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Firi: Warning, there are kind of spoilers(?) for the next arcs. So if you want to avoid them, please do not read the section under Stage Ghost Capriccio until they show up.

Formal Character Introduction
For people who’ve forgotten the characters’ names.

I’ve sort of included the characters that have names one after another regardless of whether or not they’ll appear henceforth. There is a great deal of spoilers ahead.

Lycoris Radiata

The heroine of the story. She’d been Japanese in her previous life and had reincarnated into a fantasy world where magic exists. She holds memories of her past life .

Her magical forte is memory enhancement.

Wolfgang Eisenhut

Lycoris’s fiance. He holds the title of viscount.

A person clothed in black.

His magical forte is combat specialization.


Lycoris’s step-brother.

A person with red eyes.

His magical forte is bewitchment.

Liliam Valley (Lily)

The game’s heroine.

Her magical forte is healing. But she is a strong all-rounder even in offense.

Arutad Brugmansia (Art)

A person with blonde hair.

His magical forte… well, it would be nice if he’d had an art, wouldn’t it? No pun intended. (1)

Ru Xiang

A person clothed in white.

His magical forte is something I plan on writing in due time.


A person who is Ru Xiang’s escort.

The person who’d make the yandere otome game if he’d been reborn.

Kaffir Radiata

Lycoris’s father. The duke of Lilia.

Prime Minister-sama

Wolfgang’s father. The duke of Ranunculas and the kingdom’s prime minister.

It first came out in the book, but his name is Berus.

The origin of his name comes German reading of Cerberus,『Zerberus』, which was deeply associated with aconite.

Solana Brugmansia

Art’s elder sister. A mega beauty.

Art’s siblings are all good-looking.

Viola Atleid (2)

A female student with blonde vertical rolls. The same year as Lycoris.

The origin of her name comes from violette (Viola). She is a beauty with violet eyes.

Characters that appeared in the『Fiance arc』


A person that attempted to poison Wolf.

Characters that appeared in the『Family arc』

Narcissus Ranguruste

Lycoris’s uncle and Kaffir’s brother in law. Shade’s father.

Maris Ranguruste

Mrs. Ranguruste, who sort of had a name but it had missed the chance to appear.

Crinum Ranguruste

Narcissus’s daughter and Lycoris’s cousin. Shade’s elder sister from a different mother.

Characters that appeared in the『School arc』

Gift Assis

A person with blue hair. A green eyed monster.

The mummy of the demon king or a stalker bird.

Characters that appeared in 『The stage ghost’s capriccio』

Miria Galant

A stage actress

Galant comes from the technical name of snowdrop, 『Galanthus』.

Snowdrop in flower language is 「hope, consolation, love’s first gaze」(2)

A lovable yandere was her theme, but she ended up becoming a slightly troublesome girl. She doesn’t have enough ability.

Elius Clark

A playwright.

Clark came from 『Crocus』. It means a lot of things in flower language, but his character is especially close to the image 「love again」.

It was pretty cheeky how he succeeded as a playwright by using his broken heart as nourishment.

If the characters increase, I’ll continue to insert them here .

(1) Mhmm, had to force out a pun to show the meaning to this. The not!pun came from the japanese text, which reads:
Tokui mahou wa… aru to ii ne.
(His magical forte… it would good if he had one (a magical forte))
Where “aru to” seems like a play of his name, Art.

(2) Tried to research about the flower and I found many that reference the first two meanings of the flower but not the last. If anyone knows what the last meaning “first gaze of affection/love” is about, please share.

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