smelled alcohol somewhat.

“It’s already noon though.”(fran)

Was Renji-san also tired, I wonder?

When we had slept outside, I had soon fallen asleep. It was obvious who had been on watch all night.

He had also put up a tent for me and had also prepared the meals as well.

And I could simply do my best just to not fall behind while carrying only my own luggage.

Thinking like that, I ended up wondering just how much trouble I had already caused for this man.

Though he had said that we should go at my pace yesterday.

But that doesn’t mean that I could be simply use those words as an excuse.

At least, not till we defeat the Orc.

“I usually sleep till this time. I’m weak during mornings.”(renji)

“Is that so?”

I had many things I wanted to say but if Renji-san says that then so be it.

I wasn’t really convinced but leaving it at that, I decided to order my meal as well.

Or rather, it’s not like I had a huge appetite so I simply asked for a light soup that would be easy on the stomach.

Renji-san also raised his hand and ordered the same soup as me along with a meat dish.

Ahh he really is a man. Having meat just after waking up is impossible for me.

“Oh right, apparently some Orcs are living in the nearby forest.”(renji)


My head went blank due to the sudden words.

Orc, the objective of our journey.

Graduation exam—-if I can complete this, I’d be able to successfully graduate from Albana Magic Academy.

And my other objective as well……..

“It seems a bit troublesome so I’ll go and scout tomorrow. Then we’ll decide whether to take the request or not.”(renji)

Just when I was thinking that we’ll go to defeat it as soon as possible, I was told that first we’ll need to do some recon.

For me it was it was something we should have done urgently but Renji-san is the more experienced one here.

And, his gazes aside, I think he is a reliable and a trustworthy man.


“Yesterday, the villagers had requested me for it. It’s different that Miss Francesca’s but it is an Orc subjugation request.”(renji)

“Is that so?”

Yesterday, I frowned a little but apparently he had accepted a request while I was sleeping.

Even though I had collapsed from travelling for just one day, he really has an amazing amount of stamina.

Probably because they are used to travelling, all adventurers can move around like Renji-san I think.

“I understand. Will you take me as well?”(fran)

When I said that, he showed a somewhat surprised expression.

Did I say something really that weird?

“It’s dangerous, you know?”(renji)

“Since my objective is to defeat an Orc, I have already resolved myself for this.”(fran)

When I said that, he put his hand on his chin and began to think.

His chin still had a stubble which really stood out.

I think it looks really sloppy but it’s very Renji-san-like.

Probably because he has this nonchalant leisurely atmosphere around him, being sloppy really suits him for some reason.

…….well, just because it suits him doesn’t mean it looks very good though.

“I can’t really recommend that.”(renji)

“—–is that so?”(fran)

But, even though I had requested, he did not allow me to accompany him.

Feeling dejected, my voice sank.

“There are three confirmed Orcs. Since I haven’t confirmed the situation well yet, I don’t have the confidence to protect you as well.”(renji)

Does that mean, once he’s confirmed the situation, he can fight while protecting me at the same time?

Monsters are a threatening existence. And the more the numbers they have the more advantageous the monsters will be.

And he is saying that he can fight against three Orcs while protecting me at the same time.

On being told that implicitly, I felt a bit pathetic.

This man was, from the very start, intending to fight not alongside me, but while protecting me.

“Don’t mind it too much. We’ll be doing the subjugation together. It’s your test after all.”(renji)

Maybe because he was worried due to my expression, he said that with a bright cheerful voice.

Somehow, he’s been considerate towards me from the very start. Finding that embarrassing, I once again hung my head in shame.

“C’mon look.”(renji)

Saying that, he flicked the medal with *ping* sound.

The medal that rotated in mid air had a jade gem in the centre and had intricate craftsmanship. It was surrounded by 7 gems of different colours which showed that it must be something of high value.

And above all, it had a holy, sacred aura to it.

……Though since Renji-san is always flicking it around, its value seems to be lesser than it looks.

“It’s heads. It’ll be fine, I’ll be back soon.”(renji)

Just as Renji-san said that, our order was brought to us.

A fragrant smell reached my nose and the empty stomach made an excited noise.

“Well, it’s rest day today. First focus on healing your muscular pains.”


Those words made me embarrassed again and I hung my head down with shame again.

The meal brought to us was white bread, salad and a hot steaming vegetable-filled soup.

It looks really delicious.

“Thanks for the food.”

Saying that, Renji-san joined his hands once and began to eat.

On Renji-san’s tray, along with the same dish as mine, a grilled dish of Orc meat is also present.

Thinking that, it looks tasty as well, my gaze moved towards his hands.

“That action/gesture was…….”(fran)

“Nn? Oh, its something like a habit.”(renji)

Before eating, there are words spoken to thank the goddess.

Especially, sisters and priests of the church would often do so.

When I also ate with my family, I also gave my thanks to the goddess before eating.

That’s why, I became curious.


That ‘habit’, I felt I had seen somewhere before.

But I can’t remember where I saw that.


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