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Chapter 17 The GodSlayers (1)

The next morning after meeting with Yayoi-chan.

I woke up early for once and reached the guild sooner than usual only to find a crowd by the counter.

[What’s going on?]

“Did an interesting request come up or something?”

Curious, I also went towards the counter.

At a single glance i could tell that atleast 20 people were gathered by the counter. Even the receptionist herself was not going closer.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I gave up and decided to wait till things calmed down.

Thinking about confirming the request I’d do today, suddenly my shoulder was patted on.

“You’re here.”

“Hm? Yo, morning.”

There, the elf I had been partying with recently was standing.

But, somehow he seemed really tired.

His gaze lacked the usual vigour. Also, there was no sight of the bow he usually carried.

“My bow was broken. I’m having a new one prepared for me.”

It seems my expression gave away my thoughts as he explained about his bow.

But, broken? Did he have some quarrel with some humans or did he suffer a defeat against some monster?

I’m well aware of this Elf’s ability. Even though the monsters in the Forest of Magical Energy are strong, in the end they’re still just goblins and such. I don’t think he is weak to be defeated by them.

“Did something happen?”(renji)

“Yeah. A little problem has occured.”


[fumu….sounds interesting.]

I can only get a bad feeling about this though. I answered Ermenhilde’s word like this in my mind.

If possible, I want to avoid anything troublesome. Also, dangerous things as well.

“is it related to that crowd over there?”(renji)

“Pretty much.”

[What happened?]

“……What happened? It’s rare for so many adventurers to gather like that at the counter.”(renji)

Either the reward is great or it’s something very troublesome. If possible, please be the former one.

Those who came to the guild after me are also looking towards the counter wondering what happened. Also, since the crowd is big, they’re also simply standing by the side like me.

As expected, that big of crowd will attract anyone’s attention, I guess.

“Don’t you feel that goblins have been appearing a bit too much recently?”(elf)


Now that I think about it, yeah.

Yesterday, we did get attacked by a bit too many of them.

Certainly, that wasn’t normal. Without any objective, for so many goblins to gather was weird.

“The abnormality has appeared in the Forest of Magical Energy as well but it seems that the situation is the same even in the plains to the south of the Magic City.”

“So, goblins are appearing in large amounts both in the Forest and in the Southern plains of Ofan?”

[That’s strange. The number of Goblins here shouldn’t be that big since adventurers hunt them regularly.]

If there was a special reason behind it, the guild would have received intel on that by now.

If there isn’t any, means that these goblins are appearing like that naturally. There are two ways how monsters are born.

Well, there may be others I don’t know as well, but I am aware of only two of such ways.

The first is simply to give birth to a child with a partner of the same race. It’s only natural, or rather, if there’s a male and a female of the same species, it will happen.

The other, is through creation by the Demon God. That guy could really, as long as he had magical energy, create infinite number of monsters. Though there were some restriction/conditions to it—-we don’t know what they are.

Even after the Demon God has been defeated, the fact that the monsters haven’t disappeared is also a reason behind it. Neither humans nor the Demi-humans have the resources to go around exterminating all the infinitely created demons. Well, they won’t be created infinitely anymore but the number of monsters is still very big.

And currently they continue to increase by giving birth to children normally.

Adventurers, soldiers and the demihumans are also killing them continuously but I wonder how much the amount has actually lessened in this one year after the Demon God was killed.

“So, is the guild planning to perform a large scale sweeping force or something?”(renji)

“Yeah. They are currently recruiting members.”

I see.

Such occurrences weren’t uncommon when the Demon God was still alive.

When we were journeying, we even had to fight Goblins in hundreds. Well, most of them were cleared out by the mage group though. And the rest were taken care of by us.

But, we were attacked by more than 10 goblins in just the Forest. Including the ones on the plains and deeper inside the forest, the total number of Goblins should become pretty big this time as well.

How many will the guild be able to recruit for this, I wonder.

“It’d be nice if they can find some mages.”(renji)

“The earnings are good, that should be able to attract quite a few.”

After all, they’ll get a good wall as well.

With the vanguard in front, all mages have to do is fire magic like cannons from the rear. There won’t be an easier job than this.

The problem will be the battlegrounds. Even if they lure the goblins with food, the plains are far too wide. And they simply can’t turn the Forest of magical energy or the any place near the city into a battlefield either. So, inevitably they’ll end up fighting right in the middle of the plains. These things should be thought up by someone with better authority though. Not me.

They have a habit of swarming, so though ambushes are pretty much impossible, Goblins do have intelligence to try and surround their opponent which can become troublesome.

A magician’s fire power is unquestionable but that’d backfire in a melee battle. They’ll become unable to use magic that’d drag their comrades into danger. The ones who can still use it in such a case are either a total fiend or a person that has extreme level of trust in their comrades. There are magicians who know magic that won’t drag their own comrades into danger but that’s a very less minority.

Other than that is, Elf or Pixie’s spirit magic. This is also used by drawing power from the spirits so depending on how you use it, it can differentiate between enemy and ally.

“What should I do?”(renji)

[You won’t participate?]

“I’m hesitating. The reward sounds good but the danger is equally high.”

And it’s not like there’d be a huge difference from my participation alone anyway.

As long as there isn’t a specially strong—–like that black Orc mixed with the enemies, I’m no different from a normal adventurer.

A many-against-many battle is total hell. No wait, any battle is hell. As someone who knows that, I really want to avoid getting involved in any large scale battle.

Also, it seems they’ll be able to gather a huge force even if I don’t take part.

“I thought you’d take part.”(elf)


“You seem to have money problems, and you are skilled as well. You won’t have problems against mere goblins right?”

“You overestimate me. I’m not that great…..your support was simply good that’s all.”

As I shrugged, he ended up sighing. I wonder about that. As if saying that.

In fact, when we were attacked by goblins in large numbers, the number he took down was bigger than how many I did.

Well, it might be wrong to estimate abilities with just numbers but it’s true that he made it much easier for me to move around. That alone was proof of this Elf’s abilities.

“It seems you’re just lazy.”(elf)


…….Why the hell did you reply there Ermenhilde?

As I sighed on my partner’s cruel betrayal, I headed towards the counter.

Things had calmed down and the crowd had lessened.

Seeing how many had applied till now, 30+ for the vanguard and 20+ for the rear guard including archers and magicians.

I don’t know the exact number of the goblins but this many should be more than enough. I doubt I’d be able to do anything exemplary by adding to them.

And, the reward would also smaller due to that. If I messed up, maybe gathering herbs would earn me more than this.

Well, in such sweeping battles, the true limelight is on the magicians. Vanguards like me won’t stand out much anyway.

On checking the lowest reward guaranteed, it was 50 copper coins. Not very great for a reward. Well, the opponents are just goblins though.

“They’ll start tomorrow, eh? Pretty sudden.”

[…..It’s the day you promised Yayoi-chan and the others as well.]


Also, it seems the Magic Academy is helping as well. Basically, they’ll be sending magicians. The rear guard will increase by 10 more people like that.

And that means—-

[Souichi and the others will be sent out as well.]

Seems so. With Souichi and Aya, mere goblins would be just fodder. If Yayoi-chan is also there, injuries wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

It’d be one thing if we had just come into the world but for Aya who could do a magic battle with the Demon God, it’d be insta kill.

Though I doubt she’d do something that’d make her stand out so much like that. If she did that, adventurers would end up working for free.

That’d only gain animosity.

Well, she’d probably just make sure that nobody dies indirectly. Souichi as well, would probably simply increase morale of the front lines.

Now that the Demon God was defeated, the only thing expected out of the heroes is to ‘stay and act like Heroes’. Protecting their comrades, saving the country, fighting for those who can’t fight. Such heroism. That was all that was expected.

Also, absolute trust.

As long as Heroes are there, they’ll be fine no matter what. They won’t lose no matter who the opponent is.

Such absolute trust. It’s damn heavy, selfish, and basically depending on others. I don’t really find it bad, though. Even I think like that. If there are people you can depend on, to depend on them is what makes one human. That is what a goddess is for, that is what the GodSlayers, the apostles of the Goddess are for.

To be able to respond to that trust is what makes one a Hero, and I’m one who can’t do that. It’s as simple as that.

“waah….this is why I hate monster subjugation.”(renji)

[umu. Only this, is something one might need to think about. Renji is awkward as usual after all.]


While saying that, I wrote my name on the participant list. Renji. Just that much.

The result won’t change from just my participation. But that doesn’t mean I can leave everything to Souichi and Aya.

It’s a fact that I’m weak but using that as an excuse I’m not going let children do all the work.

If their burden would lessen even a bit from my participation, I’ll do it.

What is a child’s duty? I questioned myself. It is to study, play with friends. Eating a lot, and to sleep a lot. That’s what a child must do. (T/N: This guy is a natural born daddy Xp.)

It’s definitely— not to pick up a sword and fight. It’s not to kill monsters. That’s not the duty of a child.

“So you’ll participate in the end?”

As I wrote my name, the Elf came to talk. I shrugged and answered him.

“Some acquaintances of mine are also participating you see.”(renji)

“Someone dear to you?”

“Something like that. The world has finally become peaceful, I don’t want them to fight anymore though.”

That’s why, even if just one more, I’ll kill those goblins.

So that the fight can end faster, even if a little. So that, Souichi and the others can end without fighting.

I casually thought. Their school life should be fun. They are still only 18. It’s an age where you’d be having fun with your friends. Yesterday, Yayoi-chan looked really happy while talking about her school life. I’m sure, Souichi and Aya would be the same.

……..That’s why, I sighed. Those guys look better laughing rather than fighting. I think like that.

“If only I was stronger.”(renji)

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. Complaining to myself. Don’t mind it.”

If I was stronger. If I could fight alone. Without getting others involved, if I could protect others. Then, the burden on my comrades would have surely lessened.

If I, who was only protected all the time, could add to their strength, I could have fought more. The sacrifices would have been less.

While I was deep in my thoughts, the Elf also wrote his name on the participant list.

His name was Faylona apparently. We partied together quite a few times but I never got to know his name. He must have been that cautious with me, I guess.

“You hadn’t written your name yet?”(renji)

“I was hesitating on whether to participate or not.”

And you actually called me lazy?

As I lightly glared at him, he shrugged his shoulders as if troubled.

Because he looked good even then, I ended up sighing for some reason. I really envious of handsome guys, seriously.

“If you are participating, then I’ll do as well.”(Faylona)

“What the heck?”(renji)

His gaze looked directly at me.

“You’re strong. With you, I’m sure I’ll survive.”

“Oh please. I’m just a poor adventurer. Even if you put your trust in me like that, I have no way to respond.”

“That’s too bad.”


Like I said, why the hell are you sympathizing with this Elf?

Whose ally are you anyway? I lightly hit Ermenhilde inside my pocket.

“In any case, the job’s tomorrow. Let’s take it easy today.”

“That’s true.”

Saying that, we both left the guild.

“Do you drink?”(renji)

“Only fruit wine.”


[No, no, why’s that alright?] (T/N: this dialogue sequence doesn’t sound as funny as it was in JP.-_-‘)

I lightly hit Ermenhilde inside my pocket once again.

“Wanna go take a drink to cheer up?”(renji)

“So early in the day?”

“It’s good sometimes, to drink from early morning.”

“…..Well, it’s not like I have anything else to do so why not.”


While hearing Ermenhilde’s voice, we started walking.

“You’re pretty relaxed even before such a big battle.”(elf)

“Is that so?”

Goblin subjugation isn’t that rare in this world. And with Souichi and others involved, there’s no way we’d lose.

I just have to do my job. Well, I might not get to do anything as well, but there’s a chance I might have to do something. If there is something like that, I just have to do it. It’s that easy. Together with Ermenhilde.

“Contrary to your appearance, you’re quite the bigshot eh?”(elf)

“I’m exactly as I look. Just a humble adventurer who can be found anywhere.”

[……Oh god, this drunkard.]

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