Yandere Otome – Extra-hen SS1

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Extra SS『I saw a dream where I turned into a cat』

I’d woken up from a short nap and turned into a cat.

When I felt the sunlight on my cheeks, I’d flusteredly cried out,「Haa-! I’ll get scolded by Nanny if I get a sunburn!」 and jumped to my feet. As I did so, what caught my eyes were, what I should’ve earlier been sleeping on, my arms.

No matter how I look at it, it was now that of a small black cat’s.


The surprised voice that emitted from my mouth came out as a delicate cat-like cry.

I was simply baffled. And while I was like that, a voice called out.

「…What’s wrong?」

I felt relief almost reflexively when I heard the familiar voice from somewhere nearby.

Whatever the situation was, as long as Wolf was there, it would be fine. It seems my head had decided that of its own accord.

『Well, right now, you see』

What came out of my mouth as I tried vigorously to tell him the situation were things like「fu-nya」 or 「i-nyaa」.

It’s no good… this isn’t fine at all.

What the heck? What the heck? , I asked, befuddled, while Wolf’s hands gently stroked my head…wait! Large! His hands were large enough that it could easily grab hold of my skull! Scaryy!

Panicking, I placed distance from the gigantic hand, and what I saw over there was certainly Wolf’s form.

Wolf? Or should I say, Wolf (L)…?

For now, I placed some distance from Wolf(L) and tried to grasp the situation.

Motionlessly, I looked at my hands.

It was the hands of a cat.

I was a black cat. Even my paws, though sort of pink, were faintly black.

With these hands, I couldn’t even pinch my cheeks.

I looked relentlessly at my surroundings .

As it stands, I was in a familiar room. I’m at Wolf’s private room at the Duke Ranunculas residence.

Given that I’d been in my home — my own room at the Duke Lilia residence, when I had my afternoon nap, I really have no idea how I ended up intruding into their home, let alone into Wolf’s private room.

I give up, I don’t know why or how it happened at all. For now, if I had to verbalize the present situation, then, for some reason, I, Lycoris Radiata, was in the form of a cat and in my fiance’s, Wolfgang Eisenhut’s, room. Atop an elegant desk.

(What does this mean, what does th- ah, could I have just imagined waking up? Am I still in a dream?)

With the possibility that came to mind, I felt the sense of crisis sweep away from my brain.

(…eh? What’s with this oversimplified way of thinking)

I think I’m normally someone who thinks a little more about things. Yet, simply thinking right now feels like a hassle. Was it because I’m a cat?

My rational side was probably trying hard to grasp the situation. But my instincts that got eroded by my feline side were telling me,『Oh well~ isn’t this fine?~ it’s just a dream anyway~~』, and had wanted to yield to that half-hearted conclusion… I don’t suppose I’m going to plunge to a level where my instincts will eventually end up winning over my rational side = a level where even my thoughts will turn into a cat or something, right?

When I was losing my wits, I turned to my dependable fiance, Wolf, to ask what I should do and–

He’d long taken his eyes off me and was penning down official documents on the table.

Well, I don’t think that was unreasonable.

I mean, who in the world could’ve imagined that before he knew it, the cat right in front of him would turn out to be his fiance?

Rather, a Wolf who ended up filling his mind with such fantasies was someone I’d ha…. actually, I guess I wouldn’t particularly hate that. If Wolf was thinking such a thing under that serious expression of his, it wouldn’t be what I’d expect, but it would be cute.

In any case, I have no intention of criticizing Wolf. In terms of my rational side, that is.

But my body was honest.

Before I knew it, the black cat that was me had pretty much taken spot on top of the documents that Wolf was engrossed with.

How should I put this? The me right now couldn’t forgive Wolf for ignoring me and working on the documents.

These documents don’t happen to be important, right? Sorry Wolf, don’t get angry, ok? Even as I thought these, my black tail shamelessly hit Wolf’s arm. Since I had fur, it felt more like a 『fwapp』 than a 『whack』, though.

I heard laughter from above. Fortunately, Wolf wasn’t angr—.

「… what a naughty child」

What did he say?

‘…What a naughty child’?

Naughty child?

Notti chaildo?

Not-ti chail-do?

Just now, with that gentle and sweet voice, Wolfgang Eisenhut said that!

What’s this, so thrilling!

Even though I was a little surprised, his gentle wry smile, along with his scolding of 『naughty child』 was very thrilling !

My ears… my ears are melting…

Eh? Don’t tell me, would Wolf scold his child this way if he causes mischief? So jealous! I’m so jealous of Wolf’s child!

『One more time! One more time!』

Somehow putting a little strength on my hind legs to stand up, I desperately pressed both forepaws trying to clap as I matched with calls of 『one more time』 … rather, that was what the calls were supposed to be, but of course, words like that did not come out.

It didn’t get through to him, though. Furthermore, Wolf’s finger stroked me under the chin. It did feel good, though. I wasn’t expecting it, but I felt bliss despite the whole ‘turning into a cat’ thing…

Like this, I let go of my relatively simple rationality–

When I felt the sunlight on my cheeks, I’d flusteredly cried out,「Haa-! I’ll get scolded by Nanny if I get a sunburn!」 and jumped to my feet. As I did so, what caught my eyes were my own familiar arms. I seem to have dozed off near the window of my room.

It feels like I saw some sort of fun dream, but I can’t really remember what it was about.

For some reason, I had a strong urge to think,「I really want to see Wolf」 . It was that sort of peaceful afternoon.

Author’s Notes:

An “it was all a dream” story. It’s almost like saying Lycoris’s excitement was 「burning up」 but it’s probably the author who’s actually burning up with excitement.

It’s been a while. I’m starting off with this kind of one-shot but I’m glad that I could deliver the extra arc.

Afterwards, I plan to upload the extra arcs in regular order, but given the publication commemoration, which is almost like the『preliminary』, please excuse me as I’ll probably update irregularly for around 1 – 2 weeks.

By the way, the images below are『what would happen if she encountered other characters as a cat』.

Shade → Lycoris would be an elder sister who’d keep playing until she drops with her younger brother, who’s bad at handling small weak animals. 「What a pesky little animal… Well, I wonder if that person will be pleased?」→ Taking her away by the nape of the neck.

Father → an expert in all the ways of carrying and stroking. With a sweet voice, she’d get praised highly for being lovely.

Prime Minister-sama → he isn’t remarkable in the ways of carrying or stroking, but the cat (Lycoris) would have a huge grin when she’s with him. If he tried to leave, she’d have a downhearted look that seemed to say,「you’re going already…?」. Overloading him with cuteness.

Art → The moment Lycoris sees his figure, she’d run away with all her might.

Ru Xiang → He’d be eager to pet an animal. If he ever timidly tried to approach her, Lycoris would wait for him.

Lily →「Wow, how cute. It looks just like Lycoris」, or something. She’s very sharp. Lycoris’s form actually changed through magic… if a situation like that ever happened, Lily would be the most dependable.

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