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Chapter 7 God Slayer and Orc (2)

I walked through the pathway that didn’t have much grass even though it was not a pavement, probably because villagers use this path a lot.

The sunlight was blocked by the dense and thick trees, and it was dim inside the forest.

Walking through such a place, being careful of not just monsters but normal beasts, snakes and insects as well, is much more tiresome for the mind than one would think.

I have gotten quite used to it but it would be painful for a beginner adventurer like Miss Francesca.

It was the right decision to have no brought her along with me. I felt a bit relieved now that I was sure that my decision was correct.

[We have come quite a bit deep but we still haven’t found them.]


I wiped the sweat on my brow with my sleeve.

My stamina is still fine but you get tired much more quickly when walking inside a forest.

I really want to find those Orcs quickly.

As I fixed my breathing after stopping for a while, I begin to walk once again.

I had arrived at the place told by the villagers but there were no Orcs there.

Either they had switched their den or they had left the forest itself.

Well, it’s probably the former.

If there’s no enemy that could endanger their lives, that village should be a great hunting ground for them.

They’ll be able to find prey very easily.

I doubt they’ll let go of such a hunting ground that easily.


“A black Orc. Got any ideas about it?”

[Let’s see. It should either be a High Orc or an Orc General. But I doubt either of those would live on the Imnesia continent.]

In the first place, if it was either of those two, it’ll be beyond the scope of my skills.

I might be able to take care of a High Orc somehow but I’m still not very confident.

An Orc General would be too much for me.

Also, both of them were existences that lived on Abenelm…….the continent of demons.

It really must be a new variety——probably a mutation or a subspecies.

It’ll be troublesome if they start being born all over the place.

[The effect of defeating the Demon God might be affecting  the world itself as well.]

“……I see.”

Probably it was thinking about something similar, Ermenhilde also spoke similar thoughts to mine.

Defeating the Demon God.

It was necessary in this world. If one was to believe the Goddess Astraera’s words.

The Demon God that was trying to destroy the world.

Summoned from another world, to return back to our own world and to save this one, we fought.

But, this world had been created by the Trinity including the Goddess, the Spirit God and the Demon God.

The Goddess created the humans and light, the Spirit God created the earth and the beasts, and the Demon God created the demons and darkness.

I don’t know how much of that is true but it really was an interesting thing.

If that was true then we had killed one of the pillars(god) that had created this world.

In that case, rather than heroes we’ll be criminals. It would be such a crime that it won’t be weird if we were cursed till eternity for it.

But, this world blessed us as the God Slaying Heroes.

If this was a game, it would be over after defeating the demon god. A happy end. The hero will marry the princess and will live together happily ever after.

That might have been for the best.

But this is reality. Not a fairy tale like a game.

The world will continue even after the Demon god was dead. People will have to continue living their lives.

Just what kind of effect will come due to killing one of the Trinity, nobody knows.

It could be that the Goddess or the Spirit God that made us do so know what will happen.

“I really want to finish this and return already.”


“It’s fine because you’re just a medal. I am the one who’s walking, sweating, and it’s hot, my body feels heavy and sluggish.”

[You really complain a lot—–try to act a bit more motivated.]

For Ermenhilde, subjugating monsters could be said to be its only desire.

Its voice seems to be 20% more energetic than usual.

But for me, this is just a scouting run.

Since I plan to return after confirming the case of this black Orc, I’m feeling carefree.

Basically, the same as usual.

Well, if I really will find an Orc by being more motivated, I might as well try that.

As expected, I will have to walk away from the normal tracks of the beasts here. I gave a sigh.

Monsters, normally, don’t step into human territory. Villages, Towns, highways created by humans etc.

Because the monsters know that they’ll be hunted if they come closer.

But, once you step out of human territory, and come closer to monster dens, all monsters would instantly bare their fangs.

Just like what happened with Miss Francesca.

“Now then, what should I do?”

I brought out the medal from my pocket and flicked it.

With a *piing* sound, Ermenhilde rotated in the air and I caught it with my right arm.

On opening my palm it was, Tails.

“Which one should I walk on now?”

[You hadn’t even decided?……]

I smiled wryly towards Ermenhilde’s fed up voice. I decide to step further deep in the forest where the trees were even thicker.

With a rustling sound, I walked through the bushes and grass.

[Renji, look near your feet.]

Suddenly, Ermenhilde realized something on the ground.

As usual, my partner really is sensitive towards things fallen on the ground.

I picked up the metal object near my feet. It wasn’t money. I felt a bit disappointed.

The fallen object was the clasp of a belt. It’s a bit of an unusual thing to have found inside the forest.

Probably an Orc must have attacked a human.

While thinking of that, I bent my waist.

I put my nose near to the leaves where I found the metal piece.

“It smells.”

[The smell of an Orc?]

“Yeah. They do have a very peculiar body smell.”

Seriously, I feel deplorable that I have gotten used to this of all the things.

I smiled wryly as I spoke Ermenhilde’s catch phrase.

But if I had not gotten used to such things, I would not have been able to go on journeys in the first place. I would not have become an adventurer.

Behaviour of goblins, hunting methods of Kobolds, smell of the Orcs.

There are many other such things as well which are considered as important knowledge to fight against monsters.

It’s a skill which would be useless in the modern world, but I obtained it here in this world.

I don’t really consider it bad either.

It’s fun to travel along with my partner Ermenhilde.

Though I really want to stop chasing after monsters like this.

I only want to enjoy the scenery, leisurely, while collecting herbs.

I long for such a life style.

But even so, right now I’m pursuing an Orc.

I guess that’s how life is.


“I know.”

I focused my mind with Ermenhilde’s words.

I hate fighting but, seriously, I won’t be negligent here.

In front of the power of monsters, the life of a human is nothing but a fickle thing that could easily disappear.

“Found it.”

As I moved a bit more forward, in my line of sight…….was a clearing, even though we’re this deep in the forest.

It’s the dwelling place of the Orcs that they have made by toppling and mowing down the trees.

There, I could clearly see 11 Orcs.

…….There’s too many of them.

I had only heard about 3 of them.

I cursed inside my mind but that won’t change the reality.

Their skin colour was the same as normal pigs. But, they walk on two legs and were wearing a trouser-like waist cloth as well. Their hands held various weapons.

Their faces were the same as the pigs in our world and their cries were also the same oinking sound.

It’s weird how they can communicate like that.

Well, for monsters, the language of humans would feel the same I guess.

In the hands of those Orcs, there were weapons stolen from humans as well as wooden poles that looked like logs. Swords, hammers, some even had bows.

Their equipment was varied but their bodies were more or less the same.

With a height of 2m, their body was flabby like an obese.

Their arms were as big as human child’s but the fact that they could hold a 2-handed sword easily with a single hand proved that underneath that soft-flabby skin, they clearly had trained muscles.

That body really is troublesome.

Although the skin seems soft, but underneath, the muscles are sturdy.

Since they do have a huge amount of fat, their legs have a lot of burden on it. But, that fat is able to block blades from even reaching till the muscles.

The best way to hunt an Orc is to destroy their legs and take away their mobility. Also, they can be taken down by spears or bows.

Their excessive fat is also the reason why they’re so slow after all.

Even though their upper body grows so much, the lower body remains under grown in fact.

An Orc is such an unbalanced species.

[There are quite a lot of them.]

“Way too many.”

Or rather, how did they swarm so much.

Monsters do that but I haven’t seen Orcs swarm like this many times before.

While thinking that, I moved my gaze away from the group of Orcs.

I’m looking for that black Orc.

11 Orcs in itself was a big threat but I want to confirm that black Orc as well.

It might be the reason why so many Orcs have gathered here.

—-there it is.

I whispered.

The black Orc.

It’s look was basically a normal Orc with black skin. But there was clearly a difference.

The 11 Orcs are working but that black Orc is doing nothing.

It’s not a high orc but it’s something with a very similar presence.

That was my first impression.

“Do you know what that is?”

[I’m seeing that for the first time. Didn’t see one even during the time we were going to defeat the Demon God.]

“Thought so.”

I thought maybe only I had forgotten but it seems Ermenhilde had the same opinion.

Never seen before. That was our answer.

I really didn’t think I’d find a new species of monster in such a remote rural village.

You really can’t tell what life has in store for you.

I really want to live life in peace though.

[Should we kill it now?]

“……let me think.”

What should I do? I asked myself.

It would be easy to take it down right now but after killing that black Orc, what will happen with those 11 Orcs?

That black orc is clearly the commander type.

It’s the existence that is holding them in such a group.

Then, what would happen if I destroyed their head?

Humans would panic and retreat. A group is weak when their leader is gone. There is a chance that they might attack as well, but there are few humans who do that.

But, what of monsters?

They’d either run away inside the forest or go on a rampage and attack the village to take revenge for their commander.

I would be happy if it’s the former but that sounds really difficult.

“What do I do, really?”

This way, the situation of that village is hopeless.

If this group of Orc were to attack the village, they would only be annihilated.

11 orcs are equal to a trained army platoon in terms of strength.

In this world, a platoon is made of three groups of 11-12 soldiers totalling in a formation of around 35 men in a single platoon.

To kill a single Orc, it’ll take at least 3-4 normal soldiers.

A single Orc isn’t a threat but a swarm of monsters is extremely troublesome.

Although it’ll be different if there’s a magician in the ranks but for a normal troop with no magicians, their war potential is as said before.

Skilled adventurers might be able to fight better but even then, they would still take a single orc with 2 men.

“Let’s retreat for now.”


Ermenhilde gave a displeased voice.

It probably wanted to wage a battle here and kill that black Orc.

I was thinking the same, but the risk is too high.

And not to mention, in my current condition, I can’t display the cheat power of a god slayer.

As expected, it’ll be a bit too difficult to kill that Orc with a single knife.

Thinking that, I retreated while crouching.




My gaze connected with the Black Orc’s.

There’s quite a lot of distance, it might be my imagination.

I quickly rejected that thinking. That Orc has definitely become aware of me. And it ignored me.

In those eyes, I clearly sensed intelligence.

It overlooked me as it did not consider me threat probably.

“This is bad, Ermenhilde.”

[What is?]

“That guy is extremely intelligent.”

Our eyes had met, only that.

But, it did not rush at me, nor did it become cautious. It ignored me.

There’s no way it’d didn’t realize my presence. I think. No I’m sure.

Just by meeting eyes with it, I’ve understood more about that Orc.

That’s why, I realized that it is trouble. It is a danger.

The fact that it ignored me means that it considers me as not a threat.

It’ll be bad to leave that black Orc alone.

That’s my intuition, after spending 2 years while defeating the Demon God.

Those intelligent are definitely extremely dangerous monsters.

Using traps would be common, taking hostages, using the enemy’s weaknesses. They are existences that would do anything to win.

Honestly speaking, they are harder to defeat than stronger ones who come and fight head on.

“Let’s return to the village and have a strategy meeting.”

[Though whether that girl would be of any help in the first place is pretty doubtful.]

“That’s true.”

Though I want to ask for help from the men in the village as well but I guess Orc would be too much for them as opponents.

Monsters are a threat to even trained soldiers after all. It might be too much for the villagers.

The only one that can be of any help is Miss Francesca who can use magic.

And even that magician is an amateur with no experience.

I could only sigh.

“I hate trouble. That’s why I wanted to avoid fighting monsters as well.”

[Then don’t be charmed by women……….haah.]

Can’t help that.

That chest along with those upturned eyes are not fair at all.

Or rather, I wouldn’t mind if it was just normal orcs. If they were normal that is.

I looked back, but the black Orc doesn’t seem to be chasing me.

If it’s going to ignore me, then I can only fell thankful.

When our eyes had met, my stomach had turned cold thinking that I’ll have to fight it along with the 11 Orcs. If it’s going to let me go, then I will run.

Wondering about the humiliation of being let go by those pig-like Orcs?

It’s much better than dying.

There are fight where you simply cannot retreat no matter what but this isn’t one.

Even Ermenhilde understands that’s why it didn’t say anything when I chose to fight when I’ll have better chances of winning.

It isn’t saying anything but, it does seem to be angry.

It really has too much pride.

I caressed the medal inside my pocket with my finger.

[We, who defeated the Demon God, to turn our backs against mere Orcs… deplorable.]

“It’s better than dying.”

[……For Renji to give a sound argument, this even more painful.]

I’ll really cry dammit.

In the end, they didn’t chase us even till I left the forest.


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