Island: Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4: The Qi Xi’s Change
>>Part 1<<

The car headed quickly towards the mountain area. On the way, Lai Yixin drove flying fast. In addition to that, the siren blared nonstop and the police lights kept whirling, so even when they met red lights, they only slowed down a bit to rush through it. In just a few minutes, they burst out of the urban district and started heading towards the mountain.

When they got to the mountain, Lai Yixin turned off the siren and police lights. On the desolate little road in the mountains, Lai Yixin drove just as fast. He only slightly slowed down when he reached the earth road in the forest. As for Ye Weishan, during this entire ride, she held a little screen that seemed to be a satellite positioning device and gave directions. At this current moment, she was saying, “After three hundred more meters, turn towards the left and stop the car there.”

“Got it.” Lai Yixin smoothly steered the car and maneuvered between the numerous rocks, allowing the car to quickly and steadily get to the place Ye Weishan had indicated.

After parking the car, the four got down. Lai Yixin started putting the sections of his spear together, allowing its rod body to lock and its spearhead to extend out. Huang Zongru also took out his sword and shield. Then, everyone followed Ye Weishan and headed towards the forest.

The sky darkened very fast in the mountains. After they walked a little while in the forest, they were no longer able to make out things far away. Ye Weishan had already put away that little screen. After walking a while, she suddenly stopped and said, “Qiya’s below.”

There were two qi xis of different natures below that weren’t very far apart. They were probably Qiya and Malian. Chen Luonian shifted his gaze forward and was slightly taken aback. In front was a steep cliff about a dozen meters high. It couldn’t be that they were going to up and jump down?

“I’ll head down first.” Lai Yixin slightly lifted his spear before he jumped down. Right before he landed, he sent his inner qi outwards in a burst and made contact with the ground lightly and steadily. Following that, he swept a glance around the surroundings and patrolled around a little before waving towards them. “It’s fine, come down.”

Jump down? Chen Luonian was a little shocked. He had never tried jumping like this before. Upon seeing this, Huang Zongru said kindheartedly, “Actually, after you’ve gone through Bian Ti, you can jump. But if you’re worried, want me to piggyback you down?”

“Let me.” Ye Weishan walked over and said, “I’ll use outer qi to support you down.”

“Uh…” Chen Luonian shook his head. However, when he got to the cliff, he still felt a little hesitant. His physical capability has already substantially increased but he had never jumped from such a high place before. Wonder how things would end up if he jumped down?

“Yixin’s here? What are they doing there? Dallying so much!” The sound of Malian’s voice suddenly came from the forest below. As expected, soon after, she appeared. Malian was still carrying that cyan falchion on her shoulder as she slowly walked outwards. Not far behind her, the short-haired Qiya was also walked out. Qiya’s appearance was pretty much the same as back then, with a sports jacket matched with tight-fitting jeans. As for Malian, she had a sports jacket now which she didn’t have before, but she was still only wearing a sports shorts below with her strong and well-shaped legs exposed.

“Let me after all?” Ye Weishan took out her dagger and walked to Chen Luonian’s side. “Relax, don’t be afraid.”

Alright, there’s no need to take a risk like this after all. Chen Luonian nodded towards Ye Weishan. Ye Weishan released outer qi from her dagger, then lifted Chen Luonian and herself to softly float downwards. At the same time, Huang Zongru also headed down the cliff carrying that huge shield.

Huang Zongru reached the ground before Ye and Chen. Like Lai Yixin, he forced out inner qi right before he landed to eliminate his original momentum. In contrast, Ye Weishan’s method was to disperse outer qi to wrap it around the two so that they didn’t seem to have any weight as they lightly drifted to the ground.

“Damn! What’s this big shield for? Huh?” Malian didn’t wait for Huang Zongru to reply since she noticed Chen Luonian. Her brows furrowed as she asked, “What’s this stinkin’ brat doing here? What’s going on now? Weren’t you out ‘cause you were scared of dying? Could it be you changed your mind? Weishan ah, what did you guys bring this person that hasn’t gone through Bian Ti and can’t attract qi here for?”

“Malian jie, right now his status is one of a guest,” Ye Weishan said softly. “His cultivation method… is different from our sect’s. There’s Bian Ti, but he doesn’t attract qi.

Malian’s expression changed as she said, “Fuck! He couldn’t have entered Li Sect? Why doesn’t he attract qi?”

“That’s not it,” Ye Weishan hastily said. “This is a bit complicated…”

“Who cares? In any case, he’s not one of us!” Malian declared, then glared at Chen Luonian. “You’ve made us waste an entire night explaining things to you. If you’re afraid of dying then just don’t join. What are you trying something different for?”

Chen Luonian never thought that Malian would feel like she had an account to settle with him. However, he was kind of in the wrong regarding this matter so for a while, he couldn’t say anything to refute. Ye Weishan hastily tried to smooth things over. “Malian jie, he’s here today to help. Can we talk about those things a different time?”

“If he can’t attract qi, how can he even help?” Malian tsked. “He even needed you to bring him down the cliff when it’s just ten meters high. Isn’t he just a burden?”

“He can detect monster qi,” Ye Weishan said.

Malian slightly froze and turned back to glance at Qiya. Then she asked with a doubting tone, “For real? If he can’t attract qi, what the hell can he detect?”

Qiya who was silent this entire time with an apathetic expression finally showed some emotion. She looked towards Ye Weishan with a little surprise as she asked, “Why?”

“I’m not sure about the details either…” Ye Weishan paused for a little before saying, “Why don’t we work first?”

“En.” Qiya nodded, then said, “I sensed it earlier around this area… should we separate off and search?”

“How are we going to separate off?” Malian humphed, then continued, “This brat that can’t attract qi doesn’t have any combat strength. Won’t it be dangerous when he encounters a monster? Right now, there are no more small monsters. At the very least, they’re fused monsters.”

What are fused monsters? Chen Luonian couldn’t understand but he also didn’t want to open his mouth to ask.

“The small monsters we saw before we’re calling prototype monsters. They’re the most basic monster types and just the aggregation of monster qi.” Huang Zongru knew that Chen Luonian didn’t understand and explained quietly next to him. “Once they devour humans, they will gradually accumulate monster qi to a certain degree. Then, they’ll get close to one another and their monster qi will merge. With this, they’ll gradually gain a bit of intellect. We call these monsters, fused monsters. Right now, it’s a little more troublesome to find them because they’ve started to sense that they aren’t strong enough. Thus, a lot of them are starting to exercise restraint and hide themselves. If we leave them alone without dealing with them, fused monsters may develop even more. As their intellect gradually grows, they’ll become a ‘spirit monster’. That would require much more people to deal with.”

Chen Luonian nodded as he looked at Huang Zongru. He couldn’t help but be pretty shocked. In three months, he had really changed a lot. His speaking has already become this clear? However, Chen Luonian felt like Hou Tianliang and Zhang Zhiwen didn’t change at all.

“How about this, we’ll split into three groups,” Ye Weishan said. “Yixin will protect Luonian, Zongru will be in a group with me. Like before, we’ll split up around one kilometer, then start searching while sweeping inwards after five minutes.”

“Alright!” Lai Yixin said with a smile. “Zongru, you have to protect Weishan well!”

“Of course.” Huang Zongru lifted his shield and took out his sword, then stood with a very valiant expression at Ye Weishan’s side.

“Wait a minute!” Chen Luonian had been standing at the side with his mouth shut because he felt a little apologetic towards Malian and Qiya not to mention, Malian had scolded him at the very outset. However, he couldn’t keep silent now. He hastily asked, “How do we search?”

“We search while feeling for monster qi,” Ye Weishan turned back to reply. “If we’re close enough, we can probably find it. We split up to flank it as we search inwards to prevent it from fleeing in a different direction.”

Chen Luonian hesitated for a moment. Malian couldn’t help but say, “What now? What are you still scared of with Yixin protecting you?”

“Luonian, don’t worry. Monsters have only appeared for a few days. There probably wasn’t enough time for any big monster to grow yet,” Lai Yixin also comforted him with a smile.

Fuck, fine! Let’s just do it! Chen Luonian opened his mouth to say, “I… might know where the monster is.”

“Eh?” Everyone stared at Chen Luonian with wide eyes.

“For real? Luonian?” Ye Weishan asked in astonishment.

“Fuck! Nonsense!” Malian said with her lips curled disdainfully.

In reality, Chen Luonian could sense all the big and small monster qis in a range of about ten kilometers. When he was in West High School, he could already sense all the monster qi in this entire mountain clearly. With his senses, these monster qi and qi xi were like scattered diamonds on dark velvet. They sparkled continuously in a way impossible to miss.

That’s why, when Chen Luonian first got here, he was pretty at a loss. Why did they have to split up and sweep inwards to look for a monster? After he listened to the very end, he finally was able to confirm one thing: their ability to sense monster qi and qi xi couldn’t compare to his at all. That’s right, no wonder Huai Zhen wasn’t afraid of them sensing her monster qi. Hell, at long last he’s finally good for something and doesn’t need to be scolded anymore.

Chen Luonian looked at everyone’s doubting expressions, then shrugged and said, “This way.” He then rushed into the forest.

Everyone shared a glance, then moved to follow Chen Luonian in succession.

Chen Luonian knew that everyone here had already gone through Bian Ti and could attract qi; he was the only one that could not. Regardless of whether it’s inner qi or outer qi, they were hugely beneficial to movement so he definitely couldn’t shake them off. Thus, he ran without worries.

After running about a hundred meters, Chen Luonian stopped and everyone stopped behind him. Chen Luonian didn’t even need to speak. Ye Weishan had already remarked in surprise, “There really is one.”

“There is?” Malian was pretty shocked and turned back to ask Qiya.

Qiya slightly nodded. Her gaze concentrated on Chen Luonian as she asked with knitted brows, “How did you do it? Is it related to you not being able to attract qi?”

“Let’s talk about it a different day,” Chen Luonian said. “Do you guys only want to catch one today?”

“You know where another one is?” Malian widened her eyes.

Should he say it? Chen Luonian’s eyes shifted a little. Before he even spoke, Malian approached in a flash and reached out with her left hand to grab his shoulder.

Trying to fight? Chen Luonian concentrated and increased his ability to sense the flow of time. After seeing the momentum of the opponent clearly, he quickly dodged to one side as he pulled back. Malian seemed to have been startled to grab empty air. Her inner qi burst forth and her speed immediately increased. In an instant, she got to Chen Luonian’s side and hooked her left arm around his neck as she laughed. “You dare try to dodge again?”

God ah, this time control ability sure is useful as fart. If his speed was far below that of the opponents, even if he could see things clearly, he can only watch the opponent grab him. However, when he was grabbed, he realized that the opponent didn’t harbor any malice. Chen Luonian slightly loosened a breath and just furrowed his brows. “What?”

“Hurry and tell this sis how you can sense monster qi?” Malian changed from her earlier sour face to a cheerful smile.

“Hey!” Chen Luonian pulled at Malian’s hand and said a little angrily. “Don’t use force all of a sudden.”

Malian had used plenty of inner qi so Chen Luonian naturally couldn’t budge. Malian looked at Chen Luonian, a bit surprised. “Who asked you to run? You, little brat, sure have a big temper. Heck! Could it be this sis stinks?” As she spoke, she turned to sniff her right armpit.

“Malian! Don’t act like that.” Qiya seriously couldn’t watch anymore and called out softly.

“Huh?” Only then did Malian realize that her movements were a little vulgar. Releasing Chen Luonian, she laughed ‘hehe’, then said, “This lil’ bro’s a lil’ strange.”

“Don’t mess around anymore. Kill the monster first,” Qiya said. “Fifteen meters over, the big stone near the tree, slightly left of the center.”

“I’ll go!” Malian’s figure flickered and she flew forward. She sent her blade hacking down on that normal-looking rock.

The rock had no eyes or ears so it’s unknown if it heard them or saw them. Before Malian came in contact with it, it suddenly unfolded. However, Malian’s speed was too fast and the monster had only transformed slightly before it was split cleanly in two by Malian. The place Malian cut was precisely the place Qiya indicated, which was the area where the monster qi was concentrated.

The monster rapidly started shrinking. Malian didn’t pay attention to it and turned to shoot towards Chen Luonian.

In any case, he couldn’t dodge her so Chen Luonian didn’t bother dodging this time. He just knitted his brows as he looked towards Malian. Malian also didn’t grab him seeing as he wasn’t trying to run. She just leaned close with a smile to say, “Where’s the next one?”

Chen Luonian’s gaze turned towards Ye Weishan, wondering if she wanted to continue catching more.

“Why do you need to look at Weishan? Weishan already has Yixin!” Malian then said noisily, “Why don’t you just join our group?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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In Chinese, objects that grow to have ‘spirit’ means they grow to have self-awareness and intellect~
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