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Chapter 18 The GodSlayers (2)

The atmosphere before a battle. Tension that stabbed the body and the heaviness of being closer to death.

While being illuminated by the light of the campfire lit for warmth that was surrounded by the adventurers, I was breathing deeply. Such an atmosphere was enveloping my body.

My chest was in pain as if it was tightening, as if it was being stabbed by a small needle.

I gazed at the surrounding adventurers. They were all youths in the their latter teens. There were some even younger kids as well. But that wasn’t really unusual.

But maybe, the ones around me were still not used to such battles—–it might even be their first time. Thinking like that, I breathed deeply again.

Now, we’ll be fighting. With Goblins. Along with numerous adventurers. Against countless goblins. A battle to the death.

There were those who were calmed by the fact that there were many comrades and then there were those who afraid of the fact that they’ll be fighting an incredible number of goblins. They participated due to their youthful enthusiasm but were now getting scared just before it actually started.

They looked similar to the old me. I gently patted Ermenhilde’s rim inside my pocket.

[What happened?]

“Just a little nervous.”

[……Don’t say it so openly.]

I’m used to fighting goblins. I have fought them many times. Killed countless of them. In the plains, caves, inside forests, within cities.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop getting scared anymore. Especially, when the comrades I have to entrust my back to—-those that’ll fight with me are so nervous, their nervousness was transmitted to me as well.

Looking up at the sky, the shining sun will soon reach its peak. Just a little more till the operation starts.

The participants were, approximately 50 people who could only fight in close combat like me. Magicians and Archers were approx 30. Leaving the Magic City Ofan, we were currently encamped approx 1Km south of the city.

Here, the goblins won’t be able to directly cause damage to the city and their movements could be seen from the defensive walls of the city as well. If any movement was seen they had been prepared to inform us through smoke signals.

And the goblins were—

“What a view.  What a great view it is.”

[Yeah right. It’s disgusting.]

In my line of sight, in the middle of the plains was a huge group of earthen coloured goblins. Their distance was around 1Km away from us. There was enough distance that one wouldn’t see them if he didn’t strain their eyes.

RIght now, they are probably greedily devouring the meat we spread around for them there as lure. As a living being, it was enough to make you feel unpleasant. But to not even think of taking that food away back to their dwelling, I guess they really are just wild beasts.

Their number was more than 200. Probably close to 250 or something. We were only 80 so it’ll be around three goblins for everyone.

There really is a lot of them.

And I ended up feeling that something was behind all this. Goblins do have a tendency to swarm but this number isn’t small enough to be called just a group. Simply speaking, though higher number may equal more power but when the number is too big there will definitely be a need for a commander/leader.

Adventurers who are used to goblins should have already sensed that as well. That this situation was abnormal.

“I feel like I have been getting involved in too much trouble recently.”

3 months back, an Ogre suddenly appeared in a village. 2 weeks back, there was that black Orc that could use the Demon God’s flames.

And this time, a group of 200+ goblins. And I am willingly getting involved in this so I can’t really complain much either.

I wonder how Souichi and Aya are right now? Thinking that, i looked towards the place where the magicians had gathered.

7 students have participated from the Albana Magic Academy. Souichi, Aya, and there was even Miss Francesca there. With Souichi and Aya as the lead, the students had gathered with the others just a while back.

Those 2 had become totally used to this so, they seemed rather bold or should I say, relaxed. The rest 5 of them were nervous enough that it showed on their faces. They’re noble children. It should be the first time they’d be taking part in such a battle.

The scale of this battle wasn’t unusual when the Demon God was still active but even then, only trained and veteran adventurers and knights took part in such battles. Students and nobles were protected by their parents.

By the way, I haven’t greeted them yet. They shouldn’t be aware of my presence either.

In Ermenhilde’s words I’m being too difficult. I am aware of that as well.

“Are you fine?”

“Ueeh? Yes.”

I spoke to the adventurer beside me who had a blue face.

He must be in his teens. Looks the same age as Souichi. Well, Souichi is child-faced or rather, looks much younger than his actual age though.

Turning into a handsome guy in just one year damnit. He also seems to have grown taller than the last time I saw him but it still seems lesser than other men his age.

I’ll make fun of him later, definitely.

He had been always saying that he wanted to become more manly yet became more androgynous looking instead. He did have a cute type of face from the start but it seems to have become more refined as well.

Even Aya looked more manly than Souichi. Leading the students with Souichi, she looked only straight while walking with a puffed up chest.

Her strong, hardened gaze was the same as back then. So much that both me and Ermenhilde spoke She hasn’t changed at all at the same time.

And this adventurer who was the same age as Souichi and the others seemed like he might puke anytime now.

“Calm down. The magicians will blow them up with their magic and we’ll only have to hunt the leftovers. It’s an easy job.”

“……I know, but…..”

I guess anyone would still get scared.

Even the me, back then, was the same. While feeling nostalgic, I brought out Ermenhilde.

“Oi, boy, your name?”(renji)

“Um…Rob. Roberiano”

“Nice name. Roberiano. Rob. And all of you other who are still shaking. Look at this.”(renji)

Saying that, I flicked Ermehilde with a *ping*.

And then catched the rotating medal.

“It’s heads.”

As I opened my palm, it was Head as I had proclaimed.

Not just that. I once again flicked the medal and caught it.

“It’s Heads.”

I repeated.

Again and again. Countless times. I brought out Heads.

While I did that, voices saying that I was playing a trick or was cheating some way rose.

So I let them decide whether it’ll be heads or tails and then flicked it again. Answering their calls, I brought out Heads or Tails as required.

Like I had once shown to Miss Francesca, I was simply seeing through what side it’ll be to decided how to catch it but nobody realized that.

“Next should be Heads.”

“Alright, it should be.”

Saying that, I flicked Ermenhilde again. It was Heads. A cheer rose from the onlookers.

“You guys are lucky. You were able to guess the right side of the coin everytime.”(renji)

The cheering stopped and it became silent again.

“That’s why it’ll be fine. Nobody will die. You’ll definitely live.”(renji)

I put Ermenhilde back inside my pocket.

The trick was over. There was no fear inside the eyes of that adventurer anymore.

That’s how it should be. This is all I can do right now.  I could only do such a ‘trick’ for them.

“Don’t get worked up due to mere Goblins. Think about surviving more than killing goblins. Protect the backs of your comrades. If you do so, nobody will die.”(renji)

[You’re being unusually talkative today.]

I shrugged and answered Ermenhilde’s somewhat happy voice.

It’s not like I’m thinking of something special. I simply don’t want anyone to die.

I don’t even know their names. Only for today, we’ll fighting together. Their many people like that after we came into this world. And, also many who died among them as well.

That’s why, I don’t want them to die. The Demon God was subjugated. The world will be at peace from now on. That’s why, I don’t want them to die in such a ridiculous way.

It’s only normal to think like that. And if there is something I can do, if there is a way to remove their nervousness, if there was a way to reduce their chances of dying even a little, I will do it. I don’t want to stay doing nothing.

“Just do what’s normal, normally. Then, others would help you. Humans are weak alone.”

To my words towards Ermenhilde, the young adventurer answered instead.

Finding it somewhat amusing, I ended up slackening my expression.


Since the gazes were gathered at me, I couldn’t answer so I gently patted Ermenhilde inside my pocket.

[………That’s fine. Just stay like that forever.]

What the heck’s that supposed to mean?

While looking at the now livened up adventurers, I breathed a sigh.

If this is fine, then I’ll stay like this forever. Drinking, carefree, leisurely, I’ll enjoy my life in this world.

Looking up at the sky, the sun told that it was almost time to start.

I wonder if Souichi and the others will be fine or not?

Thinking that for a second, I renew my thoughts. Both of them were stronger than me, rather me worrying about them, they’d be worried about me.

Let’s just to do what I can do. To end this battle as fast as possible.

So that those kids don’t have to fight too much.





The moment the battle began, the result was set.

The bombardment by the magicians. Fireballs that could drown many humans, Ice arrows that could pierce even Orcs, compressed Air bullets that seemed to twist the space itself. All these were fired together at the goblins. Explosion followed and blood splashes sprayed in the air. Their shrill cries reached even my ears.

That was the signal that marked the start of the battle. Several dozens of Goblins died from that opening attack and the remaining came at us.

Raising their warcries, they ran towards us. Then, the second wave came. This time, it was a rain of arrows by the archers. Once again, dozens of Goblins were killed and covered in blood.

The third wave was  once again an attack by the magicians—–or so it was supposed to be.

There was still distance between the goblins and us. But the third wave never came.

“What now?”

The other adventurers also looked towards the magicians to see what happened.

But, there were too many people to see clearly.

In meantime, the Goblins continued their approach. They’re still much more than us close combat fighters. Probably around 200 are still left.

They kept getting closer. Soon, impatient voices started coming from the surroundings.

[Looks like something happened.]

“—–This is why, I hate monster subjugation jobs.”

Are Souichi and Aya fine?

I questioned but I had no answer. For now I can only wish that nothing happened—–that it was only a defect in the strategy.

[They’re coming. Now, support from arrows or magic is totally useless.]

“I know.”

Drawing my iron knife, I twirled it around my fingers.

I intended to use the GodSlaying weapon Ermenhilde if it turned into a melee so this is fine. It’s not like I’m having money troubles but——as you’d expect, in a big battle such as this, I want to use my trusty partner only.

While I was thinking that, the Goblins had closened enough that I could see their expressions. Lowering my waist slightly, I put strength into the hand holding the knife.

At the same time in the west——to the left from my point of view, an explosion occurred.

It was probably fire magic. Looking that way, I could see smoke rising. Due to the attack from the unexpected direction, I hurriedly looked towards Ofan. The signal that was supposed to come in case of any extraordinary circumstance was……..not there.


[They’re coming.]

Facing to the front again due to Ermenhilde’s voice, I dodged the first attack made by a goblin and cut its neck with my knife. Then, I blocked the long sword of the goblin that attacked using the previous goblin as a shield. Blood sprayed on my face. And due to the pressure of the incoming goblin, I ended up getting pushed backwards and was now fully drowned in this all-out melee.

The figure of the young adventurer was no longer beside me. Was he also swallowed up in this melee or was he crushed by the wave of goblins? But i did not have the composure to worry about that.

I grabbed one of the goblins trying to ignore and pass through me and ripped its neck.

Approximately 200 goblins. They were literally 4 times more in numbers than us. Even though they were mere goblins, facing so many head on couldn’t even be called a proper battle.


I called its name but the manifesting jade coloured magical energy was very weak.

I ended up clicking my tongue and gripped the long sword created out of magical energy. The blade was of silver colour completely different from the jade coloured blade. It was no better than a normal iron sword. Light, sturdy and sharp. It was just a normal weapon. Sheathing the iron knife, I held the long sword with both hands.

Slashing the sword, I tore open the body of the goblin coming from the front. Its legs stopped and guts spewed out. But that was also crushed by other goblins in the very next instant. Let alone clicking my tongue, while cursing badly inside my mind, I swung the sword again.

Even the body from the different world transfer compensation was weak. Only one of the 7 covenants had been cleared.

“Are Aya and others alright!?”

[Before that, worry about yourself first.]

The momentum of their attack lessened, and they completely surrounded me.

………Joking aside, there’s literally no one beside me. In such a condition, I could feel cold sweat flowing down my spine.

From the sounds of clashing swords, I could tell that there were others fighting. AT least we weren’t annihilated already.

“F*cking hell!”

I cursed.

I don’t know how many are there behind me but there were 3 goblins in front of me. But before they could jump at me, a sound of explosion came. And then a howl.

It wasn’t a shrill sound like the goblins. It was deeper, beast-like, monstrous howl. And then another explosion.


[An Ogre?]

At the same time, I slashed away the Goblin jumped at me with a battleaxe.

I had no time to relax.

Yet in that one single moment, I looked towards the source of that howl—-the 5m tall Ogre.

It’s characteristic one horned head was nowhere to be seen and was falling down on its knees.

[Taking down an Ogre in two shots. Not bad Aya.]

“As usual, she’s ridiculous.”

While restraining the goblins, I talked to Ermennhilde.

Fighting an Ogre-class monster, I need to have at least 5 of the covenants cleared to face it properly, yet she could take it down with just 2 attacks. It’s really not laughable.

I really think I should have also wished the goddess to let me also use magic. It’s a fantasy different world after all.

For the time being, i relaxed confirming that Aya was alright. To be able to kill an Ogre that easily, Aya should be the only one that can do such a thing among all the ones present here. Well, there might a talented student in the Academy with the same level of talent as Aya but I doubt there’d be many with the same cheat levels of magical energy granted by the goddess.

“Maybe I should have also wished to be able to use magic or something.”


Locking my sword with the goblin’s short sword, I took out my knife with my left ahnd and cut open its belly.

The goblin stopped moving from that  and I used my long sword to block the attack coming from behind to surprise me. Taking a few steps back, I ended up stumbling due to something a lost my posture slightly. Using that something as a cushion, I rolled and then stabbed with the long sword like a pole weapon.

How many have I taken down already? While thinking that, I felt something lukewarm on my left arm. First I thought it was Goblin blood but that wasn’t it.

Looking beside me, a human’s corpse was lying on the ground. It must be this guy on which I stumbled. His face looks familiar. The one I talked to—-it was, Rob.


“I know.”

I slashed away the Goblin that aimed at me while I was getting up and split its body in two.

The different world transfer Cheat was now increasing in effect. Ermenhilde’s sharpness increased. The silver blade now showed a jade-coloured design as well.

“That makes two. F*ck!”

F*cking damnit! I once again cursed inside my mind.

Until someone gets in danger, until someone is not sacrificed……I cannot fight.

That reality of that fact was extremely heavy. [A friend’s death] had been cleared.

I looked at the surrounding goblins. Maybe they are being cautious against me, they aren’t trying to use just numbers to overpower me…..not yet at least.

[It really is weird.]


[The Ogre was defeated, so many of their fellow goblins have been killed. Still they show no sign of fear.]

Slashing the silver sword, I beheaded another goblin. Unlike before, it cut through till its bone with no resistance at all and even cut away the leather armour.

If I could fight like this from the start—-no, if all my covenants were released from the start, would that boy still be alive?

Thinking that, I could only sigh. I’m thinking unnecessary things. For now, I should just swing my sword to survive. Thinking anything else is useless.

I turned towards the nearby goblins. For some reason, the goblins who hadn’t retreated even after the Ogre was killed, took a step back.


Without any form, it was a simple rough attack. Its long sword broke and was cut apart from the shoulder.

The goblin who attacked my defenceless back, I simply used intution to hit him away with the handle of my sword. I could feel its bones breaking. The warmth of its flesh and pulse of its innards. All that was felt through my arm, which was disgusting.

Turning back, I stabbed my iron knife into its forehead. More goblins jumped from behind me. Turning again—-before I could swing my sword, they were pierced by arrows.

“Are you alright!?”(elf)

“Yeah, somehow.”

It was the Elf guy who had supported me.

Even though the snipers should be in a different direction….

Well, it turned into such a battle, the strategy has already completely collapsed anyway.

“Why did the third wave of support not come?”(renji)

“Orcs and Ogre were summoned out of nowhere. The Brave is currently facing the Demon.”

[Demon? Why would demons be……]

“Was it also that demon who gathered the monsters?”(renji)

“So it said. To lure out the Heroes apparently.”

A pretty crude strategy.

If it can summon monsters, it must be a middle or high class demon. But, it lacks in the brains department apparently.

If it wants to beat the Brave, goblins and Ogres won’t be of any help. They’ll need a monster strong enough against which Souichi wouldn’t be able to win at least.

For example—-the Demon Lord.

While I thought that, suddenly a huge magic circle appeared on the ground covering the whole area.

I looked below— Scarlet coloured magical energy was Aya’s colour. And the magic circle created by it was shining brightly.

“Wh, What!?”(elf)

“She really doesn’t know how to control her power. Seriously.”


The Elf beside me was really panicked for once.

The power of a Hero. The magic of the Grand Magus. If she had been using that from the very start, there would have been no sacrifices at all.

But if she had done that, the adventurers would not get the chance to earn much. I guess, both the guild and the Academy must have told her to not take part actively.

But as a result, numerous victims were born. That boy—-Rob also died.


“I know.”

The next moment, sharp roots burst out of the ground and skewered the goblins everywhere.

They died after being pierced by the roots in the arms, legs, body and the head.

That girl really makes quick work of even so many goblins. Opponents against whom I was fighting desperately, she killed them in an instant.

This is a God Slayer. This is the power of a Hero.—–the power of the cheat given by the Goddess. Unimaginable strength that’d make everyone envious of it.

But I don’t have it. The power to protect many, to save them. Cheers rose from various places. It seems there are still many alive……..I’m really glad for that.

[Only the demon remains now.]

Well, even that should be easy to deal with SOuichi there.

Moving through the skewered bodies of the goblins, I moved towards the place where the magicians were fighting.

For some reason, the elf came after me.


“Where are you going?”(elf)

“……I was thinking of at least seeing this demon once with my own eyes.”

I doubt there’s anything there for me to do.

Still, I want to witness it. The end of this battle. The face of that demon.

Demons. Monsters with intelligence that live in the Abenelm continent. They understand human tongue and are even said to wiser than humans.

Those guys, don’t normally leave the continent. The last time they came, the Royal Capital had been half destroyed. It was soon after we had been summoned. The reason was to destroy the new hope of the humans or something.

But this time? The Brave—-it was to lure out Souichi or so it had said. But what after luring him out? A mere demon, could it summon the Demon Lord? That’s impossible.


“I see.”

More monsters were summoned. The empty space fluctuated, took shape, got color, and became a full body.

Ogre. A Black Ogre. One that was even bigger than normal Ogres had been summoned.

I had seen this Ogre. Or rather, I had fought something very similar just recently—-That Black Orc. It’s giving off the same feeling as that.

Without even glancing t the goblins, I ran. The Black Ogres swung its fist.

It was blasted by magic but it remained unharmed. Was its skin that hard or was it resistant to magic. If its the former, even I’ll have trouble with it. I thought while running.



“Lend me your strength.”

[…..With pleasure, Milord.]  (T/N: Ermenhilde usually uses ‘Aruji’ for master when not calling Renji by name but here it uses ‘Goshujinsama’ which has a different connotation.)

Now, where the hell are you learning all these words?

While having my cheeks cramp from being called like that, the silver sword turned back into jade magical energy. And then—–I gripped the Jade coloured Divine Sword in my hand.

Jade coloured blade, a golden handle. The Elf who had been running by my side looked at this sword.


“What. It’s just a normal sword fund anywhere.”(renji)

[As if I’d let a weapon like me exist everywhere.]

“Not a swo—You’re not a weapon, you’re my partner.”


I ran. Faster than before.

The Ogre swung its fist. Before it could hit the ground, I threw the Divine Sword and it stabbed into its flank.

Due to the sense of pain maybe, it roared loudly. The Ogre, Souichi, the demon, Aya who was about to get smashed by the Ogre, and every surrounding adventurer, all turned to focus at me who threw the sword.

“This is embarrassing.”

[…..How about trying to act a bit more sensibly for once? Seriously.]

But with this——

[With this, 5 of the covenants have been cleared.]

I can fight.

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